Cosmetic Injections

Non-invasive and highly effective treatments target fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin. Feel refreshed and look younger with your skin.

Cosmetic Injections

Non-invasive and highly effective treatments target fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin. Feel refreshed and look younger with your skin.

Cosmetic Injection at Canada MedLaser

Botox & Dermal Fillers

Botox and dermal fillers have been making headlines for a long time because of their effectiveness in maintaining a youthful glow and appearance. With minimal downtime and outstanding results, it’s no wonder more people are seeking to complete them. Here at Canada MedLaser, we offer various cosmetic injections to help you turn back the clock and combat the signs of aging.


What is the difference between Botox and Dysport?

Botox (also known as Botulinum Toxin) is a chemical injected into strategic areas of the face and sometimes the body (depending on the purpose of the injection). Once injected, the Botox chemical temporarily paralyzes the muscles underneath that particular area and relaxes those muscles, creating a smooth and refreshed complexion.

Dysport is a brand of botulinum toxin type A. It has been used for over 25 years and is approved for cosmetic use by Health Canada and the FDA. It is also used in the medical field to treat conditions like lower limb spasticity and cervical dystonia. 

Both are botulinum toxins, but Dysport has smaller protein molecules, which means that it can spread further from the injection site, fewer injections are needed, and results are seen slightly earlier. Dysport is more specialized and known for treating frown lines.



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Face Contouring Treatments

For contouring the face, dermal fillers can be injected in several areas: 

  • Lips- create more plump, youthful defined lips, and it can also help to improve lip symmetry 
  • Forehead- smooth out lines and contour 
  • Under eye area- improve eye bags and reduce dark circles, it can also add volume to the undereye area 
  • Jawline- reduce jowls and create a more defined jawline 
  • Neck- reduce neck bands and wrinkles 
  • Temples- fill out sunken temples by adding volume to that area 
  • Cheeks- make cheeks fuller and lift them by adding volume 
  • Chin- sculpt and elongate chin for a more enhanced look 
  • Nasolabial folds (also known as Laugh Lines or Smile Lines) – improve volume to reduce the appearance of these wrinkles 
  • Facial contour- lift and tighten this area to achieve a more V-shaped look

Learn more about the injectables that are best for you, available at Canada MedLaser clinics in Toronto and the GTA.


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What Our Clients Say About Us

Jihan Der
Jihan Der
Excellent experience in Canada medlaser Toronto (downtown) , I got a laser hair removal package (YUI is THE STAR Of laser) , the results are amazing, Botox /filler injection the nurse (lily) is gentle and very professional, the clinic is clean, and the have a lot of deals, I just love them ♥️
I tried laser removal at other clinics before that were unsuccessful but I am thrilled at the results at Canada Medlaser. Mabel was very helpful and ensured I left satisfied after each session. I would strongly recommend asking for Mabel, she made the experience easy.
Uilst Bat-Erdene
Uilst Bat-Erdene
Great experience overall, Kayla makes you feel so comfortable and painless as possible. Very clean and professional, have already recommended to friends.
Katia Albito
Katia Albito
Came in to complete my laser (face and armpits) after I moved cities. My experience was great, they took the time to understand my needs and which package would suit me better. The place is clean and hygienic which is very important for these kind of treatments. I will be coming back for any retouches and other treatments!
Rachel Korosec
Rachel Korosec
Amazing staff and service! So friendly and so pleased with the results!
Stephanie White
Stephanie White
I have been coming for laser hair removal for a while now and it’s been a great experience! The staff is always very friendly and respectful and the place is extremely well kept. They are attentive during each session and always go above and beyond to ensure you’re comfortable. I highly recommend if you’re looking for great service at an affordable price!
Aziza Khalifa
Aziza Khalifa
Mabel is amazing for laser hair removal! She tracked my progress and also provided a few extra sessions to ensure I was happy with the results.

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We offer customized treatments to every customer, ensuring that the desired results are achieved.

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    Canada MedLaser is more than just Laser Hair Removal and CoolSculping. We offer treatments that suit both men and women in any skin type. See offers and the latest treatment packages.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The Suitable candidates for dermal fillers:
    -Are in good general health
    -Don’t smoke
    -Have reasonable expectations
    -Are committed to maintaining good skin health

    A good candidate for lip injections in Toronto is somebody who desires fuller, voluptuous lips but has an understanding of lip injections and reasonable expectations. Enhanced lips will make your lips full and plump and will not change your looks dramatically. HA lip fillers are the most reasonable product for lip injections in Toronto. Permanent lip fillers (collagen, silicone, and fat transfer) have a host of negative consequences that may not appear until several years later. You should only consider lip injections for personal reasons and not to fit an ideal image or appease someone else like a spouse or significant other. We will discuss with you the pros and cons of your lip injections in Toronto and help you decide which of our lip fillers is best for you. Before having lip injections in Toronto, you should have good health and not smoke. You may not be a suitable candidate for lip fillers in Toronto if you suffer with: Blood-clotting problems Lupus Diabetes An infection such as oral herpes Those with severe allergies may not be suitable candidate for lip injections in Toronto A history of cold sores, allergies, or reaction to lidocaine is important information for your health care professional. They should also be aware of any medications you presently take, including over-the-counter medicines and herbal supplements.

    At Canada MedLaser, we are proud to offer the best in dermal filler injectables. Fillers which have a proven track record and give us the range of facial contour and skin health solutions to serve you and enhance your beauty.
    We offer Juvederm, Revanesse, and Stylage.

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