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• April 27, 2021

CoolMini Freezes Double Chin Away

coolmini freezes double chin away

Where non-surgical methods like facial exercises fail, CoolMini freezes double chin away. Like the abdomen, stubborn fat can accumulate under your chin giving you the unwanted appearance of a second chin.

While double chin is often caused by your diet, it can also be a result of your genes. Irrespective of the cause, CoolMini can freeze double chin in as little as three weeks after your first treatment session. However, to maintain CoolMini results for double chin, you must exercise regularly and maintain a healthy diet.

Rather than opt for surgery, CoolMini removes the double chin using a noninvasive method. With CoolMini, you don’t have to worry about any downtime because there isn’t any.

Do you want to know how CoolMini works for double chin removal? Then, you’re in the right place. Here, we’ll provide comprehensive insight into how CoolMini ( a form of CoolSculpting treatment) freezes double chin. We’ll also explain the procedure and provide tips on how to prepare for treatment.

What is CoolMini?

Double Chin Away

Recently, there have been many developments in the process of removing excess fat from the body, especially around the neck. In the past, surgery (liposuction) was the only way to remove excess body fat like a double chin.  Liposuction is a surgical process that is highly associated with risks. Today, the most recent and possibly the most effective treatment for double chin is CoolMini.

CoolMini treatment was specially designed to replace invasive and minimally invasive fat removal procedures. The distinction between this solution and other fat removal options is that CoolMini freezes double chin with only a few minimal side effects.

The CoolMini device looks like a neck collar clamped to the neck of the patient. It’s a special device created for fat removal in small regions like the neck and head area.

The CoolMini freezes the double chin through a process called cryolipolysis. This is a process describing the freezing of fat cells in the body, thereby causing their death. Patients who use the CoolMini fat freezing treatment for double chin removal don’t require anesthesia. Redness and minor bruising may occur but will only last for a few hours.

The best part about getting rid of a double chin using the CoolMini device is that it doesn’t take a long time. The process is an hour-long one that needs to be repeated two or three times. However, the final result can take a few weeks or months to manifest.

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How CoolMini Freezes Double Chin

The first step to using this cosmetic procedure is an understanding of the procedure. This understanding is a prerequisite for treatment as it gives you insight into how to get rid of double chin with CoolMini.

CoolMini for eliminating double chin is a non-invasive procedure. This means it does not involve piercing, injecting, or altering body tissue. Every step that happens during CoolMini treatments is done outside of the body. For this reason, CoolMini treatment is less painful than other conventional methods.

Worthy of note is the fact that CoolMini treatment for double chin is not an instant fix. The effect of the procedure may not be visible for a few days. Mostly, the results are visible after the fat cells have died and been flushed out of your system.

The human body contains fat cells. These fat cells can choose to expand or contract depending on the energy available in the body. When your body contains excess calories, the fat cells thrive and expand. This is a side note that emphasizes the importance of eating healthy and exercise to successful weight loss.

What then is cryolipolysis? Cryolipolysis is the process where excess fat is cooled to a temperature beyond the freezing point. This prevents the proper flow of blood and oxygen into the fat cell. Consequently, the fat cells will flatten and die. When this happens, your body’s natural process will absorb the dead fat cells for removal.

In a nutshell, how CoolMini freezes double chin can be summarized into three steps.

  • Step 1: Application of a gel pad on the treatment area.
  • Step 2: Application of the CoolMini suction device to freeze fat cells in the chin area. The medical aesthetician places the suction device on the treatment area for an average time of 45min or 1 hour. During this time, it’s normal to feel a little tingling sensation or some discomfort. Some patients also report feeling a pull in their skin. Mostly, the process doesn’t often require pain relievers.
  • Step 3: When time elapses, the medical aesthetician will massage the treatment area. This helps to further break down the fat cells thereby speeding up their destruction. It also removes traces of side effects like the redness of the treatment area.

freezes double chin

How to Prepare for CoolMini Treatment

Preparation for CoolMini treatment isn’t as difficult as preparing for liposuction. However, it’s always best to arm yourself with knowledge of the procedure prior to your treatment. One of the things to know is how long before you begin to see results. Also, you’ll want to know if you need to abstain from some foods before treatment.

Many clinicians advise patients to avoid blood-thinning drugs about two weeks into their procedure. Other details to note while preparing for your CoolMini treatment include:

  • Smoking can delay the onset of results and cause the soreness you feel to last longer.
  • Avoid taking blood-thinning drugs or herbal supplements. Using them can cause more bruising than normal.
  • Eating junk food while anticipating a CoolMini treatment will reduce the effectiveness of the procedure.
  • Avoid fake tans or tanning the skin. Tanning exposes the treatment area to the sun making it sensitive for the CoolMini treatment.

To prepare adequately for a CoolMini treatment, protecting your skin is important. Below are some tips to help you get the best results.

Exercise regularly

Before your treatment, keeping fit will help to further reduce the appearance of a double chin. When you get used to regular exercises before your treatment, maintaining your results won’t be difficult.

Protect your skin

Because CoolMini involves placing the suction device on your bare skin, it must be free of cuts. Avoid bruising the treatment area before your treatment. Also, if you must expose the treatment area to the sun, apply sunscreen.

Be sure to visit the best CoolMini clinician

Lastly, in your preparation for CoolMini treatment for double chin, you must ensure you visit the most capable medical aesthetician for the treatment. Poor quality treatments can result in adverse side effects. To get the best results, go for professional and experienced clinicians.

visit the best CoolMini clinician

Benefits of CoolMini Treatment

CoolMini treatment in Ontario comes with several exciting benefits. Firstly, it’s not as expensive compared to liposuction. Other benefits of CoolMini for double chin removal include:

Non-invasive fat removal

There are various ways excess fats can be removed from the body. The conventional procedure is surgery and liposuction. Another procedure called Kybella was also introduced in the year 2015. All these treatment options have one common denominator — they involve injecting, cutting or piercing the body.

On the other hand, CoolMini freezes double chin in a non-invasive way. The procedure only involves the placement of a neck collar on the chin or neck area. No piercing, injection, or incision is required. As such, you are completely safe while undergoing a CoolMini treatment.

CoolMini treatment doesn’t take a long time

Making use of CoolMini for fat freezing under your chin only requires a short time. Averagely, a well-trained medical aesthetician can complete individual treatment sessions in about one hour. The effect of the treatment is also visible in a few weeks or months depending on how fat the treatment area is.

CoolMini treatment has no side effect

Another major advantage CoolMini treatment has over other fat removal methods is that it has no side effects. Unlike surgery which has risks, CoolMini freezes double chin with zero risks attached. It’s no wonder it has become the preferred method to get rid of a double chin.

Although CoolMini doesn’t involve any risks, there are cases of swelling and bruising. However, the swelling only lasts for a few hours. Also, patients may notice a little bruising which tends to disappear almost immediately after their treatment.

No saggy chin after the treatment

Before and after comparison of CoolMini results often leave patients speechless. With other fat removal methods, you may expect some saggy or loose skin afterwards. With CoolMini, this isn’t an issue at all.

Not only does CoolMini freeze double chin, but it also tightens the skin. In addition, it also leaves the skin smoother and more contoured.

CoolMini treatment is convenient

CoolMini treatments are painless. They are also convenient for patients. The only thing expected of you is to make yourself available as predetermined with your treatment provider.

While the therapy is going on, you have the freedom to watch a movie on your devices, read a book or take a nap. You can as well carry out some simple tasks like responding to emails.

treatment is convenient

CoolMini Treatment Eligibility

As simple and painless as the CoolMini treatment is, not everyone is eligible for the treatment. You must meet some conditions before you opt in for CoolMini treatment. Most of the time, eligibility for CoolMini treatment is always determined by your medical aesthetician.

While anyone with a double chin can use CoolMini to remedy the situation, it helps to know the causes of a double chin.

  • Inadequate use of the muscles around the neck area or bad posture
  • Loss of elasticity as a result of ageing
  • Excessive weight gain or obesity
  • Family history or genetics

Moving on, to be eligible for CoolMini, you must not be obese or overweight. Being overweight may require you to have more treatment sessions or not notice any results. Here are the other criteria you must meet to use CoolMini for double chin.

You must have a fat layer of about an inch under your skin

The only major eligibility criteria for CoolMini treatment is the amount of fat under the skin. You must have at least an inch of fat under the skin before undergoing CoolMini treatment.

This is important to facilitate effective treatment. Regular exercise is recommended for any fat pockets less than this measurement.

The patient must be between 20 to 50 years of age

CoolMini treatment is best recommended for patients within the age range of 20-50 years. In this age range, the skin will be able to withstand the temperature extremes that come with CoolMini. However, this does not mean the treatment will not be effective for ages beyond fifty.

A patient that has tried other conventional methods

Patients who have tried other conventional methods of excess fat removal without changes can attempt CoolMini treatment. When the fat becomes too much, regular exercise may not be able to effectively neutralize it. In such a case, you are eligible to go in for CoolMini treatments.

CoolMini Treatment Results: Here’s What to Expect

There are always results to watch out for when using CoolMini to freeze double chin. It’s important to know these results are not visible overnight. Averagely, results can be seen within a maximum period of 3 months. The exact timeline is dependent on how fast the body can absorb and flush out dead fat cells.

Also, you must be aware that complete CoolMini treatments never happen in one session. It may require two to three visits to a medical spa for all of the fat cells to die off. Then, the body begins the absorption and disposal of these dead cells. The time this’ll take differs from one patient to another. For example, it can take just a month for you while it extends to two months for others.

Nonetheless, the visible result after the elimination of fat cells is that your skin becomes tighter and smoother. Here, the care provider you choose will determine how your results will turn out. This emphasizes the importance of going to experienced CoolMini treatment providers. If a clinic is suspiciously cheap, it’s best to avoid going there altogether.

The before and after results of CoolMini for double chin are always visible. The treatment permanently kills fat cells in the body. But, go maintain the results of CoolMini treatments, you must do the following:

  • Maintain a healthy diet and avoid overeating
  • Exercise regularly
  • Maintain water therapy
  • Avoid smoking and reduce alcohol intake
  • Ensure you have enough rest per day

CoolMini treatment results

FAQs on How CoolMini Freezes Double Chin

How effective is CoolMini treatment in Toronto? How much does CoolMini cost? Is CoolSculpting for double chin effective?

These and more are some of the many questions interested people ask about CoolMini. Below are the answers to your questions about how CoolMini freezes double chin.

Does CoolMini work for double chin removal?

The effectiveness of CoolMini for treating double chin can not be overemphasized. The results speak for themselves as more people are opting in for the procedure than ever before. The fact that it’s less time-consuming compared to facial exercises makes it an ideal option.

The process has not only been proven effective but also medically safe. There is no fear of irreversible body damage with this fat-freezing treatment.

How many treatment sessions will I need?

To ensure the effectiveness of the CoolMini treatment for double chin, you must undergo two or three sessions. In most cases, the exact number of treatment sessions will be determined by your care provider. People with larger pockets of fat will require more treatment sessions and frequent touch-ups to maintain their results.

How much does CoolMini procedure cost?

The cost of CoolMini treatment in Toronto depends on either the clinic or the number of treatment sessions. Also, several factors like your location and the experience of your medical aesthetician will affect how much you pay. The price range for CoolMini treatment is between $1400 and $1800.

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To Wrap It Up

CoolMini freezes double chin with results visible after 3-6 weeks of treatment. Often, the use of exercises to reduce the appearance of a double chin is futile and can lead to frustration. While it doesn’t exactly pose any health risk, a double chin can affect self-esteem and confidence levels.

To get the best from your CoolMini treatment, it’s advisable to have repeated treatments. It’s also important to note that, unlike surgery, CoolMini results aren’t permanent. Eating foods with too many calories can cause a double chin to resurface. Thankfully, this article discusses what to expect from CoolMini treatments and how to maintain the results.

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