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The Essential Canadian Facial: The AquaPure


The AquaPure facial is the most in-demand treatment in the cosmetic community. This hydrating facial helps skin fight off acne, dry skin, pigmentation, as well as signs of aging like sagging and wrinkles. The system helps improve and revitalize skin in under an hour with no downtime or invasive treatments.


During the AquaPure facial your skin is being infused with professionally hand-picked ingredients that will reveal a more refreshed complexion. The AquaPure uses nourishing ingredients such as honey extract, hyaluronic acid, papain and other ingredients that help promote healthy and gorgeous skin. Each component helps rejuvenate, boost elasticity and peel away impurities.


The AquaPure treatment contains four-steps: The AquaPeel, electroporation, micro-current and cooling/heating technology to reveal glowing and healthy looking skin. The AquaPure is the perfect facial treatment for Canadians whose skin is looking dull from our frantic weather changes.


The winter months in Canada can cause our skin to become dry and uneven because of the cold climate and dry atmosphere. The dry air creates a dead and dry layer of skin that can make our complexion look fatigued. The AquaPure facial will restore moisture to the skin and peel away dead cells to reveal a smoother surface.


The AquaPure facial also helps hyperpigmentation that occurs during the summer months. Hyperpigmentation, also known as dark spots, can occur on light skin after sun exposure. Canadians may experience this in the summer months after spending time outdoors. The facial helps hyperpigmentation by evening-out the skin tone and reduce dark spots.


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The first step is an advanced microdermabrasion peel that removes any dirt or dead cells, helps exfoliate and smooth the skin. This step helps prep the surface of the skin for the next steps of the facial.



The electroporation step helps fuse the ingredients into the skin to hydrate and nourish. This step also helps get rid of any leftover dead skin cells or blackheads that the first step did not capture.


Muscles stimulate

The third step is used to stimulate the muscles in the dermis. The micro-current is applied to help produce collagen in the skin. This step helps reveal younger skin by reducing sagging skin and wrinkles.


Cooling and Heating

The fourth and final step is cooling/heating, which is chosen based on your skin type. The cooling process is used for more sensitive or acne prone skin, while the heating process can help older skin appear more youthful.


The AquaPure facial delivers outstanding results for all different skin conditions. It can also be the perfect addition to any skin treatments you may be receiving such as chemical peels, skin tightening or Botox/fillers. Use the AquaPure facial to maintain your skin and keep it glowing!



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