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Venus Freeze Anti-aging Facelift Benefits and Cost in Toronto


One of the downsides of ageing is the wrinkling of your skin. Your hair begins to turn grey, and your skin loses its elasticity. As the skin begins to sag, you gradually start to lose your young look. One of the benefits of Venus Freeze anti-ageing facelifts is that it can slow down and even reverse this process.

There are so many advantages that come with this treatment option. And we’ll be exploring each one for your benefit. Read on to learn more about this cosmetic breakthrough. We will discuss its benefits, how Venus Freeze works, costs, and what you should expect during the procedure.

What is Venus Freeze Anti-Ageing Facelift?

A Venus freeze anti-ageing facelift is a worthy alternative to the regular surgical facelift. A surgical facelift is an invasive procedure to help you look younger by tightening loose skin surgically. However, the very fact that there is skin invasion means it comes with the risk of infection, pain and extended healing timelines. Venus Freeze is the exact opposite.

Venus Freeze anti-ageing facelift is a procedure that provides a comfortable, non-invasive treatment option for wrinkles and sagging skin. It uses a combination of pulsed electromagnetic fields and multipolar radiofrequency. The treatment continuously and steadily warms your skin from the inside out.

Venus Freeze Anti-aging Facelift

So, why is it called a Venus freeze when it is, in fact, generating heat? This is in reference to the results of this treatment. The results will freeze time and the effects of ageing on your face and body.

One of the benefits of Venus Freeze anti-ageing facelift is its effectiveness in reducing cellulite and improving body contouring. Venus freeze is a relatively new anti-ageing treatment option. However, it is a significant improvement on pre-existing options. The many advantages mean it just might be the future of facelifts.

How Does Venus Freeze Anti-Ageing Facelift Work?

The Venus Freeze anti-ageing facelift treatment aims to tighten loose skin on the face, neck, and body. However, to understand how it works, you should know why and how your skin loses its elasticity.

The most abundant protein in the body is collagen. There are various types of collagen found in different tissues of the body. By definition, collagen is a structural substance that supports bones, tendons, skin, ligaments, etc.

As you grow older, your body will start to produce less collagen. Once your skin does not get enough collagen to support it, it begins to sag. This subsequently causes skin wrinkling.

Ageing is not only the cause of wrinkling. The ultraviolet radiation from the sun can also slow down the production of collagen. Some autoimmune disorders (when the body’s immune system starts attacking itself) can similarly cause the destruction of collagen fibres. A major example is SLE (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus).

Collagen is also an essential protein in wound healing. Therefore, factors that interfere with the normal wound healing process of the body can lead to wrinkling.

For instance, smoking and the excessive consumption of sugar, as well as refined carbs can impair collagen’s action in wound healing. And this may lead to loosening skin and wrinkling.

What Principle Does The Treatment Use?

The Venus Freeze anti-ageing facelift device harnesses the powers of both multi-polar radio frequency and magnetic-pulsed fields. Asides from the entirely bearable heat, the procedure is absolutely pain-free and non-invasive. It feels just like a warm massage just beneath the skin’s surface.

The heat from the multi-polar radio frequency stimulates your body to produce collagen fibres. As we have already seen, these proteins are responsible for providing firmness and smoothness to the skin. Therefore, it reverses the ageing features of the skin and makes you look more youthful.

Also, as heat gets to the skin, some glands in the body will release stress hormones. These biochemicals act on fat cells in the innermost skin layer (the hypodermis). This action stimulates an enzyme whose function is to break down fats (lipase). When this happens, it reduces the fat volume of your body and improves your skin’s smoothness and contouring.

Venus Freeze Anti-aging Facelift

Where to Apply Venus Freeze Anti-ageing Facelifts?

Venus freeze is applicable almost anywhere there is the possibility of wrinkling. It is commonly used on the face, neck, arms, and thighs.

Venus freeze works effectively, irrespective of the skin type or skin tone. It can be used by all genders and there is usually no age limit to the procedure.

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Who Can Enjoy Venus Freeze Anti-ageing Facelift Benefits?

Venus freeze anti-ageing facelift is safe for almost everyone. The procedure is certified safe and approved by the FDA as well as the Department of Health, Canada. Here are some of the things that may make you an ideal candidate for the procedure.

You want to reverse the early signs of ageing

The procedure for Venus Freeze anti-ageing facelift is mostly useful for people who are beginning to show early signs of ageing and skin wrinkling. Even when the skin is not wrinkling yet, there may be fine lines and some elasticity loss. Sometimes, the problem is so significant that it starts to affect your normal life.

With Venus Freeze, skin tightening and smoothing are the usual signs that the treatment is working. So, if you want to “beat” that ageing skin into shape, you are the ideal candidate to use Venus Freeze.

You are not looking for an immediate fix

There are many benefits you stand to enjoy with Venus Freeze anti-ageing treatments. However, unlike surgical facelifts, Venus Freeze is not a magical cosmetic wand. It does not provide an immediate fix to ageing skin. If what you are looking for is something drastic, you may need to explore other options.

This anti-ageing facelift treatment works by stimulating the production of collagen fibres. This production is a process that will take some time. Hence, the procedure is only suitable for people who can be patient with the results. Sometimes, it may take months to see obvious results.

You are not undergoing reshaping cosmetic surgeries

If you are not undergoing other cosmetic surgeries like removing belly fat, slimming down your thighs, and so on, then consider a Venus Freeze session. A Venus freeze anti-ageing facelift offers benefits to people who are only after restoring their youthful appearance.

reshaping cosmetic surgeries

You are in good health

The treatment itself barely poses a health risk. However, some pre-existing medical conditions can prevent the effectiveness of the procedure. Some can even be fatal. As a result, patients need to disclose the details of their medical history before starting the procedure.

The treatment may also affect the function of an implantable cardioverter-defibrillator (ICD) or a pacemaker. This can lead to life-threatening arrhythmias and a medical emergency. Also, you should not have metal implants in the treatment area because the treatment generates some heat.

Persons living with diseases triggered by heat should also be wary of the procedures. For instance, say you have varicose veins and thyroid gland problems. Also, let your medical aesthetician know if you are pregnant or preparing for IVF.

If there is a skin infection or inflammation at the Venus Freeze site, the procedure is best postponed. The procedure is also contraindicated if there is herpes around the place to be treated.

No tattoos, silicone implants, or injection sites in the target area

We generally discourage the use of Venus Freeze on a tattooed area of the skin. The target area should also not have silicone implants or injections.

How Do You Prepare for Venus Freeze Anti-ageing Facelift?

Before going in for your appointment, drink enough water to stay hydrated. If you are a man and you have beards, do not shave on the day of your Venus Freeze session, particularly if you will be treating your face.

For reasons we will explain, do not use retinol and glycolic products a week prior to your treatment. Here is a list of some other things you should stop using in the treatment area a couple of weeks (at the least) to your treatment.

  • Chemical peels
  • Aggressive modes of exfoliation
  • Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment or Photofacial
  • Laser therapy
  • Laser
  • Waxing
  • Botox
  • Dermal fillers

Before your appointment, you should have a complimentary consultation with a medical aesthetician. This will give you ample time to talk about the procedure, allay your fears, and prepare your mind for the treatment.

What Should You Expect During Venus Freeze Anti-Ageing Facelift: The Benefits

You should not wear makeup to your appointment or use moisturizers and lotions. Usually, it’s best to come with a clean and dry face. If you have makeup on for whatever reasons (say you are coming for your appointment from work), you will have to clean it up before the procedure. Furthermore, you will have to take off your jewelry.

Next, your medical aesthetician will expose the area to be treated (where applicable) and spread a glycerin gel over the skin. This gel helps the probe move freely over the skin, a process that can be quite soothing. The applicator gradually warms up once the procedure starts. This goes on until it reaches the required temperature.

Typically, this should happen without any form of discomfort. However, you can call the attention of the technician if you think the applicator is too warm for you. The technician can regulate the temperature to accommodate your comfort while staying within the required temperature range for the therapy.

As we have said before, the procedure for Venus Freeze anti-ageing facelift is totally pain-free. This is one of the most notable advantages of choosing to go with Venus Freeze anti-ageing facelift treatments. It is so soothing that you may actually sleep off during the session.

Finally, it’s possible to finish the procedure within 30 minutes. The entire process is something that can be concluded under an average of 20 minutes. Although, it may take more time if you are going to be covering a large surface area.

Venus Freeze Anti-Ageing Facelift Results

One of our favourite Venus Freeze anti-ageing facelift benefits is that there is no downtime. Afterward, you can put your makeup back on, go back to work, or whatever way you wish to spend your day immediately after the session. People may ask why you look somewhat red or feel warm, but these concerns should be over within an hour or two.

Generally, to achieve optimal results, we recommend you have 6-8 sessions for each area. However, the decision is solely left to your discretion. You may decide you need fewer or more sessions.

The extent of skin ageing can also decide how many sessions you need. If your skin wrinkling is far along, you may need more sessions than someone who has younger skin.

You may also be wondering the best timeline to space out your treatment sessions. Typically, it’s best if you give some time for collagen stimulation before the next session. It’s also best to work with a medical spa in Toronto that offers flexible appointments. This way, they can accommodate the peculiarities of your weekly schedule, even if you have to come during your lunch break.

All of these sessions you go through will culminate into a dashing younger look. Sometimes, you may start seeing the treatment results after your first session. This does not mean you are there yet. With more sessions, you can achieve beautiful long-term Venus Freeze anti-ageing facelift results.

In our professional opinion, we also suggest patients come back every 4 months for maintenance sessions. Some actually choose to come once every month.

Venus Freeze Anti-ageing Facelift

Are There Side Effects to Venus Freeze Anti-ageing Facelift?

It is very uncommon to have side effects following a Venus Freeze anti-ageing facelift session. Aside from the expected redness and warmness, side effects are rare.

Some patients may have some swelling and minor tingling sensations in the areas around the treated site (edema). Bruising, although highly unlikely, may occur and last a couple of days.

You do not have to worry so much. When you compare the side effects of Venus Freeze vs surgical facelifts, Venus Freeze comes up trump.

If you use retinol or glycolic products for your skin, stop them a week before coming for your appointment. These products increase the risk of developing side effects after a Venus Freeze treatment.

What are the Benefits of Venus Freeze Anti-Ageing Facelift?

  • It tightens and smoothens the skin of the treated areas
  • It makes your skin look and feels younger
  • A painless and less risky alternative to a surgical facelift
  • It can be used by all skin tones and types, irrespective of age and gender
  • It is suitable for body contouring and the reduction of body fat and cellulite
  • There is no downtime
  • The procedure does not consume time.

How Much Does It Cost to Get Venus Freeze Anti-ageing Facelifts in Toronto?

The cost of getting Venus Freeze anti-ageing facelift in Toronto varies from one facility to the other. Usually, the price range starts out at about $500. However, it can also run up to thousands of dollars. The price mostly depends on the extent of treatment and the number of sessions.

Typically, it’s best to get Venus Freeze as part of a treatment package. This is more economical in the long run. We believe you should have your dream skin at the most reasonable cost. However, with this payment package, maintenance sessions will attract additional pay.

How Do You Maintain the Results of Venus Freeze Anti-ageing Facelift Results?

Completing sessions of Venus Freeze treatment does not permanently halt the effects of ageing. This is why we recommend scheduled maintenance treatments.

Here are some things you should do to reduce the effect of ageing and maintain Venus Freeze anti-ageing facelift results:

  • Reduce sugar consumption and refined carbs.
  • Reduce excessive exposure to sunlight. If you must, use the appropriate sunscreen.
  • Cut down on or totally stop cigarette smoking and alcohol
  • Eat healthily and sleep well
  • Make time for physical exercise

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Rejuvenate Your Skin with Venus Freeze Facelifts

You can now age with grace without undergoing surgery or getting poked by needles. Venus Freeze Anti-ageing Facelift ensures this by providing a non-invasive alternative.

While the procedure does not provide a drastic fix, the many benefits of Venus Freeze Anti-ageing Facelift benefits cannot be overstated. It is painless, soothing, comes with zero downtime, and can be used by all skin tones and genders. Book an appointment with our medical spa in Toronto to discuss your options today!

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