Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Toronto

Brazilian Laser Hair Removal in Toronto

Brazilian laser hair removal – you can say goodbye to your old shaving routine. This laser hair removal treatment gives long-lasting effects of smooth skin and hair-free private areas. Nothing beats the feeling of having flawless and hairless skin. And with our Brazilian Laser Hair Removal, you will enjoy just that – without the annoying shaving part!


Is Brazilian Laser Hair Removal for You?

Are you tired of having a number of ingrown hairs on your bikini line? Are you aiming to get rid of razor burns? Do you want to shave less often? Are you aiming to be confident lying on the beach with flawless and hairless skin and a beautiful bikini line? Are you looking to never have to worry about shaving again and save hundreds of dollars a year on other hair removal methods? Are you looking to permanently eliminate sweating, chafing, and other irritations? Are you looking to have flawless skin not only in a swimsuit but in the nude as well? Then Brazilian laser hair removal treatments might be right for you.

Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Treatment at Canada MedLaser Clinics

A Brazilian laser hair removal treatment is more than a typical bikini treatment you might know. It includes hair removal for the labia and perineal areas as well. This option leaves women completely bare and hair-free. Some who choose Brazilian treatments opt to keep some hair in the pubic region. Either option can be customized to fit what you’re looking for.

Our beauty aestheticians here at Canada MedLaser Clinics are here to help you achieve that fine bikini line you desire.

Why Choose Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

With Brazilian hair removal, you take the laser hair removal process to a whole new level. With our Gold Standard technology, our Brazilian laser hair removal will leave you with no sign of body hair whatsoever.

Thanks to this laser hair removal treatment, women can now enjoy basking in the sun with no worries whatsoever for any bikini bumps and ingrown hairs in the pubic areas! You can have that fresh clean feeling every day of the year, while not wasting time with repeated shaving, waxing or other hair removal treatments that just don’t work. Brazilian laser hair removal has grown in popularity and is truly the way to go. 

Candela GentleMax for Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

Here at Canada MedLaser, we aim to give our clients the best experience with exquisite results! That is why we bring you our Candela GentleMax for Brazilian Laser Hair Removal! With this, patients would only need 4-8 treatments to get the best results. You need no numbing agent, no sticky gel application, and you will have virtually no pain throughout the treatment. The patented cooling technology of the Candela Gentle Max features a cryogen spray that hits the treatment area right before the laser begins to pulse, gently numbing the skin for increased comfort and safety.

For Brazilian laser hair removal, Candela GentleMax is the safest, most comfortable and most effective option you have. If you have experienced other laser hair removal treatments before, you will surely love Candela GentleMax.

Frequency and Aftercare for Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

The process of laser hair removal with Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Treatments normally takes around 6 months with scheduled appointments of 4 to 8 weeks interval. This is due to the typical hair growth cycles. Though results are not seen after the treatment, it would take a week or two before the hair starts falling out, leaving you with smooth and flawless skin. Still, it takes more sessions to have hair totally eliminated. Exfoliating in the shower with a sugar scrub will help speed along the process after your Brazilian laser hair removal

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FAQs for Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

Brazilian laser hair removal is not painful however, it may be described as, “uncomfortable”.

You may feel a sensation that is somewhat like a snapping rubber band on the skin. Sticking to a strict aftercare process is a must.

The Best Results with Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

Canada MedLaser Brazilian Laser Hair Removal is designed to give all our clients the all-inclusive, fuss-free, permanent hair removal experience in the bikini area. Results are always guaranteed. Smooth and hair-free skin in your private areas that will have you feeling more comfortable and confident than ever! Our Brazilian Laser Hair Removal is fit for both men and women and is effective for all skin types. 

With the use of cutting-edge patented technology, your Brazilian hair removal treatment will be painless and is the best solution for your bikini areas and even in the nude.

Contact our expert medical aestheticians now to learn more about our Brazilian Laser Hair Removal treatment today!


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