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The Benefits of Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels

Healthy, glowing skin is what every woman dreams of. She wants to look refreshed and rejuvenated. Using the latest scientific advances,  our dermatologist-approved solution can dramatically change skin’s health for the better and greatly improve the appearance. After just a few sessions, patients notice that wrinkles are reduced, and acne disappears due to increase of elasticity and collagen.

Now, you’re probably wondering how the benefits of Canada MedLaser’s peels  are greater than that of a regular peel. In both cases, the skin is exfoliated and a peel is applied, but in the case of a CML Jessner, Mandelic and Glycolic chemical peel, the  treatments are stronger, and results are more evident due to the variety of percentages of our acids.

Benefits include:

  • Improved skin tone and texture – the top layer of dead skin cells is removed, leaving skin softer and smoother after the first treatment.


  • Minimize pores


  • Reduction of visible signs of melasma – the advanced skin solution includes pigment inhibitors to  help with redness and hyperpigmentation.


  • Perfect for all skin types – those with oily and dry skin will love that this can deal with both.


  • Reduction of acne and acne scars – the peel is great to help repair and reduce breakouts by controlling the oil that causes acne.


  • Reduction in fine lines – damaged skin is quickly and easily removed.


  • Collagen production improvement – once damaged and dead skin is removed, a quicker cell turnover rate can begin.

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