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Considerations Before Getting Brazilian Laser Hair Removal in Maple

brazilian laser hair removal

A Brazilian laser hair removal treatment is designed to remove unwanted hair in the bikini area. With this effective hair removal method, you don’t have to worry about cuts, ingrown hair and uncomfortable bumps.

The hair on your body serves its purposes, but sometimes, it doesn’t do the best for your appearance. Getting rid of them, whether temporarily or permanently, is an important choice for you to make.

To make that decision, you have to weigh certain considerations, especially if you’ll be getting Brazilian laser hair removal treatments. In this article, we discuss what to know before choosing laser hair removal treatments. There are several precautions to take prior to the treatment.

Not to worry, we will provide detailed information on these precautions. By the end of this article, you’ll be able to determine if Brazilian laser hair removal treatments are right for you!

What is Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

What is Brazilian Laser Hair Removal?

The hallmark of this hair removal technique is the laser component. In this, a laser beam is focused on the affected area. The laser produces heat energy, which destroys the hair follicles, making it almost impossible for hair to grow.

During Brazilian hair removal sessions, the target area is the bikini region. The hair around the vaginal opening and the anus are particularly selected for removal.

You may easily confuse a Brazilian with a bikini line hair removal. But the Brazilian is more intensive. The bikini line deals with hair just outside your bikini lines — areas the bikini bottom does not cover. But a Brazilian hair removal treatment gets more up close and intimate.

This type of hair removal technique is typically done in the pubic region, so it is suitable for both men and women. However, it is a more common practice among women.

There are different forms of Brazilian hair removal, with additional terms that become accepted in pop culture. These forms include:

  • Full Brazilian: In this, your nether region is made bare. All the hair around the vagina and the anus is removed. From the front, all the way to the butt and even the bikini line is devoid of hair. This style has also been referred to as “hollywood bikini”.
  • Mini Brazilian: Here, the hair is removed from the frontal parts of your genitals and around the labia and pubis. The hairs along your anus are spared.
  • Brazilian Plus: The hair in your pubic area is left but shaped. Commonly, the hair is shaped like a landing strip. Other shapes are possible such as a triangle. Here, you can customize how you want your area to look.
  • Brazilian Plus: This involves not just the pubic region but hair extending down from your stomach. The idea is to leave you smooth and groomed for the bikini season.

Before You Get Those Hairs Removed

Are you asking yourself if you should get a Brazilian laser hair removal? Before you go take a step to get this treatment, there are some things to consider.

  • Trends change: If you are considering this procedure because everyone is getting it, you should take a moment to reconsider. Having a pubic region totally free of hair only just got popular, and that may change.

Over time Brazilian laser hair removal can result in a permanent reduction in hair growth rates. So, there’s a need for caution. Before you go for this procedure, you have to be certain and confident in your choice.

  • Pubic hair can be beneficial: Yes, it is commonly advised to shave off your pubic hair. Having the hair off may also make those regions better. But the hairs have been found to have some advantages.

Hair growth in those regions has been reported to help prevent infections. It also reduces the risk of chafing. Furthermore, the hair removal process can easily lead to inflammation and irritation, although these side effects don’t stay long.

  • There may be pain: Laser hair removal treatments have come a long way since they became a standard procedure. Earlier treatments usually came with considerable discomfort.

Of course, now, new technology and methods have made this procedure more bearable. But your pubic area is very sensitive as it has a lot of nerve supply.

Undergoing a laser treatment may be more than you can easily bear, especially if you have a low pain threshold. This is something to consider before going all out on a treatment.

  • The hair can better your looks: As you age, your body undergoes a lot of changes. Many areas can begin to droop, and your labia is one of them.

Having some hair down there can be useful to mask these effects. This may suffice if you decide not to go for surgery or other treatments to help fix this.

Preparing For a Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

Preparing For a Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Appointment

Once you have decided to get those hairs removed, you have to take steps to ensure a successful treatment. One of the most important ones is selecting the right medical spa for the treatment.

While this is not a surgery or a related procedure that requires the most care, you must have confidence in your provider. You should also have discussions about your expectations so your thoughts will align. Doing these will help you feel better before and after the procedure.

Have you been wondering how to prepare for your Brazilian laser hair removal? The following are vital steps to take.


Shaving is one of the most important things you can do before you go for your hair removal session. The effect of shaving is that it leaves the hair follicles bare and present just underneath the skin.

This way, the laser energy can get directly to them. The hair follicles are the laser’s target as destroying them prevents hair from growing in that area.

Also, you will absorb more of the laser energy if the hairs are present. The more laser energy absorbed, the more heat you will feel. By shaving off the hair, you reduce your risk of getting burnt by the heat of the laser.

Shaving is usually prescribed the day or night before the laser treatment. Doing this earlier allows the surface to be just ready for the laser. It will also give time for the area to heal if you cut yourself while shaving.

Furthermore, shaving is the only method of hair removal that is acceptable before going under the laser. Using depilatory creams, exfoliators, and other creams and lotions should be avoided.

In fact, you should not wax, pluck, or bleach the area weeks prior to your treatment. This will disrupt the integrity of the follicles and may affect your results.

Because of how important it is, we will provide some tips to get the best shaving experience.

  1. Take your time to do this. Do not rush, or you might injure yourself.
  2. You should have allowed the hair to grow out well enough. If it is very long, you may use a pair of scissors for an initial trim.
  3. Shave in sections. You may start from the top before going to the sides. If applicable, you may then do the labia and then your perianal area.
  4. It is good to wet the hair to soften it before starting.
  5. Shave in long but gentle strokes against the direction of hair growth.
  6. Avoid passing the blade over a particular section multiple times, and use light pressure with each stroke.
  7. Rinse the area with cold water once you are done to close up your pores.

You should take shaving before the treatment as vital, as it has a significant influence on your results.

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Avoid the sun

You should avoid sun exposure to the treatment area as much as you can. This means no tanning, whether natural or using a spray, weeks before your treatment.

If exposure to the sun is unavoidable, you should apply sunscreen with SPF as high as 50. You should also wear protective clothing to reduce the sun’s effects on your body.

Keep up your hygiene

You Maura maintain tip-top body hygiene before you go in for your Brazilian laser hair removal. You should do this by taking a shower before going in for treatment.

Having your body clean makes it easier for your provider to access all parts of your body. Since you will also be exposing private areas, being clean boosts your confidence and makes it easier for you.

Wear comfortable clothes

You should wear clothes that make you feel free and comfortable and reduce the pressure on your pubic region. Wearing tight clothing can cause irritation, which may be worsened by the laser. The resultant effect is that you have an unpleasant treatment session.

Skirts, baggy shorts, and loose pants are among clothing options for females. For males, tracksuit pants are one of your best options here.

Be at ease

For the best experience, you should make sure you are well relaxed when you go to the treatment center. You will feel better if you understand all that goes on.

So feel free to ask questions on anything you are unclear about. Do this, and you will experience better results.

Procedure for Getting Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

The procedure for this hair removal treatment is simple. You may be required to wear protective eyewear, just like the technician, to protect you from the laser.

The procedure is speedy, and the time you spend depends on how large an area you want to cover is. You will only feel mild discomfort as the laser hits your skin. Many have reported that the laser feels like a rubber band is being snapped on your skin.

Many technicians prefer not to use numbing creams on the area. The numbing creams can close up the hair follicles and prevent the laser from effectively reaching them. More commonly, numbing creams are not required.

Besides, a jet of cool air usually accompanies the laser, thereby increasing your comfort. This also reduces any potential damage to the top layer of the skin.

Typically, you may be done with the treatment in as little as a few minutes. Places that take longer times will likely have less advanced machinery. There are centers for Brazilian Hair Removal Treatment in Maple with modern technology and short treatment times.

Brazilian Hair Removal Treatment in Maple

Post-Treatment: What To Expect

You may experience mild swelling in the area, as well as redness, immediately after you get the procedure. This does not stay for a long while before you start to feel relieved.

It is expected that the hair will start to fall out in the first few weeks after treatment. Care must be taken of the treatment area to allow proper healing.

Try hard not to rub, scratch, or shave the area. Some parts of your skin there may start to crust. Do not peel it but let it fall off on its own. You may apply some special ointment your provider will recommend. The idea is to keep the area moist while it heals.

Avoid hot baths or showers in the days immediately after your treatment. You should also avoid swimming, especially in chlorinated waters.

Another aftercare tip is to avoid wearing tight-fitting underwear shortly after the treatment. You should not hesitate to contact your provider if you notice signs of infection. Adhering to the pre-and post-treatment infections is sufficient to ensure positive outcomes.

Final Take

Brazilian laser hair removal treatment is an effective way of freeing yourself from the constant maintenance of your pubes. But its effects can be permanent. So you should be sure you want to undertake such treatment.

If you are decided on the treatment, contact our medical spa for safe, effective Brazilian laser hair removal treatment. Contact Canada MedLaser today for a consultation.

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