Combat age spots, melasma and all other types of pigmentation.


Combat age spots, melasma, and all other types of pigmentation.

About Pigmentation

Pigmentation concerns are one of the most common skin conditions treated at Canada MedLaser Aesthetic Clinics. Pigmentation includes any type of discoloration, melasma or hyperpigmentation, freckles, and age spots. Aside from these being an inevitable sign of aging, pigmentation is also caused by hormones and overexposure to UV rays. 

We use a variety of Treatment and Services to reduce the appearance and eliminate these areas of concern, including Chemical Peels, Microdermabrasion, and Laser Treatments. Your Complimentary Skin Analysis will be used in generating the best treatment protocol for all skin needs.



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Pigmentation Treatments

Using DPC Technology, Canada MedLaser’s Medical Aestheticians penetrate the light to various levels of the epidermis and dermis in order to bring out the pigmented lesions. Immediately, they become slightly darker in pigment. This is a sign that progress was made. Over time, the lesion turns into a crust-like surface, and falls right off.

These are our Pigmentation treatments available at Canada MedLaser:


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Jihan Der
Jihan Der
Excellent experience in Canada medlaser Toronto (downtown) , I got a laser hair removal package (YUI is THE STAR Of laser) , the results are amazing, Botox /filler injection the nurse (lily) is gentle and very professional, the clinic is clean, and the have a lot of deals, I just love them ♥️
I tried laser removal at other clinics before that were unsuccessful but I am thrilled at the results at Canada Medlaser. Mabel was very helpful and ensured I left satisfied after each session. I would strongly recommend asking for Mabel, she made the experience easy.
Uilst Bat-Erdene
Uilst Bat-Erdene
Great experience overall, Kayla makes you feel so comfortable and painless as possible. Very clean and professional, have already recommended to friends.
Katia Albito
Katia Albito
Came in to complete my laser (face and armpits) after I moved cities. My experience was great, they took the time to understand my needs and which package would suit me better. The place is clean and hygienic which is very important for these kind of treatments. I will be coming back for any retouches and other treatments!
Rachel Korosec
Rachel Korosec
Amazing staff and service! So friendly and so pleased with the results!
Stephanie White
Stephanie White
I have been coming for laser hair removal for a while now and it’s been a great experience! The staff is always very friendly and respectful and the place is extremely well kept. They are attentive during each session and always go above and beyond to ensure you’re comfortable. I highly recommend if you’re looking for great service at an affordable price!
Aziza Khalifa
Aziza Khalifa
Mabel is amazing for laser hair removal! She tracked my progress and also provided a few extra sessions to ensure I was happy with the results.

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We offer customized treatments to every customer, ensuring that the desired results are achieved.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      With each treatment, the hyperpigmentation becomes lighter in colour, until it completely diminishes.

      Chemical Peels are another skin treatment to reduce pigmentation or hyperpigmentation. It is a chemical solution that can consists of an acid solution that is applied to the face. After the chemical peel solution is applied, the outer layer of the skin is sluffed off and it allows your skin to rejuvenate itself.

      Chemical Peels require little downtime, lightens the pigmentation as much as possible and increases cell turnover rate. Chemical Peels can have mild or medium solutions- and your medical aesthetician will be customized one for you that works best for your pigmentation level, skin type and skin tone.

      With DPC Technology, the light is automatically attracted to the dark, red pigment held within these spider veins. Through photothermolysis, the vein is gradually coagulated, and does not absorb the blood, causing it to become invisible to the naked eye.

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