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PRP Therapy to Stimulate Natural Hair Growth

Canada MedLaser Newmarket proud to provide clients with our hair restoration using PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy). PRP Hair restoration involves the extraction of platelets from your bloodstream. These platelets are then injected back into your scalp, boosting collagen growth and causing hair to produce naturally without the need for hair restoration surgery. If you have tried countless other methods to improve your hair but have not received successful results, then PRP Hair restoration therapy may be the best solution!

PRP Therapy for Hair Restoration


Advantages of using PRP for Hair Growth

There are a lot of benefits with using PRP for Hair Restoration. In comparison to other methods, this treatment has a higher success rate because it yields safer and more consistent results as it does not require the patient to undergo any surgical procedures. Here are some Benefits of PRP Hair Restoration:

  • The hair growth pattern is natural because it is stimulated by drawing platelets from your own blood
  • Zero chemicals and toxins are used
  • Non-invasive method of therapy
  • Treatment sessions are fast (treatment session can be completed in under 2 hours)
  • Minimal discomfort

What is the mechanism behind PRP Therapy?

The primary components needed in order to naturally enhance hair growth, or to boost collagen growth in the targeted area are contained within your own blood. PRP Therapy uses a centrifuge to separate these essential blood platelets and blood cells, then uses a needle to inject the platelets to the targeted area in order to stimulate regrowth. This process essentially mimics what your body already does, but only targets the problematic area that you are trying to address.

How fast are the results of PRP Therapy?

On a micro-level, you should notice improvements in the growth of hair follicles after three months. However, the full effects of your treatment may not begin to kick in until 6-12 months after your last treatment sessions. Typically, you would need treatment sessions once every 1-2 months. After the completion of your treatment, a single session may be required after one year to maintain effective results.

Is PRP Therapy Safe?

For two decades now, PRP Therapy has been known in medical aesthetic industry for providing maximum effectiveness and safety. Research carried out in Europe, and the United States have also proven that the treatment is entirely safe. Since the blood platelets are extracted from your own blood, there is a minimal chance of infection, contamination and allergic reactions.

The potential side effects of using PRP to boost hair growth are slight redness on the skin or temporary numbness. However, these side effects disappear after a couple of hours. The only significant risk to PRP Therapy for Hair Growth Newmarket has is if the treatment is done by unqualified technicians and with outdated or unsensitized equipment. Thankfully, our medical aestheticians and nurses only use the latest equipment and are highly trained to give the best results. At Canada MedLaser, we follow strict sanitary protocols to ensure that all of your equipment, applicators and technologies are cleaned regularly and used properly.

Expectations during PRP Treatment

PRP Therapy for hair growth is a quick, painless, treatment option that takes only about 1-2 hours. The treatment usually begins with an analysis of the problem area. After this, medical grade photographs are taken to understand the problem better and devise a treatment strategy. Your blood is drawn, and the platelets are separated using a centrifuge.

Once the platelets are ready, your scalp is prepped with an antiseptic to prevent infection. An anaesthetic is also used to numb the area for a pain-free experience. Small, precise doses of PRP injections are used to target area with weakened follicles. For maximum effectiveness, Microneedling is also used to further stimulate growth and ensure maximum distribution of the platelets into the targeted area.

After Treatment Tips

The side-effects of PRP Therapy for hair growth are minimal. Some redness around the forehead is normal. Sometimes, about 15% of patients experience a slight swelling which usually goes down after about 48 hours.

Can I combine PRP with other treatment options?

PRP Treatments can work in combination with other methods of treatment. For example, we always recommend combining PRP with microneedling for maximum results.

PRP Therapy Newmarket

When performed out properly, PRP Treatment for hair growth carries little risk and offers effective results.

Getting your first PRP consultation session is easy. All you need to do is call Canada MedLaser Newmarket and set up a FREE consultation. During this consultation, our experienced medical aestheticians will be able to determine the best course of action for your hair growth needs. Sometimes, blood conditions and other medical factors may limit the effectiveness of PRP Therapy. That is why at Canada MedLaser Newmarket, we conduct in-depth examinations before making treatment recommendations. We ensure that you have a safe and worry free experience!


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