Botox for the Holidays

As the holidays approach, your days will be busy with shopping for gifts, visiting with family, parties to plan and parties to attend. And during this busy time, you want to look your best. But between shuffling the kids around and attending to your social gatherings, it may be difficult to take time to enhance [...]

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Why a Natural Face Lift is your Best Anti-Aging Treatment

Creams and serums are great when it comes to preventing the signs of aging.  However, with so many of them out on the market, it can get confusing when trying to find what suits your skin type.  With different price ranges, and promises that come along from marketing geniuses behind these campaigns, the consumer never [...]

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The Best Services for the Winter Time

Our skin is the largest, live organ in our body and as such it reacts to the environment, the weather changes, and to the amount of UV in the atmosphere (The purple damaging sun light can cause sunburn, premature ageing, eye damage and skin damage leading to skin cancer). The Canadian winter months are the [...]

What Botox Does For Your Appearance

Botox is one of the most useful solutions for when you’re looking to look younger. Botox is used to improve how your face looks as it weakens muscles that might cause wrinkles to develop. This is an effective solution for your appearance that doesn’t take far too much time to handle. What This Does This [...]

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