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Wrinkles, scarring, age spots and dark, under eye circles. These things are inevitable unless one is up for surgery, right? While many over the counter and over-the-infomercial products have promised a non-surgical method for removing these unsightly skin issues, very few work as well as they claim, so many people have simply given up.

Enter PRP therapy: platelet-rich plasma injections are a completely different treatment than most patients have tried before. Unlike any other method, PRP uses components found in ones own blood to rejuvenate skin and reduce the appearance of a number of skin issues.


Uses of PRP

PRP is hardly a new method. For over two decades it has been used as a reliable treatment in sports medicine to help the healing process after injuries. Athletes have sworn by this treatment due to its consistent results and the fact that it doesn’t involve surgery, chemicals or toxins. It also has applications in oral surgery, orthopedics, neurosurgery and cosmetic surgery, which has been made popular by celebrity personality, Kim Kardashian, who nicknamed it the “Platelet-Rich Plasma Facelift.”

PRP in Scientific Studies

PRP, used as a skin treatment, has been studied and tested quite rigorously, with a multitude of articles published in credible, peer-reviewed medical journals. In one particularly compelling study published by the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology, 23 patients were treated once a month for three months. Each had an injection of PRP plus an activating solution introduced into strategic places on their faces and necks.

Medical imaging, digital photography and a dermascope were used to see and record the before and after results. At the end of the trial, each participant had visible results and experienced little to no side effects.

What do Patients Say About the Treatment?

To get a better look at how real patients feel about their PRP treatment, we looked to Here, women can discuss and share their experience with various cosmetic treatments. They can also ask questions directly to doctors and make their own recommendations about physicians they have used.

Over 75% of respondents felt the treatment was definitely worth it, with another 20% still unsure as they wait for results. One user said the results on her aging hands made them “look 20 years younger.” The skin on hands is notoriously hard to treat and PRP is one of the few truly effective options.

Other users have also been helped greatly in reducing the appearance of acne scars, including scars left from deep cystic acne. Another described their face as having “baby skin” while others were impressed with how fast and painless it was and how it was a great alternative to Botox which has more side effects.

Why One Should Combine Microneedling with PRP

In another study that was published by the Journal of Cutaneous and Aesthetic Surgery, microneedling (which uses collagen injections) was combined with PRP by one test group, and combined with Vitamin C in another. In each group, the participants had acne scarring on their faces.

Each of the 30 patients had one treatment per month for four months, with only one side of their face treated. Based on the Goodman and Baron scale, which grades acne scarring, at the end of the experiment, those treated with PRP and microneedling improved by 1 to 2 grades. Both physicians and patients noted and reported satisfactory, visible results.

Patients, in general, rate their experiences highly when using the collagen injections in conjunction with PRP. A plastic surgeon named Dr. Lisa Zdinak, not only administers the treatment but underwent it herself. Her statements afterwards, toted the excellence of a procedure that rejuvenates skin cells naturally and promotes collagen production, which helps with skin elasticity and a younger appearance. Since it’s ones own body producing collagen, the treatment is the safest way to achieve these kinds of results.

PRP Improves Fractional Laser Results

Another combination, PRP plus fractional laser treatments, also produces better results than fractional lasers alone. In a study which tested this, 22 women were split into two groups, with half receiving an application of PRP directly to their skin along with fractional laser treatments and the other group receiving only the laser. After being evaluated before and after the treatment, PRP was shown to give better results in clinical evaluations, skin biopsies and, most importantly, patient satisfaction.

The Long-Lasting Effects of PRP

Unlike with many other treatments, PRP patients reported that their faces continued to show good results even months after the therapy. Because the therapy helps the skin heal itself and produce more collagen, one is helping the skin to continue to look better and add to that youthful look. Results are actually better as the months go on because the skin is still producing more of this collagen and replenishing itself with new cells.

Better Than Botox

Other filler treatments like Botox typically look their best when they’re first done and then will begin to degrade soon after. Conversely, PRP helps to continue rejuvenating cells for months or even years to come. There are also less restrictions on PRP because it is made from ones own blood and does not include any toxins, chemicals or drugs. There is also very little risk of any kind of infection or ill-effects, again, because it is ones own blood with no foreign substances included.

Aftercare and Precautions

While there are no real long-lasting side effects, there can be some temporary bruising, skin irritation and swelling, especially for those with sensitive skin. Icing the injection area helps reduce these effects which will go away on their own within two to three days. The best way to prevent these issues is to ensure to follow a physician’s instructions and only get the recommended amount of microneedling sessions.


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