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About Canada MedLaser

Serving Canadians since 2014, Canada MedLaser has become a prominent medical spa & skin care clinic around Ontario. Once started off as a single clinic in the heart of Toronto, and has now rapidly expanded to over 10 Clinics across the GTA.

About Canada MedLaser

Serving Canadians since 2014, Canada MedLaser has become a prominent medical spa & skin care clinic around Ontario. Once started off as a single clinic in the heart of Toronto, and has now rapidly expanded to over 10 Clinics across the GTA.

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Our Mission

We aim to help clients achieve their aesthetic goals with safe and effective skin care treatments. We stand behind the quality of our work and provide our clients with a Results Guaranteed Policy. 

Patients can trust our experienced staff, who are highly trained in Laser Hair Removal, Coolsculpting, Cosmetic Injectables, Skin Treatments, PRP Hair Restoration, and other non-surgical and non-invasive skin and body treatments. Our laser skin treatments are designed to enhance natural beauty and boost confidence at any age.

Our Vision

Canada MedLaser clinics trusts its technologies and products. We select the most reliable, innovative and safe treatments, while investing in a professional physician, registered nurse and certified medical aestheticians.


We believe that an education and personal development team is the key to our success. We provide all the tools needed for excellency, benefiting our clients, creating empowering experience and standing behind our results. We take pride in being Canadian, and value the Canadian way of living. The commitment to our clients outspreads beyond the clinic into the community.

Our Values

We aim to help change lives by extending our services to local causes. We even provide pro-bono treatments to empower community members and support education.

We pride ourselves on executing our values. As leaders and industry experts, we will continue to: 

  1. Provide the highest, most inclusive quality of services and treatments with professionalism and expertise.
  2. It’s all about the results. So we’re results-oriented and primarily focused on client goals and transformations.
  3. Destigmatize and reposition the perception of Medical Aesthetics in the 21st Century.
  4. Maintain Canada MedLaser Aesthethic Clinics as market leaders, providing the gold-standard and state-of-the-art technologies and services. 

Our Team

Serving Canadians since 2013, Canada MedLaser has become a nation wide company that once started off as one clinic in the heart of Toronto and has now expanded to over six clinics across Canada.


With the highest standards and most innovative technology, this 100% Canadian owned and operated business is here to ensure all of your needs are met. CML uses only top grade levels of technology including, the Candela Gentlemax Pro laser system for laser hair removal, Venus Concept, and the Eclipse Microneedling Pen. Canada MedLaser Clinics is a top provider of CoolSculpting®️, Botox Cosmetic®️, Juvéderm®️, PRP Hair Restoration treatments in Canada. CML has treated over 50,000 clients with top doctors, nurses and highly trained medical aestheticians. CML not only wants to ensure you look good, but that you feel good too.

Training and Development Manager
Margarita is a Medical Aesthetician and Training and Development Manager
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Call Centre Manager
Bianca is our Call Centre Manager at CML.
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Medical Aesthetician
Benita is a Certified Medical Aesthetician at the Vaughan Location.
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Clinic Coordinator
Vanessa is our Clinic Coordinator at the Mississauga Location.
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Senior Medical Aesthetician
Sarah is our medical aesthetician at CML Etobicoke.She graduated from Aesthetics and Spa Management in 2011 from Academy Canada in St. John.
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Clinic Director
Alicia is our Clinic Director at Mississauga clinic
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Medical Aesthetician
Kayla is a certified medical aesthetician at our Toronto Clinic
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Medical Aesthetician
Mabel is our Medical Aesthetician at Toronto Clinic.
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Clinic Director
Sylvia is a Clinic Director at our Toronto clinic location with over 15 years of experience in the industry.
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Frequently Asked Questions

We currently have eleven locations in the Greater Toronto Area, with five more opening up in 2023. Stay tuned for more Canada MedLaser grand openings. Visit our locations page to find the nearest Canada Medlaser Clinic nearest you!

The team at Canada MedLaser takes an inclusive and unique approach that personalizes its treatments to give each client excellent results. Most treatments are safe for all skin types and skin concerns — a particular point of pride for the organization.  

Though there is stigma associated with aesthetic procedures and its exclusivity, Canada MedLaser actively strives to provide open and accessible treatment options for those interested in healing, enhancing or improving their skin, body and overall wellbeing. 

We’re very selective in our hiring process and value certification and experience. Although it’s not a legal requirement, we hire only trusted and qualified medical aestheticians, registered nurses, and skilled managers to represent our clinics and design custom treatment plans with our clients. A Medical Director oversees all products, technologies and services, ensuring the gold-standard, most up-to-date treatments and techniques on the market are available for our clients.

Join our Team

Want to become a part of our team? Write us on our email info@canadamedlaser.ca.

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