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Skin issues such as scarring, wrinkles, cellulite and other imperfections are more than just cosmetic issues, they are often what hold you back from fully enjoying life. If you’ve ever found yourself not being able to wear the clothes you want or feeling self-conscious at a beach or pool, it may be time to consider Canada MedLaser’s esthetic procedures, including laser hair removal. Woodbridge area residents now have the options of a safe, efficient and convenient way to find help for all of their skin and body issues and to gain the look and confidence they deserve!

Personalized Laser Hair Removal, Woodbridge

Unlike other clinics, we tailor our hair removal treatments to adjust to your skin and hair growth patterns. A combination of wavelengths, light pulses, and intensities allow us to work on the most stubborn hair and most sensitive skin with minimal discomfort and maximum results.

Package Deals for Laser Hair Removal: Woodbridge customers can opt for one of several packages to remove hair from large hairs like back and legs or from small sections like upper lip and between eyebrows. We offer package deals for unlimited treatments for up to 24 months! That makes these pain free and effective treatments even more convenient and affordable.

Medical-Grade Laser Clinic, Woodbridge

All of our procedures are performed in our professional laser clinic in Woodbridge with medical-grade equipment by trained technicians. We value your safety and satisfaction above all else and consistently strive to maintain a superior level of service. To learn more about how you can be helped, call us at (855) 633-7721 for a free consultation!

Nail Fungus Treatment:

Lasers are most commonly used for skin issues and hair removal but they are also effective at permanently removing unsightly toenail fungus. Unlike other treatment methods, laser removal is quick, permanent and painless.


Have stubborn fat that just won’t go away no matter how much you exercise or diet? Some areas simply can’t be sweated away! CoolSculpting addresses these problem areas, often under arms, on your stomach and hips, by using targeted freezing therapy to crystalize the fat cells. Once frozen, the cells can be metabolized and eliminated completely. This is unlike weight loss where the cells shrink but are not eliminated, leaving a greater likelihood of fat returning.

This FDA approved treatment allows your body to get rid of the fat cells slowly, meaning you will see continued benefits and results for months after the procedure as your body metabolizes more of the cells.

Cellulite Treatment, Inch Reduction and Contouring:

Cellulite affects many women and even some men. This dimpled fat, most commonly found on the thighs and buttocks, cannot be helped by exercise or diet but at Canada Medlaser laser clinic, Woodbridge customers can enjoy the benefits of Radio Frequency (RF) and Selective Electro Heating technologies. Combined, these treatments can reduce the appearance of cellulite for smoother, more youthful skin.

Skin Resurfacing:

Perfect for acne scars, blemishes, age spots and other skin imperfections, our state of the art skin resurfacing techniques remove only the top layer of skin for a fast and effective process with minimal recovery.


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