Permanent Makeup Toronto

Permanent Makeup Toronto

Permanent Makeup

Permanent makeup has increased in popularity since its original introduction in dating back to the 1930’s, and naturally, like most aesthetics, it has only been perfected, causing it to grow in popularity ever since.

With the world being as modern as it is today, we’ve developed a new meaning to the word “busy” that many women simply don’t have the time or energy to spend on makeup application. Although the slightest touch such as a bit of lipstick or a sweep of eyeliner makes a world of a difference, it just isn’t in the cards for a lot of women these days.

What if we say that one only need to spend about 60 minutes once a year on makeup routine? Would that change the opinion on makeup application?

What if we say that one only job during that yearly 60 minute application, requires to lie down on back and relax?

No, this isn’t a dream; this is 21st century semi-permanent makeup tattooing. Call now for laser treatments.

During initial visit with semi-permanent makeup tattoo artist, one will be presented with a full detailed consultation, including a color and shape match, based on which area one is having the treatment on.

Tattoo treatment areas may include eyebrows, eyeliner, lip liner, freckles, and even breast tattoos for patients struggling with breast cancer. They may be done in any color or shade.

Here are the major differences between semi-permanent makeup and permanent makeup:

Permanent Makeup:

  • *Applied in the depth of the dermis
  • *Pigment fades or changes over time, causing a grey, green, or orange-like appearance
  • *Done with a tattoo gun
  • *Based on the area, can only be removed with laser tattoo removal treatments, or become permanent if applied on delicate areas such as the lips or eyes
  • *Less natural appearance than semi-permanent makeup. Because the treatment uses a tattoo gun, rather than a blade, the end result looks less delicate, and more harsh
  • *Because permanent makeup is, well… permanent, it doesn’t always age well. Over time as the skin begins to sag, permanent makeup may migrate, and pigment may spread out, causing a blurred effect of pigment
  • *Downtime is required. After the treatment, the area of tattoo will appear much darker than what it will actually end up looking like. It is noticeable, and in many cases, scabbing is a factor

Semi-Permanent Makeup:

  • *Pigment stays in the epidermis layers of the skin
  • *After a period of time of approximately *1 year, the skin naturally sheds the pigment away, and becomes completely tattoo-free
  • *No laser tattoo removal is necessary, as the pigment fades naturally over time
  • *Tattoo dye used during the process is natural and hypoallergenic
  • *A very natural appearance to the final makeup look is detected. The semi-permanent makeup artist will use light strokes to tattoo pigment into superficial layers of the skin
  • *No downtime. The area of treatment might appear darker in color for the *first week or so, however, it fades quickly, and is not noticeable to others

More and more people are opting out for semi-permanent makeup, and with its natural appearance, even the closest of relatives may not notice the tattoos because of the natural appearance.


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