PRP Vampire Facial Cost, Results, & Side effects


PRP vampire facial cost is seemingly the common reason most people tend to snub the benefit of this treatment to their skin. However, the cost of vampire facial treatment in Toronto is not as expensive as most people have been led to believe.

PRP Vampire Facial Cost, Results, & Side effects

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) or Vampire Facelift is an incredibly effective tissue treatment that works using a small vial of the patient’s blood. Since blood is composed of red cells, white cells, and platelets, the platelets get isolated for plasma collection.

Platelets contain a concentration of plasma and productive growth factors that help stimulate new, and healthy tissue growth. Also, because the treatment uses your blood, there is virtually no risk that you will experience an allergic reaction.

Platelets are the cells in the blood that help tissue to heal and grow new cells. The Platelet Rich Plasma procedure activates the stem cells that lie dormant in the skin on the face through certain growth factors found in the platelets. When injected into specific areas of the skin, it promotes collagen growth, regenerates tissue, and thus acts to naturally smooth and tighten the skin. In this way, PRP softens wrinkles and creates a smoother skin texture and tone.

PRP ( Platelet-Rich Plasma ) can only be carried out with your blood. Plasma contains a high concentration of platelets, stem cells and growth factors. Platelets help your tissue heal and grow new cells. PRP therapy has been used successfully for decades in sports medicine, reconstructive surgery, dentistry, and orthopedic medicine to help speed recovery. In recent years, PRP has been used on the face or body as a skin rejuvenation therapy to improve the appearance of the skin.

PRP is also beneficial as a hair restoration therapy, as the growth factors in the PRP will naturally stimulate hair growth. The cost of PRP facials in Toronto is worth it. This treatment is a quick, non-invasive treatment that offers you beautiful results. So, how much does a vampire facial cost? In this article, we will discuss in detail everything you need to know about PRP vampire facial costs in Toronto and more. 

What are vampire facials?

PRP is a treatment with seemingly endless areas for application. It has undoubtedly opened the doors for a wide range of cosmetic and wellness possibilities. It can be used to turn back the clock on ageing, hair loss, acne. It can even be used for injection therapy to treat sporting injuries.

What are vampire facials?

PRP skin treatment uses your blood to promote collagen and blood factors. PRP works by literally drawing your blood (hence the name ‘vampire’) and extracting platelets to use on the skin. Platelets are the component of our blood that helps to heal damaged tissue (skin) by producing new collagen, elastin and regenerating cells.

PRP is now commonly used topically along with microneedling to enhance penetration into the skin. It can also be injected into the skin in the same way as dermal fillers (known as vampire facial injections).

The best part? A PRP treatment for the face can pretty much address just about any skin concern – from acne scars to ageing skin. Vampire facials are one of the most versatile therapies that are more available nowadays. 

A series of 3 to 4 vampire facials will address multiple skin issues. That includes breakouts and congestion, acne scarring, dull and lifeless skin, discolouration, sun damage, sagging skin, fine lines and wrinkles. We suggest that everyone over the age of 30 have at least one vampire facial treatment per year, and two a year for those over the age of 40. 

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Why do you need vampire facials?

The goal of the treatment is to get your skin to produce more collagen. The benefits of increased collagen production are quite numerous. People opt for PRP therapy to get rid of acne, to erase scars caused by acne and, to correct sagging or wrinkled under-eye skin. The treatment is also helpful in improving the texture of skin affected by stretch marks or cellulite or to achieve that youthful glow.

In terms of vampire facial results, PRP works to improve the tone, texture and luminosity of the skin. That also reduces pore size and promotes beautiful wrinkled skin under your eyes.

If you are on the hunt for a unique and effective facial treatment, a “vampire facial” is what you need. Technically referred to as platelet-rich plasma (PRP) facial, this type of procedure got its name based on the blood-based process used.

Although a vampire facial may sound frightening, it has nothing to do with mythological creatures. However, blood is involved, hence the association. Used as a treatment option for burnt skin and the healing of wounds for nearly 20 years, it has now become a popular beauty procedure.

While it’s commonly known as the ‘vampire facial,’ ‘plasma facial’ or the double-whammy ‘plasma vampire facial,’ the correct medical term for this type of procedure is Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatment.

Why do you need vampire facials?

PRP vampire facial treatment is suitable for:

  • Tired and dry skin, laxity of skin, uneven pigmentation.
  • Signs of skin ageing.
  • Fine lines and wrinkles.
  • The overall texture and tone improvement.
  • Certain types of alopecia or general hair thinning.
  • Stimulates collagen growth and natural skin regrowth and renewal.
  • People who are looking for a natural treatment using the body’s healing process.
  • Stimulates collagen growth, natural skin regrowth and renewal.
  • Healthier skin that looks and feels healthier.

With PRP vampire facial treatment, all skin types will enjoy improved tone and texture of the skin. Also, the procedure will give your skin increased hydration, a reduction in discolouration and redness. All of this incorporates a decrease in the appearance of wrinkles. It also lessens fine lines and improves skin laxity.

PRP is well suited for most people. We recommend that you talk to your medical aesthetician first. That is to see if PRP is suitable for you. PRP is an autologous treatment, meaning that it is only your cells being put back into your skin. An average of 8ml to 24ml of your blood gets collected in a similar way to a blood test.

That is spun in a centrifuge using a unique PRP tube that separates the PRP from the red blood cells. The PRP portion of the container is then drawn up into a syringe ready for re-injection into the skin. A tiny quantity of platelet activator called calcium chloride gets added, which is found naturally in your blood.

A topical anesthetic cream may be applied before injection, meaning re-injection causes little to no pain. When PRP gets injected into the scalp, it can even work to prevent hair loss. The procedure can also encourage small hair follicles to become larger and grow stronger. Therefore, both men and women suffering from pattern hair loss can be ideal candidates.


PRP Vampire facial cost in Toronto

The average price for a vampire facial treatment in Toronto is around $1,300. One of the main expenses involved is the cost of the PRP treatment process, which generally accounts for about $800. Next is the PRP therapy fee at around $500, which consists of the extraction and application of your blood.

Whether you would like to experience the latest effective skincare procedure or are interested in alternative treatment options, here’s what you need to know about a vampire facial.

There are several variables to consider when it comes to the cost of a vampire facial. Where you live may also affect the final price, as treatments may differ from one place to another within Toronto. In some cases, offices may offer discounted rates when you book a certain number of procedures. For example, one session goes for $1,100 with the option to book three treatments for $3,000.

They may also offer additional services for an extra fee, such as low-level light therapy or the use of other energy-based, skin rejuvenating devices. The treatment you decide on will depend on what exactly it is you wish to achieve.

Also, average estimates per session of PRP vampire facial treatment is about $750, but prices may vary depending on location and provider. Keep in mind that the higher cost reflects the base cost of the special PRP treatment.

As with other types of skincare, you’ll need more than one treatment to see the full results. Most people need anywhere from three (3) to six (6) sessions, with one session done about every four weeks. Given this, your total cost could end up being between $2,250 to $4,500. However, the results are more than worth it. 

PRP vampire facial treatment isn’t cheap, but it’s less expensive than more invasive surgeries. You can also talk to your provider about potential ways to offset any anticipated costs. Some offices are willing to work with you. They may be able to arrange:

  • Payment plans.
  • Membership discounts.
  • Third-party financing.
  • Package pricing.


How often should I do a Vampire Facial or PRP Treatment?

That may vary depending on your skin condition, lifestyle and your expectations. Three (3) treatments, four (4) six (6) weeks apart is standard. Once you and the medical aesthetician are happy with the results, you can maintain the look with top-up treatments maybe every 12-24 months.

What can I expect following my PRP treatment?

People that have experienced the procedure say that it isn’t painful because of the numbing cream, it’s just slightly uncomfortable. That is true. If you’ve ever had a Brazilian wax, had your hair bleached or even your eyebrows threaded? You’ll be more than familiar with the concept of – not painful, just uncomfortable.

You can expect some swelling, and sometimes bruising, immediately after the treatment. Also, the recovery time can be anything from a few hours to a few days. Compared to a procedure like a rhinoplasty, the downtime is virtually non-existent. Your clinic may recommend you use specific skincare products as part of a post-care regime.

What can I expect following my PRP treatment?

Most patients go straight back to work after the procedure. However, some tend to relax for a while before resuming their daily jobs. You should also know about these minor side effects. 

  • Injections can cause minor bruising and swelling.
  • Some patients may want to touch up the treated area with make-up before resuming their day.
  • Some patients report a tingling sensation after the injection.


When will you see the results?

The goal of PRP skin rejuvenation therapy is to improve skin tone and texture, tighten skin, and soften lines and pores. Results begin to show one (1) to two (2) weeks after the treatment session and continue to improve with time.

You can expect to see the benefits of PRP facial rejuvenation in about one (1) to two (2) weeks after the treatment. Results are gradual, and the skin will continue to improve as the process of renewal can go on for up to a month after the procedure. For best results, we recommend three (3) to four (4) sessions, four (4) weeks apart.

Treatment results vary depending on your body’s metabolism. For some people, the results can last up to 18 months. Touch up treatments will maintain the results as well. You can easily visit a medical aesthetician around you for a consultation to see if you are a suitable candidate.

The vampire facial results should be noticeable within a few weeks. However, this will depend on whether you elect to have a PRP injection and which clinic you choose to attend.

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Potential side effects and complications

There are not that many side effects associated with the Vampire facelift. That connects to the fact that it does not require an injection of any foreign ingredients into the skin. There are minor side effects that go away quickly after the procedure. The most common side effects include itchy feeling after treatment, swelling, bruising, burning or discoloration.

Potential side effects and complications

The most problematic side effect is the psychological one. A lot of patients have trouble with the fact that their blood gets injected into their skin. Hence some patients pass out during the treatment. It is either fear of putting blood in different areas of their faces.

Since the plasma comes from your blood, you should not experience any allergic reaction. It is, however, reasonable to experience site redness for the first 24 -72 hours. This redness is not painful, and make-up can cover it.

It works great on people with older skin since it yields better results for patients with thinner skin. Older adults’ skin is usually smaller than younger skin. The most significant side effect during and after vampire facial treatment is your ability to accept and cope with the procedure. That is to ensure you undergo surgery without passing out or having an odd feeling due to the blood injections.

However, whenever you’re going to get any procedure done, you should always do your research. The hope is that if a medical spa is offering these treatments, they know what they are doing. That is necessary because when it comes to proper sterilization procedures, your provider should be able to protect your health in every possible way.

Although the vampire facial is a purely cosmetic procedure, however, it’s not regulated. There are many medical and health professionals that are doubtful regarding its safety and effectiveness. That is why we encourage you to do more research on your potential provider before undergoing the treatment.



The average cost for a vampire facial is between $1,100 and $1,400 with most people spending about $1,300. The main expense involved in the underlying value of the treatment, which generally accounts for around $800. Next is the PRP therapy fee at about $500, which consists of the extraction and application of your blood. We recommend three (3) to four (4) sessions – four (4) weeks apart for the best result.

Also, you should ensure you’re getting the vampire facial treatment from a reputable provider. Usually, you can quickly get your vampire facial done in most renowned spas in Toronto, but your safety also matters. That is because you can be exposed to dangerous side effects if anything goes wrong.

Our medical aestheticians are trained to give you the best possible treatment and care. Contact us today to earn a free consultation session.

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