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Venus Viva Skin Resurfacing in Newmarket: Results and What to Expect

Venus Viva Skin Resurfacing

Venus Viva skin resurfacing results are proof that the search for perfect skin can be a successful one. As our bodies grow, then age, many people take several steps to ensure they keep their skin as beautiful as possible. Sometimes the methods used are painful, and sometimes they’re not. However, their effects all pale when compared to the Venus Viva skin resurfacing.

Red or brown spots, wrinkles, acne scars and rough skin texture are just a few of the conditions where Venus Viva skin resurfacing offers excellent results. Here, we will describe the many advantages of laser resurfacing for your skin. More importantly, we will shine a light on the results to expect after Venus Viva treatments in Newmarket.

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What is Venus Viva?

The technology operated by the Venus Viva is called Nano Fractional Radio Frequency. The procedure involves targeted and tightly controlled heating of the skin, which causes fractional ablation. This stimulates the body’s natural healing response, which in turn leads to cell turn over and skin resurfacing.

The above definition is the scientific explanation of what the Venus Viva machine does. To make it easy for you to understand, here’s a simple explanation of the procedures for Venus Viva resurfacing treatments.

The Venus Viva uses a form of laser technology that shoots tiny pins of light into your skin, penetrating the dermis. Typically, these pins of light only have a microscopic impact on your skin. However, your body still regards these micro-wounds as injuries and heals them up naturally.

New, clearer skin is created to cover up the “wounded” parts during the process, leading to a noticeable difference with problems like acne scars, redness associated with rosacea, and many others.

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What are the Benefits of Venus Viva Treatments?

The Venus Viva skin resurfacing results can speak for themselves. But just in case you can’t hear a thousand words in our before and after pictures, here’s a rundown of what the Venus Viva resurfacing treatment can do.

Reduces acne scars

With new skin overtaking the old, the scarred sections will naturally begin to lighten and fade.

Lightens discolorations

Skin with uneven tones caused by hyperpigmentation, sunburns, or other causes can be slowly erased.

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Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

When new skin replaces old, there may be a certain amount of elasticity that comes with it. This newfound elasticity can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. In the end, it will take years off your looks.

Improves skin texture

What happens when new, smoother skin replaces the old one? Your body will shed the rougher top layer of your skin for a smoother, more supple version.

Less pain

The predecessor to Venus Viva skin resurfacing is fractional resurfacing using CO2 lasers. These lasers ablate the skin’s lower layer to stimulate the body’s potential for healing, just like Venus Viva does.

However, this ablation can cause a lot of pain once the anesthesia wears off, which no one wants. The Venus Viva treatment option minimizes this pain by carefully creating micro-wounds that cannot be felt during or after the treatment.

Applicable to other body parts

Actually, Venus Viva skin resurfacing results aren’t restricted to the face. You can use this revolutionary treatment for hyperpigmentation, scars, loose skin and wrinkles, on parts of the body like the hands and neck.

Venus Viva Treatments in Newmarket: The Procedure

Getting Venus Viva skin resurfacing results is a little harder than it looks. The process works much like a CO2 laser. However, Venus Viva uses radiofrequency technology to send heat waves that gently ablate tiny columns of skin. In this way, the skin is left looking fairly normal.

However, underneath the upper layer, the dermis will have several microscopic wounds. The presence of these wounds stimulates fibroblasts to produce more collagen (fibroblasts are a type of connective tissue cell that secrete collagen).

This process leads to your body creating new skin where the wounds are. During this time, it also begins to heal old trauma like sunburns, acne scars, scars, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, etc.  In essence, you get Venus Viva skin resurfacing results by allowing your skin to heal itself.

Okay, now that you understand how the technology works and how your results are achieved, let’s move on to a very important point: Are you eligible for this treatment?

Who is a Good Candidate for Venus Viva Treatments?

Right off the bat, you should know that your skin tone doesn’t matter. Some treatments that use laser technology are not as effective for darker skin as they are for lighter. Venus Viva is not one of such treatments.

But even if people of all shades can get this treatment, there are still some conditions or circumstances under which you should avoid the treatment.

You may not be able to get a Venus Viva Treatment if you:

  • Are pregnant or nursing
  • Are taking blood thinners.
  • Have had a facelift or eyelid surgery within the past few months.
  • Have a skin condition within the targeted area, e.g. eczema.
  • Have an impaired immune system
  • Have a history of skin disorders.
  • Have a history of cancer.
  • Have any implant or injected substances in the targeted area.
  • Are heavily tanned.
  • Have permanent makeup or tattoos within the targeted area.
  • Have any electrical implant within your body, e.g., an internal defibrillator or pacemaker.
  • Have or have had herpes simplex.
  • Had cosmetic surgeries within a few weeks of your treatment.
  • Had any major surgeries within the past half-year.
  • Severe conditions that might be concurrent, e.g., heart attacks.
  • Have extremely dry skin.
  • Have had chemical peeling, dermabrasion, or facial resurfacing within the past three months.

A lot of the above conditions may not be total deal-breakers. However, pre-existing medical conditions and the effect they will have on the procedure is something that has to be judged by your Newmarket medical aesthetician.

This is the reason why you must attend a consultation with your medical aesthetician before the day of the procedure and divulge all information necessary, including your medical history. Your full history will help the experts judge whether or not to carry on with the treatment.

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The Results: What to Expect Before and During Venus Viva Skin Resurfacing

While the procedure for Venus Viva isn’t too complicated for you, the patient, there are a few things you must take note of. We’ll start with what you should check off before starting the procedure.

  • Avoid tanning before the procedure. This includes artificial tanning and just prolonged sun exposure in general.
  • Make sure your skin is clean, especially the target area.
  • However, please do not rub any lotions, perfumes, creams, makeup, or powder when coming in for your procedure. If you have excessive hair in the target area, it’s best to shave it a day or two before the treatment.
  • Don’t take any anti-inflammatory medicines up to two weeks before the treatment. The inflammation caused by the treatment helps increase collagen production. This is necessary for the best Venus Viva skin resurfacing results.
  • Remember: if you have or have had any skin conditions other than the visible ones, please tell your technician.

These four tips are totally easy to remember, right? Now, we’ll move on to the main point.

What to expect during a Venus Viva Procedure

Before the procedure, you should have attended a consultation at your medical spa. There, the practitioner will have explained the stepwise process, discussed your medical history, and determined your suitability concerning your goals.

Good medical spas may perform a quick patch test at the consultation to confirm that there’s no risk of post-treatment complications.

The procedure itself is usually done in-office and can take anywhere between 15 minutes to an hour, depending on how large the targeted area is. Before the treatment, your practitioner might apply a little numbing cream on the targeted area. However, this is optional and may only happen if you feel you have a low tolerance for pain.

Then a trained medical aesthetician will adjust the Nano Fractional Radio Frequency to the parameters necessary for your skin type, tone, and any conditions that you may have. Then, they will apply the device to the targeted area. For best Venus Viva skin resurfacing results, the aesthetician may need to press firmly and go over the targeted area several times.

The device creates a warm, pricking sensation. The heat will be slightly intense, more like a sunburn than anything else. If you choose to apply the numbing cream, the heat will be far less intense.

After Care

If you chose a good medical sap for Venus Viva skin resurfacing in Newmarket, you’d probably get excellent post-treatment advice. Post-treatment care is super important when it comes to getting the best Venus Viva skin resurfacing results possible.

Just after the treatment is done, you may notice your skin will be red and warm. The warmth will dissipate within a couple of hours to a day. You can use a fan to cool it down, but please avoid touching or scratching the treated area for at least 24 hours.

Your face may still retain a sunburn-like redness for about three days. You may still be able to see the pricks caused by the needle for about a day after the treatment if you look closely. Please do not pick at them.

Avoid strenuous exercise, hot baths or massages for a full 48 hours after treatment. You should NOT apply anything to your skin for a full 24 hours after the procedure. Once that period has passed, you may apply the products recommended to you by your treatment provider. These may include a gentle moisturizer and sunscreen.

Gentle products should continue to be used until at least day three and preferably day five when healing is well underway. Then you can return fully to your normal skincare routine.

Results and Extra Sessions

Depending on your skin problem, you may need several treatments to achieve your goal. For example, people with fairly large scars may need six treatments, while people with acne scars may need only four. It differs individually, but most patients usually need at least three to four treatments. Each treatment session will be scheduled about a month apart.

After a series of treatments, you can usually see results within a couple of days after your final treatment. Because Venus Viva skin resurfacing results come from the natural process of collagen production, your skin will continue to improve up to six months after the procedure.

Optimally, you will get your best Venus Viva before and after pictures around three to four months after your last treatment. You’ll only need to get that targeted area touched up once or twice a year to keep your results.

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Are there any risks or side effects?

The Venus Viva resurfacing treatment is a safe treatment. However, all treatments stand a small chance of causing an adverse reaction. In this case, the side effects include rashes, hyperpigmentation, and an acne outbreak. People who break out in acne usually do so after the first treatment, and there are almost no repeats.

Rare side effects are pigmentation and scarring. However, the chances of this happening are extremely low.

Cost of Venus Viva in Newmarket

While the benefits of Venus Viva skin resurfacing may outweigh the cost, it doesn’t mean that the procedure is cheap. Venus Viva treatments can cost between $350 to $800 per great, depending on where you are in Newmarket.

However, if you choose to buy your treatment as a package with other procedures like chemical peels, you may get yourself a deal. After your first series of treatments are done, most medical spas reduce the cost of maintenance treatments.

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Take The First Step to Clearer Skin Today

We’re confident there’s almost nothing you want to know about Venus Viva skin resurfacing results that we haven’t mentioned somewhere in this article. But, to get the best results, you need to get your procedure done at a medical spa with a track record for excellence.

Here at Canada MedLaser, we can guarantee that. Our medical aestheticians are experts with multiple years of experience administering Venus Viva treatments in Ontario. Book a consultation session with us today!

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