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Modern Makeup Rituals: A Sneak Peek into Habits, Trends and Options

Modern Makeup Rituals

The idea of beauty has shifted dramatically over centuries, just like fashion trends have. But what is beauty anyway other than a majorly subjective perception that has been influenced by cultural and societal aspects over time. In Ancient Egypt, braided wigs and a lot of dark eyeliner would have been the ‘it’ thing for both men and women. If we are talking Ancient Greece, the completely opposite was trending: unibrows and vinegar-bleached curls. Back in 18th century France, if a woman had a double chin and pale white skin, she would’ve turned all the heads. But not in Italy though. Back then curviness was linked to virtue and high foreheads were all everyone was longing for.

Nowadays, beauty is moving from being strictly about how you look to being more about how you feel and how health your body is. Or at least this is what recent survey findings are saying. 79% of beauty product consumers say the main reason for using beauty products is to keep their skin healthy, while 62% say it should make them feel good about themselves. At the same time, the beauty industry is blooming. It is estimated that for example an average American woman will spend up to $300,000 on face products throughout her life. That would be the equivalent of buying a condo anywhere in Canada.

As part of the ultimate makeup bag essentials, the researchers counted everyone’s usual items and the conclusion was that there are 16 main items that can be found in the usual beauty pack: from facial wash or makeup removers, toners and eye creams to foundation, highlighter, blushers and lipstick.

Eyebrow products seem to be indispensable for many women. Furthermore, over half of them confess that they do not feel confident making eye contact without mascara on and they are willing to spend as much as $40 for such a product. On the other hand, eyeliner is another daily must, but surprisingly not a lot of women are willing to spend a gigantic amount on this. Regardless, because it is such an important part of the ritual, if one was going to add up year after year of eyeliner spending it definitely wouldn’t be the smallest of amounts.

When thinking about the time spent on beauty rituals, it is believed that women spend close to two years doing their makeup in a lifetime. With over 39% spending at least 40 minutes every day applying various products and retouching their look. And as time goes by, even more time is dedicated to beauty rituals.

Eyebrows are among the most prominent features and they perform a number of functions, from making eyes pop and shaping facial figures to being a powerful non-verbal communication tool. And if it seems hard to believe, science is backing up these claims. Canadian researchers have conducted a study during which they showed people 25 photos of celebrities without eyebrows, after which they showed another 25 pictures of celebrities without eyes and asked the participants to name the star. About 56% of the celebrities shown without eyes were correctly identified, but when it came to no brows, only 46% where recognized.

It is then no wonder eyebrow beauty and styling solutions have been multiplying in recent years. Besides the regular plucking, threading and dyeing, consumers are now given so many more options, either permanent such as eyebrow tattooing or semi-permanent such as micro pigmentation or hair transplant. Not everyone is born with a perfect pair of brows so instead of adding an extra periodic cost and time burden to the daily ritual by drawing them on, permanent makeup might just be the answer.

Many dismiss this idea even before getting to learn how much the technique has evolved over time with more technological advancements and continuous improvement according to what consumers have been looking for. Permanent make up today is nowhere near the cases heavily mediatized witnessed in the past with needle-like, sharp shapes and colours that over time faded into a painful blue. Whether it’s eyebrows, eye lines or lips, cosmetic tattooing has become an art with the potential to give best results for people who are looking to have one less worry, achieve the perfect look and save some money along the way.


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Another plus is taking out the hassle of having to choose the right makeup products. According to a 2018 study as many as 70% beauty consumers feel overwhelmed by the variety of options and brands now available on the market. This makes well over half of them (63%) feel confused by the claims these brands make. Who wouldn’t love not having to get frustrated about spending too much or too little on makeup products? Getting stuck in beauty shops and on makeup aisles for really long periods of time, bombarded with all sorts of deals and options is no one’s cup of tea.

So it’s no wonder permanent makeup has been growing in popularity. Even famous people are getting behind the trend with celebrities such as Gwen Stefani or Angelina Jolie having cosmetic lip or eye tattoos. And with the process being so simple, effective and safe, why not?

However, it cannot be stressed enough have important it is to properly research where to get permanent makeup done. Even if more than 80% of the colorants used currently for the process are organic, over 60% of them also activate due to azo-pigments, some of which increase the risk of cancer. Accessing services from a specialized cosmetic business guarantees only the best products will be used in creating the right look. In the hands of a skilled professional using the appropriate products, the procedure is perfectly safe.

As long as people feel good in their skin – whatever that means for each person, the fleeting beauty trends are nothing to worry too about. And that’s what’s great about permanent makeup it can suit everyone’s needs.

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