• January 11, 2021

Benefits of Choosing Under Eye Filler Treatments in Maple

Under Eye Filler Treatments

In your younger days, your body is smooth and nearly perfect. So much so that you could hardly care less about the benefits of under-eye filler treatments. After all, who needs medical-grade skin treatments when you wake up every day looking like a rockstar?

However, as you grow older, your skin may get more wrinkly than you’d like. Your scars may not completely heal up to give you back your radiance. Your skin might pigment and those once bright eyes may become increasingly puffy and dark. All these, again, are only natural.

Unfortunately, the fact that they’re natural doesn’t make them any less tiring to deal with. All of these symptoms will only serve to make you look older than you really are. It leaves you with a permanently tired look.

Thankfully, several options in the beauty industry allow you to treat these cosmetic challenges. The best part is that not all of them are nearly as invasive or as painful as you might imagine. One such solution for dark, puffy eyes is under-eye filler treatments.

It can help you look much younger than your puffy eyes will allow by curing that specific problem. But, is this medical procedure truly effective? If it is, what are the benefits of under-eye filler treatments? Well, let’s find out. First, we’ll explore the causes of under-eye circles and puffiness.

under-eye filler treatments

Why Do You Develop Dark Circles and Bags Under Your Eyes?

There may be several reasons why your eyes start getting those dark circles. A few of them are:


Age is perhaps the ultimate cause of many cosmetic problems. You see, while you’re young, your body is functioning at optimal capacity. It’s like a newly acquired engine that’s running perfectly with few interruptions from external sources. You could starve yourself of sleep and food and you will still be able to survive fairly well. Not that that’s a good idea anyway.

But, as you grow older, the tissues in your face will start to weaken naturally. In addition to that, the healthy fat that’s meant to support that part of your eyes will start to sink too. Finally, you may experience certain levels of bone loss around your eyes as you grow older. It is quite subtle and not too common. But, all these factors combined can cause bags and dark circles to form under your eyes as you grow older.

cause of dark circles


Another major cause of dark circles under your eyes is your genes. This is because much of the things that define us physically are inherited from those who came before us.

So,  according to research, if your parents have a history of dark circles under their eyes, you may also have to deal with the problem — if you aren’t already. This is often the case, regardless of your age.

Poor skincare routine

To a significant extent, your body is made to be independent. It produces much of its essential chemicals and allows you to live without living off drugs and chemicals, all things being equal. However, to an equally significant extent, your body still needs to be taken care of. This is especially true for your skin.

The primary reason is several factors outside your body can cause damage to your skin. These can include anything from the sun to parasitic microorganisms, among other things. As such, you’ll need a proper skincare routine if you’re to counter the effects of these elements. Therefore, if you don’t have this routine in place, you may find yourself developing skin conditions like dark circles and bags under your eyes.

Other reasons include:

  • Lack of sleep
  • Smoking
  • Anemia, which is caused by iron deficiency
  • Allergies
  • Dehydration
  • Dermatitis
  • Rubbing the eyes frequently

Regardless of what causes the condition, one of the best ways to treat the problem is by using under-eye filler treatments in Maple.

What are Under-Eye Filler Treatments?

Under-eye fillers are alternatively known as soft tissue fillers or dermal fillers. They are essentially hyaluronic acid injections applied to the areas of your eyes with dark circles. Once injected, the hyaluronic acid, which is a naturally occurring chemical in the body, helps improve the area of concern by giving it more volume.

How do under eye filler treatments help you?

Before exploring the benefits of under-eye filler treatments or why you should choose dermal filler treatments, it’s important to first understand how they help you.

One major thing that fillers do is to add a bit more plump to the sunken areas in your eyes. This essentially means they fill out the contours created by dark circles. In doing so, they effectively cure the problem itself. In addition to that, the injections help to stimulate the production of collagen in your body.

Now, you may not know this, but collagen is one of the most important proteins your body produces. It helps to keep your wrinkles at bay by maintaining your skin elasticity. Apart from that, it performs several other functions geared towards your general skin health.

With dermal fillers stimulating more collagen production, you’ll be killing multiple birds with one stone. Finally, if you use a dermal filler with hyaluronic acid, it’ll help to bind molecules of moisture together in your face. This helps you look much more moisturized, hydrated, and smooth!

What should you expect from an under-eye filler treatment procedure?

The procedure is quite simple, really. The first thing the cosmetic injector or medical aesthetician will do is to mark out the specific areas of your eyes that require treatment. This is important as it serves as a guide on where the injections will be applied. Afterwards, your medical aesthetician will likely rub a numbing cream on the area. Under-eye fillers aren’t particularly painful. But, some people may not want to deal with the pain of receiving injections.

After applying the numbing cream, you’ll have to wait a few minutes for it to work. Going in too early may betray the purpose and end up causing you pain. As soon as it’s certain the cream has taken effect, your aesthetician will inject you with the fillers. Afterwards, they’ll gently press the area just to be sure that the filler is in place.

If you’re wondering what to expect after under eye dermal filler treatments, you can expect to be back on your feet in no time. After the procedure, which only takes about an hour, you can get up and go about your day normally.

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What are The Benefits of Under-eye Filler Treatments?

Benefits of Under-eye Filler Treatments

There are several different things you stand to gain if you choose to use this method for your eye bag and dark circle issues. A few of the advantages of under-eye filler treatments are:

Fast and effective

The entire procedure of applying dermal fillers only takes a total of about an hour. In cases where it lasts longer, the chances are that the areas to be covered are larger than usual. Barring that scenario, you should be out of the aesthetician’s office in no time and seeing results in less than a week.

Increased volume to your face

The primary function of dermal filler treatments is to help add volume to the parts of your eyes that are suffering from a lack thereof. Other treatments like micro-needling and mesotherapy can help to smoothen your skin and tighten it as well.

However, they don’t quite achieve that extra plump that you need. With dermal treatments, you can rest assured you’ll get just what you need — an injection of collagen. As such, your face can go back to its natural beauty with a touch of extra beauty.

Long-lasting results

Under-eye filler results take quite a while before they begin to go away. Ordinarily, the exact number depends on your metabolism.

This is because your body will naturally burn through filler gel in its system. But, on average, you can expect the results of each treatment to last between 6 months to a year. Some people even report seeing the effects for eighteen months at a stretch.

Minimal downtime

The recovery time for under-eye filler treatments is really not long at all. As soon as the procedure is over, you can leave the clinic and get back to your normal life.


Certain cosmetic procedures require getting under your skin to work. By this, we mean the aesthetician will have to create significant organized wounds and perform multiple invasive actions. These procedures are often effective too.

But, they’re not very comfortable. One major problem associated with them is their long recovery time. Another is the pain you feel even after the surgery.

However, one of the benefits of under-eye filler treatments is that you won’t have to deal with any of these. After one or two injections, you’re good to go! This means minimal risk of injections, no extended recovery period, and very little pain.

How Do You Prepare For Under Eye Fillers?

Naturally, the procedure doesn’t take too much out of you and there aren’t a lot of barriers. However, if you want to get the most out of your under eye filler treatments in Maple, the best thing to do is to stay away from drugs like aspirin and ibuprofen.

These types of drugs will only make your blood thinner and increase the risk of side effects. Alcohol too can have blood-thinning effects on you, especially if consumed in excess. So, you may want to skip any bottles you’ve had planned before your treatment.

What Are The Potential Side Effects of Under-Eye Filler Treatments?

The procedure is quite safe. But, two primary side effects may occur. They are:

Bruising and swelling

These two side effects are pretty common. They shouldn’t scare you as they’re only natural, because you’ll be getting injected. You can expect them to disappear in just a few days.

Additionally, they’re not so obvious that you can’t conceal them with makeup. If you want to speed up their disappearance, you can keep away from exercises that’ll have your head below your waist for extended periods.


This side effect is incredibly rare and the chances of it happening to you are almost zero. This only shows up when one of the vessels that lead to your eye gets blocked. It is only likely to happen when you work with an unprofessional, inexperienced aesthetician.

Untrained injectors are likely to make mistakes that will lead to your injections blocking your vessels instead of merely adding volume to your eyes. To prevent this from happening, ensure you only work with a licensed and professional medical practitioner.

Who Are the Best Candidates for Under Eye Filler Treatments?

Indeed, the benefits of under-eye filler treatments are pretty enticing and it’s not hard to start wanting one. However, you should know that it’s not exactly for everyone on the planet. The most qualified people for this process are people who are at least 21 years old.

If you are pregnant or nursing a child, you may want to consider other methods apart from dermal fillers because they’re not advisable for you. Additionally, if you have a serious medical condition, under eye filler treatments might not be your best bet.

Will these fillers work for crow’s feet?

Indeed, cosmetic medicine has made strides that help to make life significantly easier than it used to be. Dermal fillers are one of them. However, despite all the good it can do for your eyes, it still has its limits. Dermal fillers cannot work for your crow’s feet, and here’s why:

Crow’s feet are essentially a bunch of fine lines at the sides of your eyes. They’re caused by repetitive movements like squinting, smiling, and blinking, among others. The best way to cure the problem is by preventing the muscles in that area from contracting due to those repetitive movements. To do this, you need Botox treatments and not dermal fillers.

Are dermal fillers obvious after use?

If you do it properly, nobody besides you and your aesthetician will know you had dermal fillers applied to your eyes. This is because they’re created to provide natural and subtle results. So, while people may not exactly be able to put their finger on what’s different about you, you’ll look much better than before the treatment.

In Conclusion 

Under-eye fillers are an excellent and popular way to add more volume to your face. Each day, people across the world use this method to cure their eye bags and dark circles.

You too can enjoy all the benefits of under-eye filler treatments in Maple. From the above, you can see just how convenient these treatments can be. Looking to learn more? Contact Canada MedLaser to speak to an experienced medical aesthetician in Maple today!

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