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BOTOX Toronto – What is Botox and what is it used for?

BOTOX Toronto

Botox Toronto – When most people think of Botox, they think of wrinkles and fine line reduction, however; this safe and effective injection has several additional uses that make it a highly popular treatment for patients of all ages. At Canada MedLaser, we work with patients to achieve the optimal Botox treatments for a variety of aesthetic concerns. In this article we’ll explore what Botox is and its best uses.

Botox Toronto: What is Botox and is it Safe?

While it’s well known that Botox is used to treat wrinkles and other skin concerns, few fully understand what it is exactly and why it’s so effective.  In short, Botox is made from botulinum toxin, a powerful neurotoxin. Though this is considered a poison, the small doses used in cosmetic procedures are considered safe and rarely lead to complications when administered properly.

In the few dozen cases that were reported over a 14 year period (from 1989 to 2003), about a third were due to underlying medical conditions. Because the injections are also used for medical and therapeutic treatments, the instances of adverse effects are often due to the higher concentrations used for these applications of Botox. Toronto patients requiring Botox for cosmetic reasons are at less risk because of the small amounts used. Moreover, when used in aesthetic procedures, Botox is delivered to the clinic in powdered form and carefully diluted with a saline solution which further removes the harmful capabilities. However, because there is some risk associated with any injection, it is important to only get treatments from a certified clinic or dermatologist.

Botox Toronto: How Does it Work?

Despite concerns about its classification as a poison, Botox injections are safe and work by paralyzing targeted muscles in the face and neck. Though this may sound extreme, it is a safe and simple procedure done by our professional Canada MedLaser Clinics team- where we ensure that we are providing you with safe procedures and effective results.

After the administration of the Botox, Toronto patients can expect the effects to begin taking place immediately, as the injection goes from the dermal layer and moves into the targeted muscle underneath. Synapses in the muscle are blocked by the Botox which keeps them from moving. By no longer moving, the muscle can’t contract which reduces the appearance of wrinkles in the area and even stops new ones from forming!

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Botox Toronto: Best Uses and Limitations

As we’ve mentioned, Botox has both cosmetic and medical applications. However, its most famous and best use is for wrinkle and fine line reduction. For some wrinkles, like ones in the forehead that can be seen even when the face is relaxed, treatment may be more intensive than for other, smaller wrinkles. With patience and a proper Botox regimen, even these deeper lines can be eliminated. Best results can typically be achieved by getting an injection every four months or so and continuing to improve the appearance.

At Canada MedLaser Clinics, clients in Toronto and the GTA can receive Botox in order to prevent wrinkles from deepening or forming. For some deep or stubborn wrinkles, it may not be possible to eliminate them completely, but with regular treatment, you can prevent them from getting worse which is a great advantage for younger patients looking to maintain their current appearance.

Botox Toronto: Side Effects

Along with general safety, there are some concerns for possible side effects with Botox. Toronto patients looking to get these injections are recommended to discuss their full medical history with their doctor and the Canada MedLaser team to prevent side effects associated with certain conditions. However, despite this, the majority of side effects are mild and short term when the Botox is administered properly. Common side effects at the site of the injection included: rash, itching and redness. Depending on where you get the injection, other side effects may also be common or may require medical attention. Generally, however; Botox for cosmetic purposes is unlikely to produce serious side effects.

Botox Toronto: Conclusion and Summary

While Botox is considered a neurotoxin, cosmetic uses require a very limited amount that is generally considered safe. Though certain wrinkles may be harder to treat, most are able to achieve significant improvement with a dedicated schedule of Botox injections.

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