laser acne treatment


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Laser Acne Treatment

Maintaining clear and oil free skin may prove to be a challenge for some who are unlucky enough to acquire this issue.

With a Dynamic Pulse Control (DPC) system, the Medical Skin Care Therapists at Canada MedLaser pulse the laser light into different levels of the skin, (depending on the severity of the acne) where the acne and sebum reside.


laser acne treatment


This procedure dries up excess oils and executes any dirt that is situated in the pores, causing that stubborn acne to deplete.

This treatment is ideal for anyone of *any age group who has any form of breakouts, acne, or just excessively oily skin.

At Canada MedLaser, each of our patients are handed a copy of pre and post care treatment instructions to follow in order to ensure their safety and maximum benefit of the treatment.




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