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Busting Top Myths about Facelifts


There are so many myths about facelifts. Most of the time, these myths revolve around the results to expect from a facelift. Today, there are many cosmetic treatment options to deal with the effects of ageing on your face and skin. So much so that some patients are confused as to which treatments to choose. 

By all means, this is a good thing. After all, with some research, you can come to a conclusion about the best treatment for you. Unfortunately, with this abundance of cosmetic procedures comes a wave of fake information.

Thankfully, in this article, we’ll look at three different kinds of facelifts treatments. More importantly, we will help separate the truth from the myths about facelifts. Keep reading to find out the truth about facelift treatments. 

VIVA Facelift: What are the Myths?

Compared to some others in the industry, this is a fairly innovative approach to treating an ageing face. Much like other new facelifts in the cosmetic industry, this one follows the convenient trend of non-invasive treatments. So, instead of surgery, a cosmetic injector will inject dermal fillers into the treatment area. 

Dermal fillers are soft tissue fillers used to fill in wrinkles and augment your facial features. Despite being relatively new, this facelift treatment still has several common myths. Let’s shed some light on them for you, shall we?

Myth: You’ll look even worse than you used to after your dermal fillers wear off

Truth: This is one of the most popular myths about VIVA facelift treatments in Mississauga. Many people tend to believe that dermal fillers will do more damage to your looks. Worse, they believe that only fillers can prevent this damage from being visible. As such, when they wear off, you’ll look worse than you used to because you used fillers. 

To better explain it, we can say that many people treat dermal fillers like performance-enhancing drugs. When they’re there, you’re doing great and covering miles in mere minutes on the track. But, as soon as they leave, you can barely do anything on your own. 

In theory, this almost seems logical. But, it is just another one of the numerous myths about facelifts. Yes, the dermal fillers will eventually wear off by metabolising into your body, however, there will still be residual volume left behind with the need for minor touch ups. You will always need less than before.  

Instead of “looking worse”, you will look almost exactly the same as you did before you got dermal fillers. If you think you look worse, it is more psychological than factual. Most of the time, it’s because you’ve gotten so used to seeing the dermal fillers enhance your looks.

Myth: Dermal fillers and anti-ageing injections are only for women

Truth: You don’t need anybody to tell you that a substantial part of the cosmetic industry tilts towards women. In many skin care and treatment ads, among other things, you’d find pictures of beautiful female models there. Of course, there are tons of exceptions. But, there seems to be this widespread notion that beautifying yourself is largely something only women do. 

Well, the truth about facelifts is you don’t need to be a man or a woman to get one. Saying dermal fillers are only for women is one of the many myths about facelifts you shouldn’t pay attention to. 

In fact, these days, more men are looking in the direction of anti-ageing treatments. For starters, the procedure can help men improve the area of the tear trough (dark under-eye circles). Additionally, the dermal fillers used during VIVA facelift treatment can help men mould a chiselled chin. All in all, it can help you get that young, refreshed look you crave. 

Myth: Dermal filler injections are unbearably painful

Truth: Dermal filler injections are intended to help beautify your face. They do so by filling out the wrinkles and fine lines present. They can also make you look younger by removing layers of loose, saggy skin.

To do this, a medical aesthetician will have to cause you some discomfort. This is the absolute truth. Some patients have complained that the pain is a tad more than they expected. Others have mentioned that it’s not that bad, but they’d like to get it over with. 

However, while VIVA facelift treatments do come with some pain, it isn’t unbearably painful. To reduce the level of pain while injecting dermal fillers, a professional aesthetician will apply an anesthetic cream to the injection area. This numbs the skin in the area thereby reducing the amount of pain you will feel. 

In addition to that, professional aestheticians constantly work towards using fewer injections to get the same result. With all these measures in place, the pain patients will feel is tolerable. To tell people otherwise is equivalent to spreading one of the myths about facelifts.

Myth: Injections from VIVA facelifts will make me look very unnatural

Truth: The dermal fillers used in VIVA facelift treatments in Mississauga are intended to shave off a few years from your face. Instead of lines and wrinkles, you’d have smooth, flawless skin that looks significantly younger. There’s absolutely nothing unnatural about this.

You won’t end up having a permanent fake smile that you can’t control. Also, your face won’t bend into a permanently surprised expression. You’d merely look better than you used to. 

As such, saying your face will look unnatural is one of the myths about facelifts. The only way you will look unnatural is if your medical aesthetician isn’t qualified for the job. In that case, they may give you an excessively high dosage. 

Additionally, they may inject too many fillers on one side of your face, creating a young-old contrast. But, barring this possibility, you won’t look unnatural. This is why you should seek professional facelift treatments always!


Myth: Surgical facelifts completely outclass dermal fillers

Truth: VIVA facelifts use a non-invasive treatment method to give you the face you want. With no more than an injection and a few hours with the medical aesthetician, you’re good to go. Unfortunately, for many, this smells fishy. 

For them, the question of “are facelift treatments safe?” is still a major source of concern. Also, a high percentage of people are skeptical about the results of facelift testaments. For them, non-invasive treatments seem like fairy tales. 

In reality, however, this myth is largely untrue. Of course, surgical facelift results are much more dramatic. You’d notice this in any surgical facelift before and after picture. But, VIVA facelifts with dermal fillers are still pretty good in their own right. 

For starters, they don’t pose as many worries of complications or mistakes as surgery does. Besides this, a non-invasive facelift requires very little downtime. You won’t have to spend weeks at a hospital recovering from surgical wounds. In a few hours, or days, at most, you can be back to your daily activities. So, while surgical facelifts have their advantages, they don’t completely outclass the VIVA facelift treatment method.

What Are The Myths About PRP Facelifts?

The next item on our agenda as we look at the truth behind facelifts is the PRP facelift. If you’re curious about cosmetic treatments, the chances are you’ve heard about this method before. After all, even reality television star, Kim Kardashian, has some history with this treatment method. 

The PRP (platelet-rich plasma) facelift method is also known as the vampire facelift. The method involves drawing blood from the patient’s body. The next step is spinning the blood in a centrifuge to separate the platelet-rich plasma from everything else. 

Afterwards, the plasma is injected into the area that’s meant to be treated. The growth factors in the plasma then help to rejuvenate the skin and reduce the noticeable effects of ageing. As you can probably tell, it is a non-invasive method. What you probably can’t tell is which information about it online is factual and fictitious. Let’s see.

Myth: PRP is a very risky procedure

Truth: A PRP facelift in Mississauga needs a certain amount of caution to prevent mistakes and unwanted results. As a matter of fact, every cosmetic treatment requires caution. But, other than the normal precautions to be taken, PRP isn’t likely to put your life at risk.

For starters, the blood that will be used for the procedure is yours. As such, there’s no chance of contracting any diseases. Additionally, your body won’t reject the blood because it is a different blood type. In that regard, you’re safe. 

Apart from the blood being yours, a PRP facelift is minimally invasive. The needle goes into your body to draw blood. Afterwards, it goes back in to return the blood. So, there’s hardly any risk of infections or complications when you’re getting this type of facelift in Mississauga. The idea that PRP facials are very risky is one of the many myths about facelifts. 

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Myth: PRP isn’t useful for anything besides cell regrowth in injured athletes.

Truth: PRP facials are useful for many things. One of the most popular applications is for athletes. When an athlete gets injured, PRP treatments come in handy. It provides a natural and minimally invasive way of fostering healing and replacing damaged cells. 

However, it isn’t only good for cell regrowth among athletes. It is an excellent choice for the reduction of ageing effects too. The ability to aid cell regrowth can help to rejuvenate your skin. In areas where cells have been weakened or damaged from excessive sunlight, ageing, injuries, etc. PRP helps to heal these cells. For the larger percentage of people, the results of this healing process can be quite stunning. 

Myth: PRP therapy is highly expensive and unaffordable

Truth: For most people, cosmetic treatments seem like a huge luxury. Some people can’t even seem to wrap their heads around why anyone will spend their hard-earned cash trying to look a different age. As such, for them, PRP facials, much like every other cosmetic process, will always be expensive. 

But, in reality, it isn’t unaffordable. This is especially so when you compare it to several other cosmetic procedures within the industry.  PRP facials are minimally invasive. As such, you won’t need to worry too much about the cost of after-care and equipment for the procedure. 

Alongside that, each treatment only takes about 1-2 hours. That’s not nearly as long as most cosmetic surgeries. So, your medical aesthetician can’t charge you exorbitantly for time spent. 

Finally, the blood used for the treatment is yours, and you don’t need to pay for your blood. Considering all these, the price of PRP therapy isn’t unreasonably high. However, you must check with your insurance provider before going ahead. Many insurance companies don’t cover cosmetic procedures.

Myth: PRP is new to the world of medicine

Truth: This is one of the myths about facelifts that have become commonplace. PRP facelift isn’t a new therapy. In fact, the chances are that this therapy is older than you. 

It all started in the 1970s. During that period, it was used to cure a medical condition called thrombocytopenia. Fast forward to the 1980s, and the therapy was still pretty relevant. In that decade, it was used for maxillofacial surgery. A little afterwards, it started making waves in musculoskeletal medicine applications.

Now, it’s useful for several things, including injury treatment and facial rejuvenation. So, change your mindset about how new this treatment is.

Are There Any Myths About Surgical Facelifts?

This is the final item we’ll be looking at regarding myths about facelifts. This particular treatment doesn’t need much of an introduction. It is still one of the most popular and oldest forms of facelifts. As such, you’re very likely to know and understand it. 

Nevertheless, a surgical facelift is an invasive method of getting your face to look young again. Also known as rhytidectomy, it is one of the most effective methods of reducing the ageing process. 

Despite the effectiveness, it does have its shortcomings as a cosmetic procedure. Regardless, let’s check out some of the myths about facelifts you’d hear when surgery is involved, 

Myth: Surgical facelifts are permanent

Truth: A surgical facelift gets under your skin and gets the job done as quickly as possible. Unlike non-invasive methods, it doesn’t need you to come back to the doctor’s office for multiple treatments. 

So, yes, it is effective. Yes, it gets the job done as quickly as possible. Yes, the results are dramatic and very noticeable. But it isn’t permanent. Some people have reported enjoying the effects for up to seven years. Others have reported enjoying far more than that and well into a decade. 

But, afterwards, the effects will eventually wear off. No one can stop the effects of ageing. Surgical facelifts merely aim to slow it down significantly.

Myth: It requires way too much downtime

Truth: The methods with the fastest recovery remain the non-invasive methods of cosmetic treatment. At most, these treatments will have you back on your feet within one or two weeks. Surgical facelifts, on the other hand, require some more time. This is especially because they cut into your skin. 

However, unlike this myth makes it seem, it isn’t “way too much time.” For starters, your doctor will perform the surgery so that there aren’t wounds all over your face that’ll take longer to heal. Additionally, there are tons of post-surgery recovery advice that you can follow to enhance your recovery process/speed.

Myth: Surgical facelifts leave no scars

Truth: Virtually every type of surgery leaves a scar. This is only natural because the surgery involves incisions and cuts. So, a surgical facelift will most likely leave a scar behind. 

But, an experienced surgeon will perform the surgery so that it’s quite difficult to locate the scar. It can be done in such a way that your hair hides it, or the incisions can be so carefully done that they soften and blend with the skin. No matter how it’s done, it leaves a scar, but the scar is often invisible.

In Conclusion

Myths about facelifts keep flying up and about these days. You can say that it’s an offshoot of the availability of information on the internet. Thankfully, we’ll always be here to bust as many of these myths as possible. 

Now that you know what’s right from wrong, it won’t hurt to check out our medical spa for Mississauga residents. Here at Canada MedLaser, we offer safe, effective facelift treatments. Book a free consultation session to discuss with our experts today.

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