Are persistent scars, sagging skin, wrinkles or unwanted hair affecting your confidence? While these are cosmetic issues, that doesn’t mean they don’t affect a person on a deeper level. Acne scarring can be a reminder of a difficult youth while wrinkles make us feel older than we really are. Take back your confidence and your life with Canada MedLaser’s cosmetic treatments for skin and body treatments and laser hair removal. Thornhill area residents now have access to convenient and effective treatments at our state of the art clinic.

Innovative Laser Hair Removal, Vaughan

Canada MedLaser is providing faster safer and more effective laser hair removal Vaughan residents can rely on! We tailor our treatment, using different settings and patterns, to give you the smoothest, most beautifully hair-free skin possible. At our laser clinic, Vaughan customers are treated to a luxurious spa setting along with the safety and security of medical-grade equipment.

Financing and Satisfaction Guarantee at Our Laser Clinic, Thornhill

At Canada MedLaser we do everything possible to remove the barriers between you and your ideal skin. To facilitate this, we offer up to 36 months of financing and interest rates as low as 0%!

And while the vast majority of our clients achieve their desired results, certain skin types and conditions prevent the treatments from working as well as they should. To ensure you’re never stuck paying for something you aren’t satisfied with, we offer a complete money back guarantee so you try without worry!

Get started planning for the ideal you by calling us at (855) 633-7721 to schedule a free consultation.


Our CoolSculpting technology is a technique that reduces the amount of fat cells in an area of your body by applying controlled and targeted freezing. This helps to reshape and contour the area to reduce belly bulges, underarm fat and more.

How is this possible? By freezing the fat cells, CoolSculpting technology crystalizes the fat which allows it to be metabolized by the body. Over time, the cells will be reduced as the body metabolizes more of them.

100% Money Back Guarantee

At Canada Med Laser clinic, Vaughan customers with skin, body and nail issues can seek treatment without worry. We guarantee to meet or exceed your initial expectations, or we’ll refund your money! Don’t spend another day embarrassed by your skin, call us at (855) 633-7721 to schedule a free consultation.

Skin Perfecting Treatments from Our Laser Clinic, Thornhill

Your skin takes on a lot! From regular sun exposure and dry weather conditions to lifestyle choices like smoking and tanning. All of these things, and more add up to a variety of scars, lines, wrinkles, dark spots, acne and other blemishes that can age us and make us self-conscious. At Canada MedLaser’s laser clinic, Thornhill, we believe in helping people achieve smooth, blemish free skin to increase confidence and quality of life. Our top skin fixes include:

Skin Resurfacing and Wrinkle Reduction: Our advanced laser technology works to permanently remove surface layer skin issues like acne scars, age spots and other discolorations. Often referred to as a photofacial, this can is a fast way to better, brighter skin.

Cellulite Treatment: We use Radio Frequency (RF) and Selective Electro Heating technologies to target fat cells that cause this dimpled effect on the skin. By doing so, we’re able heat and reduce the cells while encouraging collagen production.

Laser Hair Removal: Thornhill clients can take advantage of one of our most popular treatments: laser hair removal. Thornhill area customers love the variety of package deals we offer including 12 to 24 months of unlimited sessions for one low price on a skin area of your choosing. We offer this for both large areas like back and legs and small areas like upper lip and between eyebrows.

CoolSculpting: Unlike many of the treatments, CoolSculpting using low temperatures to combat unsightly bulges of fat. This technology freezes fat cells, crystallizes them and allows them to be metabolized by the body. It’s perfect for small areas of fat that can’t be fixed with diet or exercise.

Nail Fungus: Even nail fungus can be treated with targeted laser therapy. This method is, in fact, one of the most effective, fastest and pain free options to get rid of unsightly nail fungus