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Botox Brow Lift in Thornhill

Botox brow lift in Thornhill is the go-to treatment procedure for residents looking to get rid of forehead lines and wrinkles in the eyebrow area. These facial wrinkles are the result of ageing and gravity.

Naturally, constant communication and subtle facial expressions require muscle contractions. After many years of making these facial expressions, your skin will start losing elasticity, succumb to gravity and become unable to smoothen out after muscle contractions. This situation causes deep forehead wrinkles that can drag the eyes down and make you look permanently tired. 

Canada MedLaser Thornhill is the leading provider of Botox brow lift treatments for residents in the city. Our service is fully registered and certified. Plus, we’re home to expert medical aestheticians with the experience to deliver customized Botox brow lift injections. Our custom approach to treatment means we can guarantee beautiful, refreshed results.

Top Botox Brow Lift Clinic in Thornhill

The Botox brow lift procedure at our Thornhill clinic has one result — to raise your eyebrows and smoothen any wrinkles. To raise your eyebrows, we use neuromodulator injections containing Botulinum Toxin Type A. This injection relaxes the target muscles between your eyebrows, smoothing out the upper skin layer. With the muscles now relaxed, your forehead muscles will naturally pull the eyebrow muscles. It’s a step-by-step reaction that elevates your eyebrow and opens your eyes.

Why You Need Botox Brow Lift

Canada MedLaser Thornhill provides Botox brow lift for everybody in Thornhill — regardless of gender, sexual orientation or age. Our Botox brow lift is for you if you meet the following criteria:

  • You are looking to minimize the appearance of horizontal wrinkles across the forehead 
  • You want to raise droopy eyebrows covering your eyes 
  • You want elevated eyebrows in a natural position that makes you look younger and rejuvenated 
  • You want to smoothen vertical lines and deep skin folds between the eyebrows. 
  • To reduce the depth of glabellar lines and remove the permanently tired expression they cause.

What to Expect from Botox Brow Lift

A Botox brow lift at our Thornhill clinic always begins with a comprehensive consultation session. The session allows you to discuss with our medical aestheticians, explain the results you want and talk about your medical history. Through the consultation session, we’ll identify the problem areas and determine the best injection points. 

Botox brow lift injections at our Thornhill clinic are fast. You can expect to finish within 30 minutes. Using information from the consultation session, we’ll target lateral depressor muscles and other muscles like the corrugators. These are the primary muscles responsible for the downward movement of the eyebrows. By relaxing these muscles, a Botox brow lift allows your forehead muscles to lift the eyebrows.

Before your Botox brow lift session in Thornhill, our medical aestheticians will recommend you stop using blood-thinning medication. Blood thinners can worsen bruising after your injection. On your appointment date, it’s best to come in with loose clothing. 

We’ll administer the Botox injectables and evaluate the after-effects within one hour. If you’re not comfortable with injections, we may recommend a numbing cream. Typically, there’s no need for anesthesia of any kind. We only advise you to avoid exercising for 2-3 hours after Botox injections.

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Botox Brow Lift Results

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, Botox brow lift results can remain for up to six months after treatment. How long the results will remain evident depend on how quickly your body breaks down Botox injectables. On our part, we offer touch-up sessions at our Thornhill clinic to lengthen the timeline of your Botox brow lift results.


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