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Botox Injection Thornhill

Botox injection in Thornhill is an effective treatment for removing unwanted facial wrinkles, frown lines and fine lines on the face.

Fine lines and wrinkles are an inevitable part of ageing. Thanks to your skin losing its natural elasticity, facial wrinkles get deeper and more evident as we age. But, with expert Botox treatments, it’s possible to look like your younger self. 

Canada MedLaser Thornhill is the leading provider of Botox injections for residents in Thornhill. We provide a deliberate combination of world-class facilities and experienced cosmetic injectors who can guarantee natural yet stunning results. Our goal is to help you look revitalized and younger with zero downtime.

Who Needs Botox Injections?

Canada MedLaser Thornhill offers you the expertise of highly trained cosmetic injectors with years of experience delivering Botox injections. We can guarantee beautiful results for the following:

Wrinkles and Frown Lines

A frown line is a technical term referring to a facial wrinkle between the eyebrow area. We also refer to them as glabellar lines. Frown lines happen due to muscle contraction in the forehead area. Over time, frown lines and wrinkles can deepen, leaving you with a permanent frowning expression that makes you look decades older. Botox injection treatments can soften these lines by relaxing the muscles behind the contractions. With these muscles unable to contract, frown lines will disappear.

Forehead Wrinkles

Facial expressions like raised eyebrows and surprise contribute to the onset of forehead wrinkles. With your skin starting to lose its elasticity, these expressions will start to leave telltale horizontal creases in the forehead area. Using Botox injections, experts at our Thornhill clinic can block impulses to the muscles causing forehead wrinkles. And with our custom approach to Botox treatments, side effects like droopy eyebrows are a non-issue.

Crow’s Feet

Crow’s feet are a by-product of years of smiling and squinting in the sun. They are crinkly lines that exist around the eyes, making you look perpetually tired and older than you really are. The experts at our Thornhill clinic will pinpoint the muscles behind these lines and target them with Botox injections. By stopping these muscles from contracting, the skin around your eyes will smoothen out, and you’ll get that twinkle in your smile again.

How Much Does Botox Injection Cost in Thornhill?

The pricing for Botox injection at our Thornhill clinic is a function of the number of units required for complete treatment. Just like pounds is a measure of weight, “units” is a measure of Botox injectables. The more units used for a Botox treatment, the stronger the level of muscle relaxation required. And consequently, the higher the cost of getting Botox injections. 

We find that male patients tend to use more Botox units for the same injection compared to female patients. The increased dosage is the norm because males have stronger and larger animation muscles. The only way to determine precisely how many units you need for Botox injections is through a consultation session. In the meantime, the figures below can be a guide:

  • Lip lines: 2-4 units 
  • Crow’s feet: 20-30 units 
  • Frown Lines: 20-30 units
  • Worry lines: 8-10 units

FAQs about Botox Injections

Yes, Botox injections are completely safe. Health Canada approved the use of Botox for cosmetic purposes in 2001. Plus, our medical aestheticians employ safe techniques to prevent reactions and complications.

What to Expect from Botox Injections

Botox injections at our Thornhill clinic contain the highest quality of a compound referred to as a neuromodulator. Neuromodulators act by stopping nerve impulses from reaching target muscles. Without these nerve impulses, it becomes impossible for the muscles to contract, thereby smoothing out the outer layer of the skin. 

You can expect to complete individual Botox injections in less than 15 minutes. The injection doesn’t require anesthesia. Although, we may apply a numbing cream on the treatment area if you don’t like needles. There may be some skin redness and bruising after the injection. But they should disappear in 1-3 days without disturbing your daily schedule.


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