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The Naked Truth about Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

It is every woman’s dream to achieve hairless and baby smooth skin. Laser Hair Removal successfully prevents and removes unwanted hair from sprouting back – A safe and gentle way to a hair free life. It is a medical procedure that effectively delays hair growth for a long period of time using a concentrated beam of light. Laser hair removal has been approved for more than ten years ago by the Food and Drug Administration.

Laser hair removal is intended for men and women, regardless of skin type. Men often shave more than women, which is why the number of men who undergo this kind of treatment is rapidly growing. Moreover, men can tolerate this treatment more than waxing and shaving.

The goal of the laser procedure is to selectively target dark, thick, and stranglyhairs. The laser emits a light and its energy is absorbed by the pigment in the hair follicle which causes destruction to the root and leaves the skin undamaged. A laser’s energy is converted into heat as it uses beams of filtered light to effectively stop hair growth at the root.

The laser will precisely reduce unwanted hair in nearly any area or all areas of the body. The most common treatment locations are the underarms, legs, arms, bikini areas, face, and chest. The type of skin and hair color is factors that should be considered in the success of laser hair removal. In addition to this, it is most effective for people who have dark hair and light skin, since the pigment of the hair absorbs the light, and not the pigment of the skin.

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Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

The advancement in laser technology results in the best outcome for people who have darker skin. Laser treatment options for light and dark colour hair continues to develop. The procedure is becoming more popular each year, as stated by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Innovation has made laser hair removal easy and safe. The right intensity, shape, and duration of the light pulse and a variation of wavelengths can be adapted through continuous technological advancement.

Before the procedure, the laser equipment is accurately adjusted according to the skin color, as well as thickness, color, and location of the hair. The hair that will be undergoing treatment is trimmed to a few millimetres above the surface of the skin. The laser technician will press laser equipment to the target area. After activating the laser, the beam passes through the skin down to the root of each hair follicle.

Laser hair removal should be painless, but it would still depend on a person’s pain tolerance. In comparison to waxing, the process should not hurt as much. Pain levels can vary from the individual to the actual laser being used.

The laser technician and the patient must wear appropriate eye protection or special goggles at all costs. It is also recommended to protect outer layers of the skin with a cold gel or a topical anesthetic cream as it helps reduce any discomfort during the treatment and makes it easier for the laser light to penetrate the skin. Cold compress and anti-inflammatory creams are given once the procedure is complete.

The duration of treatment will depend on the target area, and the number of sessions may vary. Doctors recommend a course of 8-10 sessions with 6 weeks interval between each session for optimal and long-lasting results. The results can be observed after the first session however, it is more noticeable after 6 sessions, as the body will continually repair the damaged hair follicles until that point.

Ensure that a licensed medical professional will prepare and do this treatment. Disclose health conditions to the doctor before proceeding. The doctor will review your medical history, medication intake, skin condition, and past hair removal procedures. Openly discuss risks, benefits, and expectations with the doctor.

You may expect that upon hair regrowth, the hair is usually finer and lighter in color, and regular laser treatments are beneficial for long-term hair reduction.

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