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What Is The Cost Of Lip Injections In Toronto?

Lip Injections

If you’re thinking of getting lip injections, the first thing that often comes to mind is the cost. Mainstream media propagates the notion that lip injections are an expense only available to celebrities and the ultra-wealthy. However, this is as far away from the truth as it gets.

As you grow older, your lips start to reduce in volume. It’s also possible that they have been thin right from the beginning. In either case, no law states you have to go through every day with thin lips.

If you want to have full lips, you can now go for lip injections that offer brilliant results. In this regard, there are various lip injections to serve your needs. Instead of boring you with irrelevant information, we will discuss the top three lip injections in this article. This article will provide insight into how these lip injections work and their associated costs. Hence, you can start planning your budget for lip injections!

Lip Injections

Cost Of Lip Injections In Toronto: The Pricing Models

On average, the cost of lip injections ranges between $500 and $2000. Most clinics will charge an amount within the $500 range per syringe of lip injections. Mostly, you’ll need one injection to get the desired results. The single injection will last between 6-12 months before you need another.

That’s not to say one injection is always enough to get those fuller lips you desire. Sometimes, some procedures may require more than one syringe, which means that the cost will go higher.

In this case, you’ll have to adjust your budget to suit the number of injections you need. To cap it off, the exact number of injections you need is a question best answered by a consultation session with a medical aesthetician.

Noteworthy, for injections that use body fat, you should understand they are costlier. The cost of lip injections within this category falls somewhere around $2000, depending on the medical spa. But all of these are average prices across all lip injections.

We’ll get more specific by discussing the pricing of the top 3 lip injection treatments. They are:

  • Botox
  • Dysport
  • Lip Fillers

Lip Injections

The cost of Botox lip injections

Ever since Botox received the FDA approval in 2002, it has grown exponentially in usage. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), Botox has seen a 5.1% increase in use since 2017.

Initially, it was mostly used to deal with fine lines and wrinkles. However, the treatment has now been refined for lip injections. Botox uses the lip flip method, which involves a slightly different method from the standard approach.

This method involves the injection of neuromodulators in small quantities across the lip area. The cosmetic injector will take less than ten minutes to perform this procedure. Following the procedure, you’ll begin to see your lips expanding appropriately.

There are some differences between botox lip injections and regular lip fillers. The common approach is for lip fillers to introduce Hyaluronic acid as a way of boosting the volume of your lips. As against high viscosity injections, Botox simply makes for lip enhancement by targeting the surrounding muscles. Particularly, Botox reduces the strength of the orbicularis oris.

By softening this muscle and other tensioned areas, your lips will grow in size. Essentially, Botox enhances the lips by dousing the strength of surrounding muscles. It creates an expansion opportunity. It also makes for a safe process considering that a cosmetic injector only needs small quantities to achieve brilliant results.

The cost of Botox lip fillers ranges between $400 and $1200. This is the average price charged by experts offering this procedure in Toronto. There are various factors accounting for the cost of this lip injection.

The treatment intensity

There are cases when you need more than one syringe. It’s a situation that always increases the cost of lip injections. Your medical aesthetician will firstly assess your needs to see whether a simple enhancement will be sufficient or a few more injections.

However, if you’ll be getting more than one injection, you may get it at a discounted rate. A few medical spas offer multiple appointments at a discounted price.


There are different price ranges applicable to different locations in the Greater Toronto Area. The economic activities in the location often determine these differences and the way services are charged. As such, while you may get Botox lip injections at a relatively lower price in some parts of the GTA, you may get it at an expensive rate elsewhere.

Expertise and experience

While it’s possible to negotiate the influence of the number of sessions on the cost of lip injections, it’s not advisable with expertise. As with all cosmetic procedures, working with an expert offers a higher probability of more impressive results. You don’t want to risk a botched job by working with a sub-par medical spa.

The expertise and experience of the medical aesthetician you’re using are factors that matter. If you want the best services, always consider experience over price.

Should I get a Botox lip injection?

You may be curious as to whether or not the cost of Botox lip injections is worth it. Botox lip injections are a pre-step to lip fillers. If you want to have a mini-procedure to test the water and see whether you’ll get results, this is the procedure you should consider.

Botox results don’t last as long compared to regular lip fillers. So, when you get a Botox lip injection, it gives you the avenue to assess how lip injection procedures work. Therefore, if you love fuller lips and want to try it out, you should start with Botox lip flips. Since the procedure doesn’t use as much volume as fillers, results usually last for about three months.

In preparing for your Botox procedure, your lips need to be in top condition. If you have cold sores on your lips, it’s best to postpone your Botox appointment. Also, to avoid swelling, ensure you stay away from aspirin and alcohol a few days before the procedure.

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Cost of Dysport lip injections

Dysport is another lip injection you should consider in the quest for fuller lips. It helps to expand the size of lips by introducing neuromodulators to enhance the lips.

Dysport has a similar procedure to Botox. It doesn’t focus on injecting volume but on relaxing the muscles around the lip region. As a result, the cost of Dysport lip injections is similar to that of Botox.

Procedurally, Dysport involves the injection of the surrounding muscles to cause them to relax. This will allow the upper lip to roll out and become more visible. Your upper lip not only comes out but also looks more defined and fuller in shape.

One unique thing about this process is that it doesn’t take away the natural curve of your lips.

When you smile, talk, or move your lips, it still maintains a natural look. Dysport lip injections seek to amplify your natural look, as against amending it.

Dysport injections are most appropriate when you’re looking to enhance, as against adding volume to your lips. If your lip necessarily needs volume for it to get fuller, the procedure you should be considering is lip filler injections.

Dysport is also excellent for helping you address fine lines on your upper lip. With Dysport lip injections, you can conveniently reduce the appearance of these fine lines while also enhancing your lips’ look. This is more of getting a two-in-one approach to lip treatment.

The cost of Dysport injections for the lips is within the $250 range. This procedure is also mostly to see how using lip fillers will feel like. Understand that there are some factors influencing the price of Dysport lip injection.

Just as with Botox, here are some of the factors you’ll need to consider:

Lip Injections


While there are many medical spas offering Dysport injections in the GTA, they do not have the same level of facilities. In today’s advanced world, the better your technology, the higher the probability of offering impressive results.

As a result, medical spas that are keen about using technology will always invest more in it. With more recent tech at their disposal, they can offer faster and more efficient solutions to clients.

Factors like this influence the cost of lip injections. It is expected that a clinic that’s highly technologically-inclined will not charge the same rates as those without. So, while choosing the medical spa to have your procedure, these are things to consider. Doing this will help you tailor your budget accordingly.


Cosmetic clinics are all around Toronto. You can get lip treatment services from any of these clinics. However, these clinics have been in operation for varying years. This accounts for why medical spas are rated differently. While some have 5-star ratings, the others are yet to get there.

Essentially, expertise varies. Some clinics have the best medical aestheticians and cosmetic injectors in the city. They not only offer excellent services, but the total package comes with lots of other features making for comfort and high professionalism.

Alternatively, you can get your lip injection procedure from regular clinics. Most of these clinics will charge at cheaper rates. However, the results may not be quite as impressive.

Cost of lip fillers

Botox and Dysport are similar products, which are preliminary to lip fillers. If you want fuller lips but you’re unsure, you can start with Botox and Dysport to assess the results. But the ultimate lip injection that offers lasting fuller lips is lip fillers.

Lip filling is a process that involves the introduction of materials (usually hyaluronic acid) into the lips. Although it’s commonly used to increase lip volume, it can also serve other purposes. Lip fillers can be used to even out your lips and reduce the appearance of wrinkles in the mouth area.

The lip filling process is different from that of Botox and Dysport. With lip fillers, the cosmetic injector will introduce new volume into the lips. This is unlike Dysport or Botox, where the process is one of enhancement.

The cost range of lip fillers is between $500 and $1000. The eventual pricing for lip filler injections will depend on where you’re getting your procedure. For clinics with more experience and expertise, the price will be on the high side.

Also, lip filling is a process charged based on the number of syringes necessary for the procedure. Depending on your lip needs, you may need to get more than one syringe. Where this is the case, you’ll be paying more.

before & after Lip Injections

Lip filler results

Lip fillers also provide lasting results that will maintain the new volume of your lips for a long time. Typically, this timeline is about 8-12 months. However, depending on your body’s metabolism, the results may last for longer.

Things You Need To Consider Before Getting Lip Injections

Now that the cost of lip injections is out of the way, up next is the due diligence on your part. To ensure the best results, consider the following.

The cosmetic injector

Perhaps the most important thing you need to consider is the person to handle the needle. The success of lip injections is based on the medical aesthetician and the injectable. Since the injectables go through a rigorous quality assurance process beforehand, choosing the right cosmetic injector is where you have work to do.

The best way to ensure a successful lip injection is by knowing the profile of your lip injection provider. In addition to checking their qualifications, you can check before and after pictures of previous lip injections. Only proceed with the treatment if you’re satisfied with previous results.

Your budget

Your budget is your financial capacity. At the very least, it indicates how much you’re willing to spend on lip injections. So, you must ensure that your budget is in line with the services you’re out to get. This is what makes it essential to have a consultation stage with the medical aesthetician.

At that stage, you’ll discuss rates with the medical aesthetician. Also, you get to discuss whether you’ll need more than one syringe. Knowing these will allow you to shape your budget adequately.

Set realistic expectations

One mistake many people make is to set unrealistic expectations of lip injection results. You may have read online or seen pictures of celebrities that have gotten lip injections.

What you may not realize is that these pictures are often for advertisement. They do not represent the actual results. This makes it essential you discuss the possible results with your medical aesthetician based on your lips’ needs.

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Final Thoughts

The article provides you with a cost estimate for lip injections. Knowing this, you are in a better condition to make smart and informed decisions.

However, the best way to get an accurate cost for any lip injection procedure is via a consultation session with a medical aesthetician.

Here at Canada MedLaser Clinics, we will examine your lips carefully and provide you with a treatment plan that works for you. Contact us today to set an appointment with our expert medical aestheticians!

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