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How to Balance Work and Family as a Sports Mom in Toronto

Sports Mom in Toronto

As a sports mom in Toronto, finding a balance between work and family can quickly become very difficult. Dealing with the daily stress of commuting to and from work and relating with difficult coworkers can be hard enough. 

Amid work-related chaos, creating enough time for your family, especially the kids and, showing up to the right places at the right time while being an ever strong moral support can seem impossible. 

The good news is that it’s not all gloom. If you are a sports mom in Toronto, it is possible to balance the rigours of work and family.

One essential part of the family that most sports moms forget is themselves. Sports moms need to find time to take care of themselves. Their lifestyle can lead to sleepless nights, faster ageing and wrinkles. To stay beautiful and pleased with your body, cosmetic treatments in Toronto should be considered by sports moms.

How to Balance Work and Family as a Sports Mom in Toronto

Being a sports mom can also lead to feelings of guilt, mainly when your time is always divided between work and family. Learning how to balance work and family can be very hard indeed. You will have to meet up with deadlines at work, ensure that every necessary thing is in place for your kid’s game and still show up for the game itself, rain or shine. 

Missing out on any one of these things can be very devastating for both you and the kids. To help you, we will be giving you a few tips to help you balance work and family as a sports mom in Toronto.

But before we go into the details, we will start by defining who a sports mom is. Also, we will go into detail on the peculiar characteristics that make a sports mom in Toronto. More importantly, we will provide you with all the necessary information you need for cosmetic treatments in Toronto.


Who is a Sports Mom?

Who is a Sports Mom?
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People in Toronto tend to have different definitions for who a sports mom is. We believe that there is a simple definition that covers all the bases. A sports mom is that mom that is fully dedicated to whatever sport her kids take an interest in and is willing to go the extra mile for them. 

She is like every other mom except for the fact that she gets her kids ready for every one of their sporting events, shows up at every game, is a total team player, ride-or-die hype man and the occasional coach.

Who is a Sports Mom?It is important to note that a sports mom bleeds whatever colour of jersey her kids are wearing at the time. She can sometimes get hysterical on the sidelines and yell more than she should, especially when things are not going in favour of her kid’s team. However, when the game is finally over, she is there to either celebrate with the team or pick up the broken pieces. Some may even go as far as calling a sports mom a modern-day superhero in tracksuits.

In essence, a sports mom in Toronto is that mom that is always there for her kids and the sporting family. They work around the clock to ensure that their kids make it to practices on time, are well-fed and hydrated, and that they show up at games punctual and in the right jerseys. 

All of this is a full-time job. Showing up for your family when it matters, most will take a chunk of your time and energy. This is why it may prove challenging to handle both work life and family time as a sports mom. Let us take a quick look at some of the unique characteristics of a sports mom.


What Makes a Sports Mom in Toronto?

There are several ways that people can always identify you as a sports mom with absolute certainty, and we will tell you. Bear in mind that the intensity of these characteristics varies from mom to mom. The primary calling cards of a sports mom in Toronto are:

She is her kids biggest fans

A sports mom is the biggest fan of her kid or kids, as the case may be. And what’s more, everyone knows it! Even if a mom in everyday life is quiet, a sports mom quickly does away with such reservations when she is on the sidelines watching her kids. 

Her pride is evident in her occasional thunderous voice shouting coaching tips, encouragement, and whatever else needs to be said or, shouted. A sports mom yells, screams, groans and growls on the sidelines while loving every moment of it.

Her car is a moving home 

People may not believe it, but a sports mom has everything she and her kids need for a successful sporting life inside her vehicle. From extra sporting pieces of equipment to blankets and loads of snacks, which often goes as lunch. 

For a sports mom, it will feel like you spend too long moving around in your car, especially on the weekends. But as long as it’s for your kids, you’ll be okay with it. 

Her kids are always hungry

If your kids are almost always hungry, then in all likeliness, you are doing an exceptional job as a sports mom. Sports moms are used to having two dinners in their homes. 

There is the first one that is eaten before practice and then the second that comes after the intensive, energy-draining practices and games. 

Not to mention the many snacks and drinks that go in between the meals. Mostly, a sports mom and her kids are almost always on an empty stomach waiting to be filled.

Scheduling is a nightmare

For a sports mom, there simply isn’t enough time for anything asides from the sport, family and maybe work. Therefore, scheduling a social call or gathering of any kind can be a headache. When you or your kids get invited out, as a social mom, before you can answer, you will have to do an extensive background check. 

That is, you have to check your kid’s numerous sporting timetables and relevant emails from the coach before you commit yourself or your kids to quitting. As a sports mom, your weekends are probably packed tight with practices and games. So much so that you barely have time to think about things.

This brings us to how to help you balance work and family as a sports mom. It will not do to let one of either work or the family suffer for the other. In view of this, we will be giving you several steps to help you on your way to being a better working mother and sports mom.


How to Balance Work and Family as a Sports Mom

What Makes a Sports Mom in Toronto?In Toronto, it is not uncommon for sports moms to feel some level of frustration when they have tried and failed to balance their work and their family. Every sports mom wants to be at her kid’s game even if her kid does nothing but chase after the ball all day. And when work gets in the way of that, it can be surprisingly very saddening. 

However, this does not mean she wants her work to decline for the sake of her kids. So, you may be wondering what the trick to balancing work and family as a sports mom is. Here are a few tips to make you the perfect combination of work and family as a sports mom. 

Call a family meeting

This is very crucial. Before the beginning of every sports season, you should call a family meeting so that you can effectively plan for the coming months. In this meeting, you will prepare the family’s master calendar, note sporting engagements, and clarify commitments as well as goals.

Also, you need to be sure whether your kid wants to keep playing the sport or wants a change. Most importantly, you also want to ensure that you have the time, energy and money to maintain your support. This time spent preparing before the season starts is essential. It will help you stay on top of things in your family so that your work does not suffer, and everyone wins.

Set limits for yourself at work

As a sports mom in Toronto, you do not want to be stuck working overtime or even worse, working on weekends. These are limits you want to set with your employer, especially during the sporting season. And if you run your own business, even better. 

All you have to do is make sure you are not at work when you should be at a game or other such sports mom obligations. Setting a limit for yourself at work is essential if balancing your work and family is a priority for you. 

Talk to your kids

Your children may be athletes, students and kids altogether, but to them, you are simply their mother. Communication is vital in a sports family. You must talk to your kids and find out answers to the following:

  • What they need from you
  • What they need you to do
  • How you can make the sporting season better for them

This will make it easier to make decisions regarding sports, family and work without banging heads together. Also, you have to make sure you are there at the moments that matter. Qualifying and final games should never be missed if it can be helped. 

If they win these, you’d be there to celebrate with them, and if they lose, your comforting shoulder and encouraging words will be there too. Picking the right moments to be present and absent may be the difference between balancing work and family for sports moms in Toronto.

Make yourself a priority list

Irrespective of how hard you try, you will have to decide which one holds more importance to you — your work or your duties as a sports mom with your family. After you have drawn up a list of your priorities, you will be able to see clearly where your heart is and rearrange your schedule until it works for your needs. 

We are not saying to neglect one for the other. Instead, you may have to compromise a little, bend a little here and there so that you don’t miss out on games or making the money that helps your family.

Stay beautiful with cosmetic treatments

Stay beautiful with cosmetic treatmentsThe body’s natural ageing process can be especially tough on sports moms. Wrinkles, frown lines, worry lines, pockets of fat, acne and rough skin are some of the effects of this process.

Thankfully, treatments such as CoolSculpting, Botox and Laser hair removal can help sports moms stay beautiful with far less stress. With a few short sessions, you can achieve your perfect body goals. 

This is an important part of balancing work and family for sports moms. Being a sports mom requires confidence and self-love. Getting your body to look beautiful, young and revitalized with fewer side effects can do wonders for your confidence levels. As a result, you’ll be able to tackle work and family productively. In the next section, we will show you how to look beautiful with cosmetic treatment in Toronto.

How Cosmetic Treatments can Help Sports Moms

A refreshed, younger look can make all the difference for sports moms. Most of the time, it is impossible to find the time to exercise and keep up with daily treatments. 

The result of this is that certain unwanted elements can creep into your appearance. Those wrinkles suddenly increase in number. Perhaps you don’t have the time to shave your arms and legs. Sometimes, finding the time to get rid of that stubborn pocket of fat with exercise can be hard.

This is where beauty treatments come in. Today, most cosmetic treatments are fast and require little commitment from you. They are quick, have fewer side effects and are effective. With a few short trips to a medical spa in Toronto, you can revitalize your beauty.

Here’s how a cosmetic treatment can help sports moms in Toronto:

Remove wrinkles with quick Botox treatments

Long are the days when you would have to undergo invasive surgery to get rid of wrinkles on your face. Multiple wrinkles on the face can make you look way older than your age. Also, it gives an always-tired expression that can affect your looks.

With a couple of injections from a medical spa in Toronto, you can reduce the appearance of wrinkles drastically. Botox treatments work by forcing the muscles that cause wrinkles underneath your skin to relax semi-permanently. 

As a result of the effects of Botox treatments, target muscles will be unable to contract for up to 6 months. If these muscles can’t contract, they won’t be able to form wrinkles and frown lines. This way, you’ll enjoy a smooth wrinkle-free facial appearance.

Botox treatments are quick and can be completed in less than an hour. Also, the results are worth the cost of Botox in Toronto.

Remove wrinkles with quick Botox treatments

Contour your body

As a sports mom, finding the time to exercise can be nearly impossible. With so many appointments to keep up with for work and family, finding time for an effective, regular exercise routine can be especially tough.

At our cosmetic spa in Toronto, we offer effective CoolSculpting treatments. CoolSculpting is a body contouring treatment that works using a tech called cryolipolysis.

A special applicator is used to freeze targeted pockets of fat in the body. This applicator is non-invasive so you won’t feel any pain. Over time, the frozen fat cells will die and be removed by the body’s natural processes. Therefore, there will be a slimming effect in the target area.

CoolSculpting in Toronto can be used to remove fat in the arms, legs, stomach, thighs and buttocks regions.

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Achieve hairless skin

Those hot afternoons on the sidelines can get very sweaty and extra stickier with excess hair on your body. Hair removal treatments such as waxing and electrolysis are painful alternatives. Also, they require a level of dedication that can be tough to keep up with.

Laser hair removal is a hair removal treatment that offers effective results quickly. With half-hour sessions, you can get rid of unwanted hair on your body on a more permanent basis. With these treatments, you will enjoy smooth hairless skin with zero pain.

These are not the only ways in which cosmetic treatments can boost your looks. You can get rid of acne scars with laser treatments, treatments for hair loss, skin redness and more.

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In Conclusion 

Balancing work and family as a sports mom is no small feat. However, it is very achievable, and with the few tips we have given you, it is more of a more straightforward job. Start small! If you’re in Mississauga, attend this FREE event on  Apr 23, 2020.

Most importantly, it is better not to underestimate the need for beauty treatments. At our medical spa in Toronto, we offer a range of cost-effective as quick procedures that can help you revitalize your beauty.

Do you have further questions about how to balance work and family as a sports mom? Perhaps you are looking for quick beauty treatments that will help you balance work and life better. Contact Canada MedLaser today. We’d love to answer your questions.

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