10 Things to Consider Before Laser Hair Removal in Toronto

Full Body Laser Hair Removal in Toronto

Silky smooth skin can now be achieved with laser hair removal . This is fast becoming a positive trend in the beauty industry. There are no two ways to it — it gets the job done, more often than not. Laser hair removal is a proven effective way of getting rid of the skin hairs, with little or no side effects felt.

Laser hair removal therapy is here to stay, as it eliminates the need for plucking, tweezing or waxing of hairs. Heads up; laser hair removal is a short process per session, but you may need several months to enjoy its benefits maximally. Therefore, you need to be patient when trying to get rid of unwanted hair on a permanent basis but, a hair-free life is worth it! Don’t you think?

There is so much more that you don’t know about laser hair removal . There are different factors that affect the costs of laser hair removal . These and more will be discussed in this article. Keep reading to find out more about this treatment!

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What is Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is a medical cosmetic procedure that employs the use of laser beams in the removal of hairs from the skin. During the process, a target area is secured, and the laser beams are pointed at it. After this is done, the light energy from the laser is absorbed by the pigment in the hair – the melanin. This is subsequently turned to heat.

What is Laser Hair Removal?

Following this conversion, there is damage to the follicle in the hair, which inhibits subsequent growth of unwanted hair. The main aim of laser hair removal treatment is to rid the skin of hair permanently. However, this can’t be achieved in only one session. For permanent or nearly permanent results, you will need multiple sessions. You may even need up to 6 sessions, each spaced six weeks apart.

After the first single session, there is the possibility of hair growth, as all the follicles will not be destroyed. For total inhibition of hair, the follicle needs to be destroyed, and not just damaged. This can only be achieved via several sessions of laser hair removal .

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Why You Need Laser Hair Removal

There are so many benefits to the adoption of laser hair removal as a hair removal therapy. Many people think if laser hair removal costs are worth it. The following will show you why laser hair removal is a cut above other treatment techniques.


This is the main advantage of making use of laser hair removal therapy. The exact area of the skin you want to get rid of hair will be targeted. This treatment offers you the precision you will never enjoy with other therapies.


Right from the start, the therapist can explain to you just what and how things will unfold at every stage of your hair removal process. This is a tested and trusted process. When you incur laser hair removal costs , you can be sure of the results. That being said, not all the Clinics guarantee results. Canada Medlaser is one of the very few Clinics that provide this guarantee because of the top technology they use. Here’s one of their detailed vlogs about what technology should you be looking for and what you need to be careful about.

It is fast

This procedure happens so fast. In less than half an hour, you can complete a single session. It’s relatively painless. However, the duration of time spent on different parts of the body vary. Depending on the nature of your skin and hair, your sessions may take up to an hour.


Laser Hair Removal : What You Need To Know

Laser hair removal is as safe as it can be. Though it may seem to be an emerging fashion trend, laser hair removal should be done only by expertly trained medical aestheticians.

However, as uncomplicated and straightforward as the procedure is, there are some things you need to know. These are basic facts to get your mind prepared as you head into consultation or treatment. Whatever you do, make sure you secure a meeting with a reputable cosmetic expert, who has been proven to have knowledge of laser hair removal.

Here is a list of 10 must-knows before saying “yes, please” to the aesthetician’s “can I start?”

Shave the intended area

If it had been waxing, there would be no need to get your hair shaved before you get to the administrator of the treatment. But, in the case of the laser hair removal treatment, it is different.

You need to have the target area adequately shaved. This should be done a recommended number of hours before the session to provide you with optimal results. Experts recommend that you have the area shaved about 8 hours before getting the treatment done.

If you are worried you will forget to count the hours, just shave the night before you get the treatment, and have a full night’s sleep. That should do it. This much time is needed after shaving to help your skin recover from shaving. Shaving increases the sensitivity of your skin, and that is the last thing you need for your laser therapy.

The need for shaving is that it makes it easier for the laser beams to reach the hair follicles buried in the skin. The target is the follicle itself, and not the hair strands. Hence, to avoid hair strands absorbing the laser beams, shave them off.

Do away with other treatments before and while the procedure is on

During a proper consultation with an aesthetician, this will surely be addressed. Before you get laser hair removal done, you need to do away with other hair removal therapies. This should be done before and during the treatment.

If you are going to cover laser hair removal costs, you should avoid plucking or waxing your skin. In preparation for the treatment, don’t bleach your hair for about a month before the surgery. If you do so, the treatment won’t work.

The use of creams and other beauty products is strongly not advised in this period too. The products may increase the sensitivity of your skin, and that is the last thing you want happening after you’ve paid for the session.

Be wary of sun exposure.

Whether you tan or not, stay away from the sun – as much as you can. Going into treatment with sunburned skin is a terrible idea. The best thing is to have no part of your skin tanned.

If you use self-tan creams to keep the area darker, stop. As much as possible, avoid this for about a month before the treatment. This is a heads up, which will also be explicitly stated at your consultation session.

Avoid the sun as much as possible pre-treatment.

The area should be kept off the sun. You can make use of sunblock. Once the laser treatment is done, you should also be wary of getting too much exposure to the sun.

There is the possibility of pain

Yes, it was stated above that laser hair removal is relatively pain-free. This is, more often than not, what happens. However, if the procedure will be painful, some varying factors can affect that. The anesthetics used, the expert handling the treatment and your pain threshold will determine if you will feel any pain.

The pain may be slightly uncomfortable for you. Generally, more pain is felt by people with darker complexioned skin. The darker your skin, the more strain you may feel. Also, the coarser your hair is, the more pain you are likely to feel. This, however, can be doused by the proper anesthetics administered by your medical aesthetician.


Try not to set an appointment during your menstrual period

Menstruation comes with its own baggage. You don’t want to add that to the stress from laser hair removal . When done exclusive of menstrual periods, laser hair removal is not so painful.

Laser hair removal subjects you to more discomfort if it is done in the days when you are experiencing your menstrual cycle. This is a significant factor to consider and plan around. Ensure that the date fixed with your aesthetician does not coincide with when you are on your period.

Consider your pain meds

Different people have different skin sensitivity levels. You know your skin better than anyone else. If you have sensitive skin, and the thought of the pain bothers you, there are steps that you can take.

It is advised that you take anti-inflammatory drugs, orally, of course. This should be done about 30 minutes before you get laser hair removal treatment .

In a regular Toronto laser hair removal clinic, the therapist may advise you to go with ibuprofen. In other cases, a numbing agent may be recommended. There are several numbing agents you can choose from. In this case, you can only get one under the strict instructions of a therapist.

Get your budget ready for more than one session

As mentioned earlier in this article, you may need as many as six sessions. The good thing is, you may also not need as many as six sessions. But surely, you will need more than one session. For the hairs to be removed, there needs to be total destruction of the hair follicle. And that rarely happens in a single treatment.

For some people, it may be as high as 6 to 8 sessions. And for some lucky people, four sessions will do. Hence, just have your mind and budget set for 4 to 6 sessions on average. Even after these sessions, you may require some follow-up sessions once in a while.

What makes this treatment stand out from the rest is the fact that it is not as frequent as the others. The hair falling off from the treatment area takes a long time to grow back. Should we then say, “laser hair removal is permanent?” We’d say no. But some results last more than other treatment methods. And more often than not, after multiple sessions, the effect is permanent.

Get your budget ready for more than one session

The schedule is strictly important

The reason why you are advised to shave before your treatment is to allow the laser beams to target hair follicles. Also, it is easier to treat little growing hairs than already matured ones.

You need to stick to the schedule given to you. This is because the treatment by a laser beam is all dependent on the growth cycle of your hair. If your hair grows every 5 weeks, that’s your schedule.

This varies from individual to individual but always falls in an average of 4 – 8 weeks. If you are ever going to miss appointments, make sure to contact your aesthetician, to know the best day for a reschedule.

Treatment and results come in fast

The duration of treatment is always dependent on the area of the skin being treated. It is also dependent on your type of skin. Irrespective, compared to other treatments, laser hair removal is a quick one. Not only is the procedure fast, but the results also show immediately after the first session.

Though it may take 4 to 6 sessions to completely rid you of unwanted hair, the first session gets part of the job done. The hair doesn’t fall off or dry up immediately the laser finds its way in. However, a couple of days later, the hairs stop growing, and you will see them fall off.

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Laser Hair Removal : Post-Treatment Tips

Laser hair removal costs often include post-treatment care. The treatment doesn’t stop when your session is complete. There are precautions and steps you need to take post-treatment, to make your recovery faster.

This post-treatment includes products and precautions to help you boost the benefits of laser hair removal. They include:

Use an ice pack for the stinging pain

Wrap some ice in a towel and place it on the treatment area. This should be done if you feel pain after treatment. An ice pack can help you solve the problem in a maximum of two days.

Soothe the soreness with aloe vera

Aloe Vera is a major game player in the beauty industry, and it also comes in handy in this case. If you notice any redness or swelling in the treatment area, applying Aloe Vera to the treated area helps.

Avoid the sun as much as possible

Just as you have been warned to avoid the sun before your treatment, do the same after. Cover your skin with adequate clothing. If your face was treated, use a hat when going out.

Don’t stress yourself too much

Stressful activities increase body temperature. In fact, increased body temperatures should be avoided after the treatment. Whether from the environment or from your body itself, avoid any source of heat.

Cleansers and moisturizers

Clean the affected area with a cleanser on a daily basis. Also, make use of moisturizers to boost the sensitivity of your skin.


Cost of Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal comes at a price. It is an effective procedure, but the price should be duly considered. If you don’t have the budget to see it through with all the required sessions, don’t start the treatment.

Cost of Laser Hair Removal

Several other factors also influence the average cost of laser hair removal . These are;

  • The part of the body targeted
  • Required number of sessions
  • Specialist in question, and the location of the Toronto laser hair removal clinic

Thanks to these factors, hair removal Toronto cost averages about $300 per session. This is multiplied by the total number of sessions your medical aesthetician says you need. Canada MedLaser is offering a great discount this month, check out their specials here.



Laser hair removal has proven to be an effective way to rid yourself of unwanted hairs on the body. Making use of laser beams to remove skin hair may seem dangerous to you, but once the protective eyeglasses are on, there is next to no hazard during treatment.

This guide has explicitly dived into the most important things you need to know before you get the treatment. We have also taken a look at laser hair removal costs, which, after all the sessions are done, is worth every penny.

The procedure comes with so many reasons why you should be the next person getting it done. You will never find a more safe and effective hair removal method. Make the decision now!

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