• May 15, 2017

Microneedling vs. At Home Dermaroller

Microneedling vs. At Home Dermaroller

shutterstock 584333341Facebook, Instagram, Twitter…  Social Media can be misleading, especially when they make you believe that you can be your own medical aesthetician without any repercussions.

We’ve all seen the clay masques that practically tear your skin off, the charcoal toothpaste that “magically” transforms your smile, and now, possibly the most misleading and dangerous ad out there, the Dermaroller.  Videos of people performing a Dermarolling treatment on themselves, without a hint of pinkness are fooling consumers into thinking they can have flawless, acne scar-free skin, just like the actors on the ads.
Sorry to burst your bubble, but sadly, this is false and at times may lead to irreversible damage to the skin. Microneedling is a professional version on the at home Dermaroller, and here is how they compare to one another:


  • Unlike microneedling, this at home treatment is sold to anybody who wants to purchase it online or in stores
  • In order to effectively reduce acne scars and wrinkles, the reality is that a strong treatment is required, and the dermaroller simply doesn’t cut it
  • Because most of us are untrained at medical aesthetics, we don’t really know how hard or soft to press the needles onto the skin. This can cause serious long term damage, such as scarring
  • Since no penetration of collagen is targeted during the dermaroller treatment, the only thing we are really doing is poking holes into the skin. This treatment is painful!  Yes, it’s more painful than microneedling.
  • The treatment is so mild, that to see any form of visible results, it must be done much more frequently than microneedling overdoing it increases the risk of scarring

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  • This treatment takes place in a Skin Care Clinic, and may only be performed by licensed professionals
  • Risks are dramatically minimized when a treatment of this level is performed by a licensed Medical Aesthetician
  • With microneedling, a medical grade numbing agent is applied prior to the treatment The total treatment time is about an hour, and most of that time is spent on numbing the area
  • Using an automated needle device, a Medical Skin Care Therapists penetrates microscopic holes into the skin, causing collagen to rush to the surface of the epidermis for “repair”
  • The treatment automatically forces any acne scars or fine lines to plump, causing a smoother complexion after just the first session
  • Most patients require only 4 sessions, done once a month to notice a visible reduction of acne scars and fine lines
  • With the Micro needling, you can expect an 80%-95% reduction in scars and wrinkles



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