All You Need to Know About Lip Fillers - Lip Injections

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All You Need to Know About Lip Fillers

All You Need to Know About Lip Fillers

Cosmetic lip fillers (or lip injections) are a pretty common beauty treatment these days. In fact, there were 4 million dermal fillers done in North America in 2019 alone.

So, what are lip fillers, exactly? Let’s start with what they’re not: permanent. They last only about three months to a year. The kinds the derms recommend are made of hyaluronic acid — a sugar (found naturally in the body) that adds temporary volume and definition when injected into lips.

This procedure can give you fuller, plumper lips in about 15 minutes. And since there’s minimal downtime for recovery, you could squeeze in the appointment between errands or on your lunch break.

Lip Fillers and Lip Injections

All You Need to Know About Lip Fillers

Did you know that you can make an instant and lasting impression on everyone by having full lips? Not only does it give your look a statement but it also helps in giving your face the beauty and youth-feel that it deserves. Daily, Mississauga residents come to us with thin lips and want a fuller and firmer lip presence. Other patients have experienced their lips thinning over time and see vertical lip lines become noticeable.

Here at Canada MedLaser, we offer a wide variety of lip fillers that are designed to enhance your lip’s appearance. We aim to give our clients whatever they need while enjoying little to zero downtime after their treatments With the use of lip fillers, you can enhance the shape and restore the volume of your lips. This is done through a cosmetic procedure known as lip injections.

Canada Medlaser Clinics use lip fillers to correct lip irregularity resulting from trauma, ageing, or surgery. If you are an older individual whose lips are losing shape due to your age, or you’re a young one that aims to have fuller and more sensual lips, then our natural lip enhancement is for you! Today, it is more common to use an injectable dermal filler for lip injections.

Several types of lip fillers can be injected into your lips and around the mouth. But the most common lip fillers in Mississauga laser clinics are products that contain hyaluronic acid (HA). A hyaluronic acid is a form of natural sugar that is usually found in the body. It helps to increase the volume of your lips. We refer to these types of lip fillers as HA lip fillers or HA lip injections in Mississauga clinics.

Know Your Options

Over the last several years, the government has green-lit various hyaluronic acid (HA) fillers for lips. The new formulas are all similar in composition with slight variations in longevity and density, which can determine when and how they’re used. Here are some of the questions and answers with regards to lip fillers:

What is actually in the injection?

All You Need to Know About Lip Fillers

Lip injections use lip fillers for this procedure. But there are different types of hyaluronic acid lip fillers available for each specific area of the lip you want to enhance. Also choosing the proper lip filler is determined by the type of result that a client aims to achieve. That could be either increasing your lip’s volume or enhancing its definition and shape. Your doctor will discuss this with you at the consultation.

The gels come in a prefilled syringe. When this lip filler gel is injected into the lips, it automatically fills in and cushions the lip. Immediate results will show including an increase in volume and size.

How long does lip fillers last?

Though there may be swelling 20% of the time, results are almost instantaneous. The full effect of the lip filler can be seen at around four weeks after the procedure. Visible changes will be most evident when the swelling has subsided and the lip filler has well integrated into the issue in the lips.

Lip fillers’ result is long-lasting indeed but it won’t stay forever. Its effects could last up about nine to 18 months.

Will the lip filler injection hurt?

Lip injections are relatively painless and are a quick procedure. You may feel a bit of pinch with each injection. What you may feel after the procedure is that your lips are somewhat tender. Most of the hyaluronic acid fillers used to contain an anesthetic called lidocaine, which minimizes discomfort during injection.

A topic anesthetic is applied at about 20 minutes before the procedure. This Vaseline like mixture helps in minimizing discomfort while the cosmetic injection goes on. It comes in a Vaseline® form and helps to minimize discomfort.

Ice may be applied to the treated area after the injection to help avoid any swelling. Some people can experience minimal bruising and redness but you can resume your normal daily routine right after the lip injection.

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Are lip fillers safe?

FDA has approved dermal fillers like lip fillers as safe for lip injections. Lip injections come with a low possibility of infection and there have been no recorded severe complications because of lip fillers. Also, there are no proved allergic reactions to lip fillers since it uses hyaluronic acid which is a natural substance found in the skin. And you know what? They are also safe for men!


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What shall I do before the lip injection?

First, avoid any kind of food or supplements that could thin your blood. This includes ibuprofen, aspirin and herbal supplements. These things can make it more likely to bruise. Consider using antiviral medication if you are prone to cold sores. Having a lip filler injection could trigger cold sores so take in medication days beforehand of the procedure.

What if I don’t like the results after my lip injection?

Lip injections’ effects are long-lasting but not permanent. But if in the event that you dislike the results of your cosmetic treatment, then your beauty technician can use an enzyme called hyaluronidase to dissolve the effects of the lip filler. That is also a natural compound that is totally safe and effective.

Lip Fillers Clinic in Canada

Most dermal filler injectors can perform this simple aesthetic procedure. Indeed this cosmetic treatment is a top choice because of its few side effects and long-lasting results. That is why lip fillers have found its way to be one of the most popular choices in improving your lips’ appearance.

Obviously, to gain fuller lips, you will require lip fillers by Canada’s best injectors. Several lip fillers in Mississauga are available, but the most popular with health care professionals and injectors are hyaluronic acid dermal fillers. Another option is to transfer fat from other parts of the body (fat transfer lip fillers). However, this procedure is less popular because the process requires liposuction surgery and its potential risks.

Our lip fillers in Mississauga can add subtle beauty to your face because many people feel full lips are a sensual attribute. But it would be best to decide first if lip fillers are the cosmetic procedure you want to get that fuller lips you aim for. In many cases, patients who have this procedure done are extremely happy with their outcome of enhanced beauty.

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