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Brazilian Laser Hair Removal in Thornhill

Brazilian laser hair removal is just the treatment you need to say goodbye to that annoying shaving routine.

Our Brazilian laser hair removal treatment offers long-lasting hair removal and smooth, hairless skin in your private areas. The best part is the treatment is painless and hugely comfortable.

Whether you’re planning a day at the beach or some personal pampering time, there’s no feeling like smooth, hairless skin. Our Brazilian laser hair removal treatments are designed to deliver just that — without the uncomfortable nicks and rashes that come with shaving. 

Our cosmetic clinic in Thornhill is home to highly trained medical aestheticians. Because the bikini area is super sensitive, our aestheticians use precise methods to deliver laser hair treatments. With the advanced laser technology at their disposal, they’re able to provide smooth, hairless results. 

Contact us today to book a consultation session with any of our specialists. We’ll discuss your Brazilian laser hair removal needs and how we can provide effective solutions in Thornhill.

Top Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Clinic

Brazilian laser hair removal treatments at our Thornhill clinic aren’t the regular bikini procedure you know. We have the technology and expertise to provide hair removal for the perineal, labia and scrotum areas. This treatment option allows us to deliver 100% hairless skin in your private area.

We also get patients in Thornhill who prefer Brazilian treatments that leave a little bit of hair around the pubic area. Our medical aestheticians will understand your needs and customize your treatment alongside. We’re here to deliver the bikini line of your dreams.

Is Brazilian Laser Hair Removal For You?

At Canada MedLaser, we have adapted our Brazilian laser hair removal treatment to remain accessible for everybody. Our patent treatment method is the ideal fit if your answer to the following questions is yes. 

  • Are you frustrated about ingrown hairs around the bikini line?
  • Are you looking to remove razor burns around your private area?
  • Tired of shaving and need a better alternative?
  • Do you want to boost your confidence in preparation for the beach and other water activities?
  • Do you want to save hundreds of dollars yearly by avoiding other hair removal methods like waxing and shaving?
  • Do you want to prevent chafing, sweating and irritations around the bikini area? 
  • Looking to have flawless skin in the nude as well as a swimsuit?

The Best Technology for Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

At Canada MedLaser, we’re looking to provide our patients with wholesome treatment options and experiences. From your interactions with our staff down to our laser technology, we deliver top-class service. Our medical aestheticians only use the Candela GentleMax for all Brazilian laser hair treatments. 

The Candela GentleMax is the latest laser tech and can deliver long-term hair removal results in 4-8 treatments. The unique aspect of the Candela GentleMax is its patent cooling system which requires no sticky gel or numbing agents. 

Patients will feel no discomfort during the treatment because the Candela GentleMax delivers a cooling cryogen spray to the treatment area. While the laser pulses, its cryogenic spray increases patient safety and overall comfort. 

The laser technology for Brazilian hair removal in our Thornhill clinic is the gold standard in Canada. It’s safe, comfortable and provides effective hair removal results. Contact us today to learn more.

Book an Appointment for Brazilian Laser Hair Removal Treatments

At Canada MedLaser, we’re able to provide smooth hairless skin for men and women looking to bask in the sun. Our hair removal treatment comes with zero ingrown hairs, bikini bumps and irritation in the bikini area. The best part is the results are long-term. Therefore, you can enjoy the fresh, clean feeling of hairless skin every day without repeated shaving or painful waxing treatments. 

At Canada MedLaser Thornhill, we strive to provide natural results from Brazilian laser hair removals. That’s why our medical aestheticians will spread your treatment over a few months with appointments at 6-8 week intervals. By doing so, our specialists can target all the hairs in the treatment area while they’re in the active growth stage.

Results following Brazilian laser hair removal can take up to a week to become evident. After this timeframe, the hair in the treatment area will start falling out, leaving you with flawless, smooth skin.

Frequently Asked Questions about Brazilian Laser Hair Removal

Here’s what you need to know:

The side effects of Brazilian laser hair removal are minimal. You may experience some swelling, itching and skin redness following individual treatment sessions. These side effects usually disappear in 1-3 days.

Brazilian laser hair removal treatments

Typically, the frequency of Brazilian laser hair removal treatments is a 4-6 week interval depending on your unique characteristics. The growth cycle of the target hair will also determine the number of sessions you’ll need. After Brazilian laser hair removal in Mississauga, you’ll start to see results in 1-3 weeks after your treatment.


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