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Dermaroller – What You Should Know


Dermaroller Canada: Even though home remedies may not be completely effective, they do not usually worsen the skin problem. Unfortunately, this is not the case for Dermaroller. Canadian beauty consumers who have tried to use this device for acne scar reduction and other problematic skin issues have found themselves losing more than just the cost of the device and have been faced with infections and other complications.

In this article we’ll discuss exactly what the Dermaroller device is, its side effects and why receiving professional microneedling from a reputable medical aesthetic clinic like Canada MedLaser Clinics is necessary in order to get the best results and prevent any complications.

What is Dermaroller (Canada)

A Dermaroller is a small, handheld device that consists of a handle with a roller at the end that contains dozens of small needles. The device claims to be able to stimulate collagen production by running the roller over on the surface of your face and neck. By creating tiny, pinprick punctures into the skin, your body’s natural healing abilities are intended to kick in and produce collagen. Collagen is the substance responsible for making your skin look smooth and youthful. It also claims to be able to improve and reduce the appearance of acne and stretch marks. It can even stimulate hair growth!

What are the Side Effects of Dermaroller (Canada)

Dermaroller (Canada) essentially claimed to be able to replace professional micro needling, allowing you to perform the collagen-stimulating task in the comfort of your own home. However, there are a wide range of issues with this claim.

Firstly, at-home remedies like Dermaroller (Canada) does not have enough power to affect real change in collagen production. Additionally, since it doesn’t target specific areas the way that professional microneedling does, it is highly unlikely to produce desired results in problematic areas.

However, the biggest concern with Dermaroller (Canada) is that it has the potential to actually worsen skin issues. Because it isn’t as powerful, the treatment must be done more frequently which is not only painful but increases the chance of creating scarring from the multitude of tiny punctures in the skin.

Moreover, performing this at home without a way to thoroughly clean the roller can create skin infections. Complications from infections can further increase scarring, redness, formation of new acne and even create permanent negative impacts on appearance.

Why Professional Microneedling is Better than Dermaroller (Canada)

Microneedling differs from the Dermaroller (Canada) in several key ways. Most importantly, microneedling is done in a clean and professional environment with better technology. By performing the procedure with medically trained technicians, you receive safer and more effective results.

In addition to the large number of risks and side effects, Dermaroller (Canada) is also incapable of treating many of the skin conditions it claims to remedy because the needles are unable to effectively target the problem areas. When you choose professional microneedling from a licensed and experienced clinic like Canada MedLaser Clinics you get a procedure you can feel secure about and provides real potential to reduce skin concerns like acne and stretch marks.

Additionally, when done properly, microneedling is actually less painful and requires less sessions to see results. In fact, sometimes only 1 microneedling session is needed to see a noticeable difference! Even more intensive treatments are still only likely to need around 4 (one per month) sessions to see significant changes in the appearance of scars and acne. In comparison, Dermaroller (Canada) is sometimes used as frequently as twice a month for larger needles or as often as every day for shorter needles! Moreover, even when used properly the Dermaroller is still likely to promote redness and possible irritation -which microneedling is does not do.

Dermaroller (Canada) Conclusion

While Dermaroller (Canada) remains a popular device, this cheap handheld tool is, at best, inefficient and ineffective. At worst, it has the potential to create temporary redness, permanent scarring and even induce-skin infections.  Though it may seem like a less expensive option to microneedling, the risks have the potential to make use of the roller much costlier in terms of long-term health and appearance concerns.

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