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Canada MedLaser Vaughan has the top specialists in Vaughan that can help you with medical aesthetics concerns such as laser hair removal, CoolSculpting, cosmetic injections, skin treatments, hair restoration and many more. As a client you will see first-hand why we are the go to provider for many different medical aesthetic treatments with in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area).

Our certified medical aestheticians, doctors and cosmetic nurses have years of experience in these treatments, and we always make our client’s aesthetic goals and results are our top priority. Click on a treatment option below to learn more!

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Get the plump lip look you've always wanted with our Dermal Fillers!

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Struggling with acne scars? This patient used the Venus Viva Resurfacing treatment to get the results they did!

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Spider Veins on your legs can be a thing of the past with our Candela Gentle Max laser technology!

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With our Results Guaranteed Laser Hair Removal packages, this patient reduced 90% of their hair growth on their back!

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This client was able to gain back 40% of their hair growth with our PRP Hair Restoration service!

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Are you tired of that stubborn chin fat? Well, this client was too! That is why she got the CoolMini treatment on her double chin. Stubborn fat, especially on the chin can make anyone self conscious, but with the CoolSculpting technology, you can look as great as she does!

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The Skin Rejuvenation treatment is the number one leading treatment for a non-invasive face lift. This treatment gets rid of age spots and leaves you looking much younger!

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  • Will I see results right away?

    Hair growth happens in *several phases, lasting for a total of *several weeks. Laser hair removal targets hair follicles that are in the phase of active growth. Within a few weeks after the first session, you should start to see some hair loss in the area being treated. After a few weeks, as other follicles enter the growth phase, you will notice the growth of new hairs. These are the ones that will be targeted during the second and subsequent sessions. The amount of hair growth after each session will progressively lessen. *The prominent and quick results will be seen when patients maintain a regular appointment schedule. By intervals of *four to six weeks for facial hair removal and six to eight weeks for hair removal on other parts of the body, we can get to all of the hairs that appear in different stages of growth.

  • What is laser hair removal and how does it work?

    Whether you’re a man or a woman, you have probably pondered the inconvenience of removing unwanted body or facial hair more than once. Shaving your face or legs can be time-consuming and expensive, and we’ve all felt the pain inflicted by the knick of a razor. And when trying alternative methods, such depilatory creams or waxing, one may find themselves dealing with skin rashes or pain. All that, only for the hair to start growing back soon. One can say goodbye to the hassle by booking a series of laser hair removal treatments, which will gradually stop hair in these targeted areas from growing. This method centres around the fact that melanin, or pigment, contained within the hair follicles attract and absorb light. Through targeted use of the laser, the hair follicle is damaged, and over time, it loses the ability to grow new hair. Each treatment takes anywhere from a *few minutes to a couple of hours, depending on the surface area being treated and the density and coarseness of the hair that is growing there. During sessions, a laser is guided over the targeted area. Before, during and after the treatment, skin is cooled to minimize discomfort and to prevent damage to the skin cells. Laser hair removal is *long lasting, which means you will no longer have to waste time and money on shaving or other short-term hair removal methods. At most, it might need a touch-up appointment about now only once a year.

  • Is laser hair removal right for me?

    • *Hair color vs. skin tone. Traditionally, laser hair removal has *worked well when there is a contrast between skin tone and hair colour, and the hair is darker. It works by targeting melanin, which is present in both hair and skin. Individuals with darker complexions were therefore at risk of cell damage in the skin surrounding the hair follicle. However, new laser technology makes it possible to safely perform laser hair removal on dark skin patients by using less intense wavelengths that do not damage the skin. The entire process is done more gradually than it is for patients of lighter complexions, with appointments spaced over a longer period of time.
    • *Hair colour. Brown and black hair gets its colour from a pigment called eumelanin, which responds well to laser. By contrast, red and blonde hair, which contains pheomelanin, is not responsive, and is therefore not suitable for laser hair removal treatment. Grey hair lacks pigment and is therefore not suitable either. We encourage patients with red, blonde or grey hair to come and see us, so that we can discuss alternative hair removal methods.
    • *The body part being targeted. Laser hair removal works on almost every part of the body. Men tend to use it mostly for the chest, back and shoulders. Women choose it for their arms, legs, underarms, bikini area and face. Laser hair removal is not recommended for the inside of the nose, ears, or for get rid of the eyebrow shaping.
    • *Since tattoos are created from the insertion of pigment into the skin, laser hair removal can damage the skin cells and alter the appearance of the tattoo. Some patients who have attempted laser hair removal on a tattooed area have reported blistering, pain and infection. Therefore, we do not recommend laser hair removal treatments on tattooed skin.
    • *Skin sensitivity. Having sensitive skin does not automatically disqualify you from laser hair removal treatments. However, we recommend a patch test that will enable us to determine how skin will respond. In some cases, we may use a more gradual treatment process over a longer period of time.
  • Is laser hair removal safe and does it hurt?

    Laser hair removal carries a small risk of damage to skin cells, particularly in individuals whose skin tone is like their hair color. However, this risk is mitigated in a number of ways:

    • 1. *We never commence treatment without doing a thorough assessment that includes an analysis of skin and hair type, the results to accomplish, and any medical conditions or treatments that might be relevant.
    • 2. *For some patients, we use a longer wavelength that possesses less risk to the skin.
    • 3. *In some circumstances, we will space treatments out over a longer period of time.
    • 4. *We cool the skin before, during and after each session. Not only does this reduce discomfort, it protects the skin from damage.

    Laser hair removal is generally not painful, but some parts of the body are more sensitive than others. The bikini area, for example, may be prone to more discomfort than the arms or legs. Topical numbing creams can be applied to these areas after treatment. Shaving the area prior to the session may also help. Although hair needs to be present in the follicles in order for the treatment to work, having the hair as short as possible may make the procedure more comfortable. Since laser hair removal is a non-surgical procedure that involves minimal pain, it is done without the use of anaesthesia or pain medication. Therefore, the risk of medical complications is minimum. At most, one may experience mild discomfort such as *itching or burning. For patients with highly sensitive skin, we can apply a topical anaesthetic. As with any procedure, it is important to follow the post-treatment care instructions that are provided. General care instructions include the following:

    • *Reduce exposure to the sun. If it is unavoidable, protect the skin with loose clothing and/or sunscreen.
    • *Avoid getting new tattoos on the treatment area until *several weeks after the final treatment.
    • *Avoid the use of lotion and skin care products that may cause the skin to be more sensitive. Some fabrics and laundry detergents can also increase skin sensitivity.
  • What equipment do we use?

    At Canada MedLaser clinics, we use the latest in laser hair removal technology. The Candela GentleMax Pro machine is our number one choice for many reasons, including the following:

    • *The incorporation of two technologies means that almost any skin type can be treated
    • *The machine is faster than others on the market, with lasers that pulse twice per second. This means that for many individuals, we can accomplish the desired results in shorter sessions.
    • *Although the number of sessions varies depending on the patient’s skin type and pigmentation, in most cases individuals only need six to ten sessions.
    • *Treatments are virtually pain-free – most patients need no numbing at all prior to their sessions. The machine sprays a numbing and cooling solution onto the targeted area right before the laser begins to pulse.

    In the unlikely event that a patient might not be a suitable candidate for the Candela Gentle MaxPro Laser, we will work to determine which hair removal treatment and technology would work best for optimal results.

  • What if I cannot have laser hair removal treatments?

    Unfortunately, not everybody is a candidate for laser hair removal. If a patient has tattoos in the area of treatment, or if the hair colour is incompatible with the use of laser treatment, we will help with an alternative method of hair removal. An effective alternative method is electrolysis, which has been on the market for over 20 years. It is a painstaking, time-consuming process that involves the administration of an electric shock to each hair follicle. Although it is undeniably less convenient than laser hair removal, electrolysis works on any hair colour, and it can be done over tattooed skin, or on areas of the body that are not recommended for laser hair removal.

  • How should I prepare?

    We encourage all patients to come in for a consultation, prior to beginning the treatment, in order for us to assess your needs and determine whether or not laser hair removal is right for you.

    Stock up on razor blades. The success of laser hair removal is dependent upon the presence of pigment in the hair. When we use a hair removal method that involves epilating, such as waxing or plucking, our hair is automatically thinned and lightened, causing the laser treatment to be less effective.  We encourage patients to shave for *several weeks prior to their first treatment, as well as in between sessions.

    Avoid products that make the skin sensitive. Laser hair removal may be accompanied by some discomfort and skin sensitivity. You can maximize the results and minimize discomfort by avoiding products that contain ingredients like retinol and hydroquinone.

  • How much does it cost?

    The cost of laser hair removal depends on several factors, most importantly the size of the area being treated. Although results will usually begin to be noticeable after the *first session, most patients require six to ten sessions to obtain permanent results. For some patients, more treatments may be required. This is sometimes the case in menopausal and peri-menopausal women, and individuals who are undergoing hormone therapy or who suffer from hormonal imbalances. We offer “Results Guaranteed” package options that allow for as many sessions as needed over a twenty four month-period.

  • Why choose Canada MedLaser Clinics?

    Although there are many facilities offering laser hair removal in Toronto, there are several factors that set Canada MedLaser Clinics apart from the crowd. Here are just a few reasons to choose us:

    *The well being of our patients is more important to us than anything else. We will encourage a series of sessions before first knowing that this is the right option.

    *If our assessment determines that a person is not a viable candidate for laser hair removal, we will take the time to explore alternatives.

    Our staff are highly trained, fully certified and obtain years of experience.

    *We use state of the art equipment that is suitable for a wide variety of skin types and hair colours.

    *Our service are not solely completed at the end of the last session. We always encourage patients to contact us with questions or concerns, and to book touch-up sessions when needed.

    *We proudly stand behind our claims, and offer a * Money Back Guarantee if our patients do not obtain the results that we promise.

    *Although we offer treatments at highly competitive rates, we understand that not everybody has the money to pay for a series of treatments up-front. Our patients have the option to finance their treatments for up to thirty six months.

    *We have six locations in the Greater Toronto Area, making us easy to get to.

    *Thanks to medical supervision provided by qualified professionals, our services adhere to the strict health and safety guidelines established by Health Canada.

    *We don’t expect you to take our word for it. We are confident that once you have completed your research, and shopped around, you will choose Canada MedLaser as your laser hair removal provider.

    For more information about Canada MedLaser Clinics, the top provider of laser hair removal in Toronto and the GTA, call us today to book your assessment.

Meet Our Team


Medical Aesthetician

Alicia is a Medical Aesthetician at Canada MedLaser Clinics in Vaughan. She graduated with honours from Canadian Beauty College with her Medical Aesthetics diploma and over the past eight years has risen through to the medical community. She is certified and experienced in all body treatments such as CoolSculpting, Vein Removal and Stretch-marks. She has worked with a variety of lasers to treat concerns like unwanted hair, pigmentation and skin tightening. She has an eye for addressing and treating problematic skin concerns. Alicia takes pride in providing the best possible service to make her clients feel comfortable, teach and share her knowledge and achieve the best results for the her clients needs. 


Medical Aesthetician

Benita is a Certified Medical Aesthetician at the Vaughan Location.  She is a trained Skin Care Analysis, Laser Technician, (hair removal, skin tightening, photo-facial, & vascular) MicroNeedling, Body Contouring, Skin Tightening, Chemical Peel, Microdermabrasion, and Customer Care Consultant. She was a Clinic Supervisor & Instructor at Canadian Beauty College for many years. Benita’s purpose at Canada MedLaser, is to educate clients about all the different treatments offered for their particular needs and to support them though their treatment. Benita loves the Canada MedLaser clients. She enjoys when they come back and say that they are seeing results!


Clinic Coordinator

Vanessa is the Clinic Coordinator at the Vaughan location. She is currently working towards a Bachelor of Arts degree at York University. During Vanessa’s time as a student, she has gained six years of customer service experience. At Canada MedLaser, Vanessa strives to build relationships with clients by greeting them warmly, listening carefully to clarify needs and recommending products and services.