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For most people keeping their youthful looks is important to them. With all the technology that is available today it makes this far more possible. Here we insist on using only the very best technology, techniques and products to achieve this. We rely on the technology of Venus Freeze to bring the skin tightening results that our clients need and want to reverse the sagging skin that comes with ageing. Venus Freeze utilizes multi-polar radio frequency and Pulse Electro Magnetic fields to produce heat in the underlying skin layers. When this happens, it allows for increased production of collagen and elastin, which are two critically important components for vibrant and youthful-looking skin.

Venus Viva

Ageing skin is evident from the appearance of deep wrinkles, a dull complexion and sagging skin. The ageing process begins in the mid-twenties, and this is the time when preventative measures should be utilized. Here we can provide productive ageing and anti-ageing solutions through the use of the leading technology like that which Venus Viva provides.
Venus Viva is a skin resurfacing technology that is beneficial for all skin types and is a quick, easy and safe facial rejuvenation procedure that delivers excellent results for the ageing skin. This technology allows for the delivery of heat that produces micro-wounds, which the natural process of the body heals and, at the same time, helps to reverse the damage being caused by the ageing process.

Treatments For Loose and Sagging Skin

There are several different components of the skin, all of which, when affected by various circumstances, can affect the health and appearance of this biggest organ of the body. It is the skin that provides the first visual appearance of ageing. The effects of ageing skin can start as early as when an individual is in their mid-thirties. Recognizing these signs and taking positive steps to slow them down and prevent them are now options that are available to those who want to maintain their useful appearance.

Causes of Loose and Sagging Skin

Skin ages in different degrees, and when this ageing process begins, there are specific signs that this is taking place. Three significant signs need immediate attention which are:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles: often referred to as laugh lines or crow’s feet.
  • Volume loss: which shows signs of the skin sagging and dropping.
  • Loss of Elasticity: When this evident, the wrinkles become deeper and more pronounced.

The Aging Process of the Skin

Skin that is sagging and has become loose and where deep wrinkles are evident means the skin is going through a process that is affecting the three layers of the skin.

  • Epidermal Layer
  • The process that is taking place here includes:
  • A reduction in new cell regeneration
  • Less sebum production
  • Not as much hyaluronic acid content.

During this stage, the physical signs are a dry look to the skin and a roughness to the feel of it. It will become more sensitive to the sun. Skin during this stage of the ageing process is not as efficient at being able to heal itself.

Dermal Layer

Collagen, which is critically important to providing a youthful-looking skin begins to reduce starting around the age of twenty-five. Research shows that the production of collagen begins to decrease at a rate of 1% per year. All of this leads to the formation of fine lines and the appearance of wrinkles. There is a reduction in elasticity, so the skin is more prone to sagging. It becomes weaker, and broken capillaries may now become visible. The skin, instead of having a youthful glow, it becomes dull looking. This is because there is a reduction in blood circulation, which means the skin is getting less nutrition and oxygen.

Subdermal Layers

This is the layer where once the ageing process begins, the most prominent signs are sagging and drooping skin. It has much less volume because there has been a reduction in cells that can store lipids that the skin needs. Deeper wrinkles are now more prominent.

While everyone eventually goes through the ageing process, there are some individuals where this process begins at a younger age, and they experience premature ageing.

There is no fountain of youth that prevents ageing, but the good news is that there are a lot of excellent treatments that have the capability of reversing a good deal of the physical signs of this as well as slowing down the process.


There are several different treatments for ageing skin and for anti-ageing procedures that can be utilized. All thanks to modern-day technology. It takes a skincare expert to determine which treatment or collection of treatments are going to be the best choice for each individual.

Venus Freeze

This is a form of treatment that falls in the anti-ageing category of treatment. These are comprised of non-surgical and non-invasive anti-ageing treatments. The results are a more youthful and vibrant appearance with better lift and tone.

How Venus Freeze Works

It is a treatment that relies on equipment to deliver a radio frequency combined with pulse electro magnetic fields. The process allows for the heating of the deeper layers of the skin, which in turn allows for greater production of collagen and elastin. This new supply of these substances that are being produced by the body creates a firmer look to the skin and smoother and more even skin tones. There is less chance of wrinkles forming, so the Venus Freeze works not only as a treatment but as a preventative as well.

The Advantages Include:

  • It is a totally safe treatment that has no adverse effect on skin tones such as darker skin
  • The results of the firmer skin are not only visually evident but can be felt as well as the skin has a firmer feel to it.
  • There is no discomfort with the treatments and no downtime.

Laser Treatments

Everyone experiences the symptoms and signs of aging skin in varying degrees. Some individuals find that the most prominent sign is sagging skin. In these cases the best treatment may be laser treatments for skin tightening. The benefits of this particular treatment include the fact that its painless, and there is no downtime. It only takes a small number of these treatments to enjoy effective and quick results.

Pigmentation Lesions Treatment

Another visible sign of aging skin are age spots. It can be disappointing for an individual to go through one of the several skin aging treatments to be left with the age spots. There is no need to have to put up with these as the pigmentation lesions treatment will help to eliminate them.

Prevention With Anti-Aging Treatments

While the treatments listed are most effective for the reduction of the signs of aging skin, they can also be used for preventative treatments. With science confirming that the aging process begins in the mid twenties it only stands to reason that these treatments are going to be totally effective at stimulating the body to replenish the loss of components such as elastin and collagen. If this replacement takes place before the damage of its reduction is noticeable then it creates an excellent anti-aging regime. It is much easier to prevent these visible signs of aging than it is to correct them.


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