• February 25, 2021

What Is the Cost of Anti-Ageing Treatment in Toronto?

Anti-Ageing Treatment

The cost of anti-ageing treatment is a query that has many answers. This is thanks to the sheer range of anti-ageing treatment options available to stem the effects of age on your skin.

There is no one solution to combat ageing. Instead, patients can choose from a combination of surgical as well as non-surgical treatment options. The former will increase the cost of anti-ageing treatment. On the other hand, the latter is more affordable while also offering impressive results.

This discourse about the cost of anti-ageing treatment is important because of how age wrecks our skin. As we grow older, your skin begins to produce far less of the essential materials necessary for skin elasticity and radiance.

Over time (with age) the aggregated effects of the weather begin to take its toll on your skin. For instance, exposure to the sun from your younger days can make your skin look older than it really is. Dirt, contaminants and UV emissions can also combine to cause acne, dry skin, pigmentation and other unsightly skin conditions.

Thanks to advances in the beauty industry, medical aestheticians can use a combination of treatments to revitalize and help your skin look younger. However, these anti-ageing treatments come at a cost that usually has to be paid without insurance coverage.

Are you worried the cost of anti-ageing treatment may be too expensive for you? Here, we will shine a light on the pricing for some of the most effective anti-ageing treatments available in Toronto. We’ll start off with the surgical side of the equation.

Anti-Ageing Treatment

Surgical Anti-Ageing Treatments: What is the Cost?

The high cost of surgical anti-ageing treatments is reflected in the amount of medical expertise, materials and aftercare that goes into each procedure. Just like the name suggests, these treatments require a surgical incision to be made by a trained surgeon.

Following the procedure, patients will also have to pay the pricing for aftercare treatments. Usually, this includes many weeks of recovery and healing from surgical wounds. All of this adds up to average pricing of $8,000. In many cases, surgical anti-ageing treatments can also cost as high as $15,000 to $20,0000.

Some common surgical anti-ageing treatment options include:

  • Traditional Facelift: This usually involves making an incision around the temples. Sometimes, it may be extended to the ear and lower. This anti-ageing treatment option is best for redistributing fat in the face, neck and jowl area.
  • Mini-facelift: This type of facelift requires less incision when compared to a traditional facelift. However, it offers fewer facial rejuvenation effects.
  • Neck Facelift: A neck facelift is useful for reducing the signs of ageing in the neck and chin area. Usually, the incision starts in the earlobe and extends around the hair.

The results of surgical anti-ageing treatment are drastic and hard to reverse. Sometimes, the cost of downtime from work coupled with ongoing expenses for aftercare can double the cost implications of surgical anti-ageing treatment.

As a result, most experts advise people to go with non-surgical anti-ageing treatments for a start. They are mostly painless and offer far less downtime.

Furthermore, when used in combination and administered by a highly trained medical aesthetician, the skin rejuvenation results can be stunning. Over the next few sections, we will explore the cost of various non-surgical anti-ageing treatments.

Laser Skin Resurfacing: What is the Cost of this Anti-Ageing Treatment?

Laser skin resurfacing treatment is a non-surgical treatment design to remove the damaged layer of your skin with laser technology. Consequently, the cost of this anti-ageing treatment is a function of the type of laser used for the procedure.

By removing the damaged outer layer of your skin, laser skin resurfacing can treat problems like acne scarring, skin wrinkles and more.

It may sound like it, but the removal of the damaged outer layer of your skin comes with minimal pain. In fact, if you have a high tolerance, you may not need anesthesia of any kind. Some of the lasers used for skin resurfacing include:

  • Carbon dioxide laser: This technology is best for treating scars, wrinkles and warts present on your skin.
  • Pulsed-dye laser: It’s a non-ablative laser tech best for heating up the skin to reduce pigmentation and skin redness.
  • Erbium lasers: This laser tech is best for the removal of superficial fine lines, crow’s feet and wrinkles. Erbium lasers can be deployed on the neck, face and chest area.
  • Fractional lasers: They work by breaking laser beams into fractional, tiny, energy beams. This increases the effectiveness of the laser energy on the target area.

Anti-Ageing Treatment

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the cost of this anti-ageing treatment ranges from $1,200 to $2,000. The higher end of this price spectrum is for ablative treatments while non-ablative laser resurfacing is more affordable.

Generally, the cost of laser resurfacing anti-ageing treatment is dependent on factors such as:

  • The expertise of the medical aesthetician
  • The qualification and reputation of the medical aesthetician
  • The type of laser resurfacing
  • The size of the treatment area
  • The time required for the treatment
  • The location of the medical spa

The overall pricing for the anti-ageing treatment will involve the following:

  • Anesthesia fees
  • Medication
  • Medical facilities
  • Aftercare
  • Follow-up treatments.

Most insurance companies do not consider anti-ageing treatments to be medical therapy. As a result, it’s more than likely that you’ll have to pay the cost of anti-ageing treatment out of pocket.

In terms of stopping the effects of ageing, laser skin resurfacing works for the following:

  • Age spots
  • Acne scarring
  • Saggy skin
  • Regular scars
  • Sun damage
  • Wrinkles and fine lines

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Botox Injections: What is the Cost?

The cost of this form of anti-ageing treatment varies based on the condition of your skin. Botox injections contain Botulinum toxin A, a special component that relaxes muscles in the target area.

In doing so, Botox injections can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by temporarily relaxing the muscles causing them. Typically, the results of this anti-ageing treatment can last for 3-6 months depending on how quickly your metabolism dissolves Botulinum toxin.

The cost of Botox anti-ageing treatment is dependent on the number of units necessary for the treatment. For instance, for a person dealing with minimal frown lines, they may only need about 15-20 Botox units to complete their treatment.

Here, you can expect to pay between $150-$200 for Botox injection units. This is without factoring in other related expenses like medical aesthetician fees, aftercare and facilities.

On the other hand, if you have strong muscles in the problem area, you may need up to 40-50 units for a successful Botox anti-ageing treatment. Here, the cost of injection units for this anti-ageing treatment will be between $400-$500.

Anti-Ageing Treatment

Price of Botox for forehead wrinkles

Horizontal lines running across the head can make you look older than you really are. Mostly, these forehead lines are caused by the muscles lifting the eyebrows. With deliberate Botox injections, it’s possible to reduce the appearance of these fine lines while leaving the ability to raise the eyebrows untouched.

Here, the cost of this anti-ageing treatment will depend on the strength of the frontalis muscle as well as the size of the treatment area. Mostly, you will need between 10-25 units of Botox to achieve optimum results. Therefore, expect to pay between $100-$250 for this anti-ageing treatment.

Cost of Botox for Crow’s Feet

Crow’s feet is a term describing fine lines located around the eyes. These lines usually become more pronounced when you smile or close your eyes. As a result, even when you’re smiling, you’ll still look older than you really are.

The pricing model for this anti-ageing treatment depends on the number of fine lines in the treatment area. However, expect to need anywhere from 9-20 Botox units to successfully reduce the appearance of crow’s feet. This works out to a pricing model of $180-$400 for this anti-ageing treatment.

Cost of Anti-Ageing Treatment: Microdermabrasion

The cost of this anti-ageing treatment is between $80-$150 per treatment session. With microdermabrasion, you may need between 5-13 treatment sessions to start seeing brilliant anti-ageing results.

Procedurally, microdermabrasion is minimally invasive. Furthermore, it holds many benefits for anyone looking to reverse the effects of ageing such as:

  • Renewing skin tone
  • Evening out skin texture
  • Faster healing for skin damage
  • Reduction in the appearance of fine lines
  • Age spots removal
  • Reduction in the appearance of acne scars
  • Stretch marks
  • Rejuvenating dull-looking skin
  • Reducing the size of enlarged pores

During microdermabrasion, a medical aesthetician will use a specially designed roller to “sand away” damaged skin layers. There are also microdermabrasion techniques that use aluminum oxide in combination with a vacuum to achieve anti-ageing results.

Typically, the procedure for microdermabrasion treatments should only take 30-60 minutes depending on the size of the treatment area. However, the results last exponentially more than this timeline.

By removing the damaged outer layer of your skin, microdermabrasion can provide your skin with a new glow. Also, it triggers the increased production of collagen, an essential protein that boosts skin firmness and elasticity.

Another major benefit of microdermabrasion is that it comes with virtually zero recovery time. The only issue you may have to deal with is skin redness. Usually, this goes away after a few days.

Anti-Ageing Treatment

Microdermabrasion combined treatments

At the beginning of this article, we mentioned that anti-ageing treatments are often used in combination with one another to get better results. This is the case with microdermabrasion treatments.

Sometimes, a light chemical peel may be administered in combination with microdermabrasion treatments. If this is the case, the cost of this form of anti-ageing treatment can go as high as $250 per session.

Cost of Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are a form of anti-ageing treatment where the medical aesthetician applies a specially created chemical solution to the treatment area. In doing so, the aesthetician is able to peel/blister the damaged, old upper layer of your skin. This reveals smoother, younger skin underneath.

The cost of this anti-ageing treatment depends on the intensity of the chemical peel and the treatment area. Chemical peels are hugely versatile. They can be used to reduce the appearance of acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles. Similarly, they can also treat age spots, pigmentation and acne.

The American Society for Dermatologic Surgery recognizes three different kinds of chemical peels. And as you may have guessed, how much you pay for this anti-ageing treatment depends on the type of chemical peel:

Superficial chemical peels

This type of chemical peels offers the lowest intensity. Consequently, they are useful for less severe effects of ageing. You can expect to pay between $120-$150 for superficial chemical peels.

Moderate chemical peels

They happen thanks to trichloroacetic acid which can reach the middle layers of your skin. This makes them more effective in treating the unwanted side effects of ageing. However, moderate chemical peels are expensive. Expect to pay anywhere between $200-$500 for a moderate chemical peel in Toronto.

Anti-Ageing Treatment

Deep chemical peels

This cost of this anti-ageing treatment is the most expensive — at least where chemical peels are concerned. Without clinic fees, expect to spend between $2,000 – $5,000 on deep chemical peels.

Usually, the chemical solution used for chemical peels is able to penetrate deeply into your skin’s middle layer. It also goes as far as removing damaged skin cells, encouraging the growth of healthy, skin cells.

Cost of Anti-Aging Treatments: Dermal fillers

As you grow older, your skin begins to lose volume thanks to collagen loss. This also extends to a visible sagging in the jaw area. To cap it off, years of repeated muscle contractions in the eye and mouth region will create deep, ugly-looking facial lines.

Dermal fillers are the cosmetic industry’s answer to the signs of ageing described above. They work by restoring volume in the treatment area, filling out wrinkles and regaining lost skin elasticity.

Anti-Ageing Treatment

The cost of dermal fillers as an anti-ageing treatment is a function of the treatment area. How much you have to pay also depends on the volume of fillers needed to achieve the best results. Here’s what we mean:

  • For the eye area, the average cost of dermal fillers is $1,900. The results can last for up to two years.
  • To treat the cheek area, expect to spend between $1200-$1300. Results typically remain in place for 12-16 months.
  • The cost of anti-ageing treatment for the mouth area is more expensive. A mild dermal filler procedure can cost between $1500-$2000. However, you can spend north of $3,000 on more comprehensive treatment.

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Begin Your Journey To Younger Skin Today

From the detailed breakdown above, the cost of anti-ageing treatment can be as low as $150 per session. It can also be as high as $3,000. It all depends on the type of anti-ageing treatment you choose.

Hence, it’s best to work with a beauty care provider that can provide a range of treatment options to suit your varied needs. Here at Canada MedLaser, we can help you do just that. Contact us to discuss your options today!

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