• October 12, 2018

Lip Injections – Q & A about Hyaluronic Acid

Lip Injections

Lip Injections Toronto – Lip injections and enhancements, over the years, have taken several forms going from over-the-top and fake looking implants in the early days of cosmetic surgery to more natural and safer options now. While a variety of lip treatments are available to reduce the appearance of lines and plump thin or misshapen lips, one of the best and most reliable options is Hyaluronic Acid (HA).

At Canada MedLaser Clinics, we use only the safest, proven methods, products and equipment in our lip injections. To help get our clients ready for their lip enhancement procedures, we’ve compiled some of our most frequently asked questions about HA injections.

Lip Injections Toronto – What are Hyaluronic Acid Lip Injections?

Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in the body, most notably in the eyes and joints. It is also an important part of making skin look fresh and moisturized. Unfortunately, as we age and face a variety of environmental factors, our skin’s ability to produce HA on its own decreases. This includes the skin of the lips which are prone to losing volume and developing lines and wrinkles. With HA lip injections, we take this natural substance that your body produces already and give key areas a boost to make them look smoother and hydrated.

Lip Injections Toronto – How Long Do HA Lip Injections Last?

Lip injections done with HA are not permanent, but they have the ability to last anywhere from 6 months to a year. The length of time they last will depend on several factors including where and how you have the injections placed, your environmental factors and your body’s ability to metabolize. Because hyaluronic acid is, essentially a carbohydrate or sugar, your body is already equipped to break it down naturally, hence your own metabolism making a difference in how long the injections last.

Lip Injections Toronto – What if I Decide I Don’t Want my Injections Anymore?

The benefit of non-permanent lip injections is that you don’t even need to wait the full 6 months to a year to have them gone. With another simple injection, we can breakdown and metabolize your HA fillers in a matter of minutes. This is a good option for anyone who only wants the effects for a special event or occasion, or if you find the size of the injections you chose aren’t to your liking.

Lip Injections Toronto – What are the Side Effects of HA Lip Injections?

Side effects are highly unlikely due to the substances in your lip injections being similar to those already found in your own body. The most common potential side effects are temporary bruising, swelling, redness and bleeding. There is also some risk of the injections reactivating cold sores.

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Lip Injections Toronto – Can I Inject Hyaluronic Acid at Home?

It can be tempting to try a home remedy, but you must proceed with great caution. While some disreputable providers will offer to perform lip injections at your home, these are the cases most likely to lead to the more serious complications of lip fillers. This includes unevenness, bumps and the possibility of tissue loss if a blood vessel is injected. Untrained providers are also unlikely to carry any kind of insurance or be able to give you any kind of recourse if your injections don’t work.

Lip Injections Toronto – Brands of Hyaluronic Acid Lip Injections

One of the issues many clients have when researching their lip injections is that they find a multitude of brand names for the injections, including: Restylane, Volbella and Juvederm among others. While each brand has certain benefits and things that it may do better than the others, they are all hyaluronic acid based making them relatively similar in terms of how long they last, how they are metabolized, their side effects, aftercare and other key factors. While research prior to any procedure is important, the brand of hyaluronic acid you choose is less significant than deciding whether or not this is the method for you.

Lip Injections Q&A Conclusion

Lip injections provide the opportunity to get stunning, long-lasting results with few, if any, side effects. With hyaluronic acid injections from Canada MedLaser Clinics, you’ll also have the benefit of a clean, safe environment designed to minimize the risk of complications. If you’re ready to get started with your lip treatments, call the knowledgeable Canada MedLaser Clinics staff.

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