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Who is a Good Candidate for PRP Therapy for Hair Loss?

Watching yet another clump of hair swirling towards the shower drain as you wash out one more application of ridiculously expensive “guaranteed to thicken hair!” shampoo, you start to question […]

What is Melasma

Facial hyperpigmentation occurs due to overproduction of melanin, caused by sun exposure,
high temperatures, genetics, and hormones.  When dealing with hormonal pigmentation, we are most likely dealing with a condition often […]

Reduce Unwanted Fat with CoolSculpting

We all find ourselves striving to eliminate unwanted fat.  They say you are your worst critic, which is why confidence is key.  There are many ranges of body types, and […]

Why a Natural Face Lift is your Best Anti-Aging Treatment

Creams and serums are great when it comes to preventing the signs of aging.  However, with so many of them out on the market, it can get confusing when trying […]

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