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Lip Injections (Lip Augmentation) in Toronto

Toronto Lip Injections (Lip Fillers)

Full lips can create an instant and lasting impression to help enhance your facial youth and beauty. Daily, Toronto residents come to us with thin lips and want a fuller and firmer lip presence. Other patients have experienced their lips thinning over time and see vertical lip lines becoming noticeable. Whatever they need, at Canada Medlaser Clinics, we offer a selection of lip fillers to enhance lip fullness with little to no downtime. Lip injections are cosmetic procedures in which lip fillers are used to enhance the shape of the lip or restore volume. Canada Medlaser Clinics use lip fillers to correct lip irregularity resulting from trauma, aging, or surgery. We specialize in natural lip enhancement for younger individuals who desire fuller and more sensual lips and older individuals with lips affected by age. Today, it is more common to use an injectable dermal filler for lip injections. There are several types of lip fillers which can be injected in your lips and around the mouth. But the most common lip fillers in Toronto laser clinics are products that contain hyaluronic acid (HA). Hyaluronic acid is a natural sugar found in the body. It helps to increase the volume of your lips. We refer to these types of lip fillers as HA lip fillers or HA lip injections in Toronto clinics. Currently, collagen, lip implants, and fat transfer are lip fillers used less often because results are less predictable and there is a greater risk of complications. The newer HA lip fillers are safe, and the results are long-lasting.

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Restored Beauty With Lip Fillers

Most dermal filler injectors can perform this simple aesthetic procedure. With few side effects and long-lasting results, this is a very popular way to improve your facial appearance by making your lips larger.

Obviously, to gain fuller lips, you will require lip fillers by Toronto’s best injectors. Several lip fillers in Toronto are available, but the most popular with health care professionals and injectors are hyaluronic acid dermal fillers. These hyaluronic lip fillers consist of a substance which occurs naturally within your body to fill in lines, wrinkles, and folds. Collagen lip fillers in Toronto are used less and less because of their unpredictability and short-term results. Another option is to transfer fat from other parts of the body (fat transfer lip fillers). However, this procedure is less popular because the process requires liposuction surgery and its potential risks.

After your lip injections in Toronto, your lip contour will reshape instantly. Your injector will be able to add precise amounts of lip filler for additional volume if necessary. Follow-up appointments may be scheduled to maintain results from lip injections in Toronto after filler results subside. Our Lip fillers by Toronto’s best injectors last for about six months before they are filtered through the body naturally. The lips will then return to their original shape and size with no repeat lip injections needed.

Our lip fillers in Toronto can add subtle beauty to your face because many people feel full lips are a sensual attribute. It is vital, as is with all cosmetic procedures, to be sure fuller lips is what you want beforehand. With many cases, patients who have this procedure done are extremely happy with their outcome of enhanced beauty.

About Lip Augmentation

How Often Should You Get Lip Injections?

As you age, your lips – like other parts of your face – will lose volume, taking on a thinner presence. Specifically, your lip’s border will lose fullness, making you look tired and old. Sharp lip edges can change the appearance of your face, helping you look younger with more energy. For this reason and others, many women seek to enhance their facial beauty with lip injections in Toronto. However, follow-up injections are necessary periodically to help continue the results. The regularity of needed lip injections in Toronto differ from one patient to the next and depends on which lip filler you use. Because our lips are constantly talking, eating or drinking, lip injections for Toronto residents require more touch-ups than injections in other areas of the face. The selection of lip fillers in Toronto has a three-to-six-month life before results begin to subside. The right lip filler for you depends on your skin condition and other factors. During a free consultation, we can examine your lips and facial skin, answering your questions about lip augmentation and helping you understand what to expect.

FAQs About Lip Injections

How do lip fillers in Toronto work?

Lip fillers injected by a highly trained medical injector is a quick way to provide fuller lips. These minimally invasive treatments can also treat moderate to severe facial wrinkles, including smoothing marionette lines around the mouth. Juvéderm products and others are temporary hyaluronic acid lip fillers for Toronto patients. Hyaluronic acid is a popular substance with Cosmetic Medical professionals as it is a naturally occurring ingredient in the skin efficient for retaining moisture and softness and adding volume. At Canada MedLaser Clinics, we tailor any lip injections in Toronto for your desired outcome. These procedures are quick and relatively non-invasive with your health care expert injecting lip fillers in and around your lips. We may suggest numbing injection areas for your added comfort. After lip injections, it’s important not to put pressure on the lips, so the treatment can settle evenly. You will experience results instantly, but swelling may occur soon after injections and may take a few days to subside. You should see some results immediately, but also remember that there is some swelling involved.

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