dermal fillers in thornhill

Dermal Fillers in Thornhill

Dermal fillers in Thornhill are the best treatment option for patients looking to add volume and remove wrinkles in the facial area.

Dermal fillers are special injectables delivered just below the skin’s topmost layer to add volume and fullness to the treatment area. 

Typically, fat and muscle loss in the facial area happens due to stress and ageing. Particularly, muscle loss in the face leads to a hollow facial expression that’ll make you look older than you are. Similarly, wrinkles will develop due to reduced skin elasticity, leaving you with a permanent, tired expression. 

Here at Canada MedLaser Thornhill, we use dermal fillers to create extra volume and revitalize the treatment area. Dermal fillers will treat wrinkles by filling out the skin, stretching and contouring it. 

We focus on rejuvenating, natural results. That’s why we only use dermal fillers containing Hyaluronic Acid for treatments in our Thornhill clinic. Hyaluronic Acid is a naturally occurring substance that bonds with water molecules to boost nutrient transport in the treatment area. 

All our dermal filler treatments use board-approved injection methods for dermal filler procedures. Our patients can expect to enjoy the extra experience of certified cosmetic injectors and aestheticians. With world-class equipment to support this experience, we can guarantee natural results!

Treatment Areas for Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are a dynamic treatment option that provides solutions for different signs of ageing. It’s a non-surgical treatment method that comes with minimal discomfort and quick results.

At Canada MedLaser Thornhill

At Canada MedLaser Thornhill, we recommend dermal fillers for these areas:

  • To add shape and volume to the lips 
  • The glabellar region (area of skin between the brows)
  • The nasolabial folds (from the nose area to the mouth line)

With our dermal filler treatments, we can deliver these results:

  • Soften static wrinkles in the lower facial area 
  • Fill static wrinkles around the mouth area and cheekbones 
  • Plump thin lips 
  • Decrease the intensity of wrinkles and dark shadows under the eyes 
  • Fill in skin troughs and scars 
  • Contour the jawline

Best Dermal Filler Treatments in Thornhill

Here’s why Canada MedLaser’s dermal filler treatments have a solid reputation:

  • Zero downtime. You can continue your daily activities the next day. 
  • Results become obvious immediately and can last for up to six months 
  • No need for numbing agents of anesthesia (except you’re uncomfortable with getting injections)
  • Highly effective at improving your overall facial appearance 
  • FDA and Health Canada approval 
  • Lifts the skin in the treatment area 
  • Smoothen deep facial lines and creases

Book an Appointment for Dermal Filler Treatments in Thornhill

At Canada MedLaser Thornhill, our dermal filler treatments start with precise facial assessment and mapping. This process takes place during your initial consultation session with our medical aestheticians. 

Our specialists will assess factors like the problem area, your facial features and muscle strength. Then, they’ll use this info to determine an injection plan for your dermal fillers. The initial assessment may also involve taking photographs of the treatment area. 

Your injection appointment begins with the sanitization of the injection site using antibacterial solutions. Then, an experienced cosmetic injector will deliver precise injections to the treatment site. They may massage the treatment area afterwards. 

You may experience slight discomfort after the injection. However, our staff will help you through ice packs or medication. These measures will help counter any form of discomfort you may be feeling. Typically, discomfort after dermal fillers usually disappears within 1-3 days after your treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dermal Fillers

Here’s what you need to know before choosing to get dermal filler treatments in Thornhill:

The good news is the human body metabolizes dermal fillers slowly. Therefore, you can expect the results of dermal filler treatments to remain obvious for up to 9 months after your treatment. 

Exactly how long the results will last depends on your skin, the treatment area and choice of dermal filler. We may provide touch-up sessions to lengthen the timeline of your results.

Dermal Filler Treatments

Overall, dermal filler treatments at our Thornhill clinic take half an hour. In rare cases, you may spend more time at our clinic, depending on the size of the treatment area. We offer a calm, serene environment where you can get safe cosmetic treatments without any anxiety.


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