before and after botox treatments in thornhill

Before and After Botox Treatments in Thornhill

The before and after pictures of Botox patients at our Thornhill laser clinic show how natural and effective the treatment is.

Canada MedLaser Thornhill is the leading provider of Botox injections for treating wrinkles, frown lines and facial lines. Our Botox injections are safe, non-surgical and come with zero complications. And with our expertise, we can ensure you get the results you want. 

Our official gallery is home to before and after pictures of Botox patients like you in Thornhill. A quick flip through our gallery will show you we target gradual, natural, rejuvenating results. With the guidance of our cosmetic injectors and expert aestheticians, Canada MedLaser Thornhill can help you look decades younger via Botox.

Start with a Consultation Session for Botox Treatments in Thornhill

The best result after Botox treatments is an eventuality that starts way before your first injection. At Canada MedLaser Thornhill, it all begins with a consultation session. Our goal is to understand every patient’s beauty needs and deliver strategic injections to achieve them. 

That’s why we do the initial groundwork of understanding your unique condition through a consultation with our top-rated medical aestheticians. We’ll help you get comfortable in preparation for Botox by exploring preparatory and after-care expectations.

Before and After Botox Injection

We’ll also conduct an assessment step before and after Botox injection sessions at our Thornhill clinic. Typically, the assessment will cover your medical history, a general physical exam and a review of the problem area. Here, you’ll need to make varying facial expressions so our medical aestheticians can determine your face’s structure and customize a fitting Botox injection plan.

The best results from Botox injections come when patients have strong active muscles. The muscles in the forehead and glabella area are key to treating wrinkles with Botox injections in Thornhill. By assessing the strength of these muscles, we can determine the best points for your injection. Our method leaves no stone unturned to deliver results our patients will love.

What Happens During Botox Treatment Sessions at our Thornhill clinic

Before Botox injections at our Thornhill clinic, we like our patients to know they can continue daily routines after the session. We often get questions about how safe Botox is and how long it takes. Botox offers zero complications, and you can get it during your lunch break. 

You can expect to be in and out of our clinic within one hour. In fact, the injections themselves take less than fifteen minutes. You’ll spend the bulk of the time at each Botox session filling important paperwork at our Thornhill clinic or taking before and after pictures. 

Before your Botox injections, you’ll need to remove your makeup — which you can reapply after the session. Following the injection, our medical aestheticians will soothe the injection spot for about five minutes with an ice pack. If you like, you can also reapply your skincare products before leaving our Thornhill clinic.

What to do Before and After Botox

Our impressive catalogue of before and after pictures from previous Botox patients is due to the expertise and hands-on patient involvement we offer at our Thornhill clinic. We’ll always provide recommendations to help our patients get the best, wrinkle-free results. 

Avoid Exercise after Your Botox Injection

Exercise routines after a Botox treatment session are a risk. Botox injectables come in liquid form. During vigorous activity, the liquid can spread from the target area. Therefore, you should avoid exercise for the rest of the day following a Botox injection. We also recommend staying in an upright position for up to three hours after the injection.

Swellness and Bruising

Before Botox injections at our Thornhill clinic, we’ll cover the possibility of skin bruising and redness after the injections. Patients may also notice small, red bumps around the treatment site. Side effects like these are minimal and will disappear in three days. You can also protect yourself from these side effects by avoiding blood thinners before your Botox treatment session. 

Touching Your Face

Face touching should only happen before your Botox session and not after the injection. Even if you’re feeling some discomfort in the treatment area, it’s best not to massage or touch the area. Massaging the treatment site can move the Botox injectable to the wrong area. Instead, you should wait for four to six hours before touching the injection site.

Avoid Aspirin and Other Blood Thinner

It’s a rarity, but even with our attention to detail before your injection, you may feel a slight headache after Botox at our Thornhill clinic. With guidance from our medical aestheticians, it’s best to wait out the headache. Aspirin and other anti-inflammatory medication can cause blood thinning and worsen skin bruising.

Gradual Results

The timeline of Botox before and after pictures in our gallery show steady improvements. Botox results can take up to fourteen days to become fully obvious. With each passing day, the skin in the treatment area will start to smoothen and look revitalized. These results will remain for up to six months, depending on how quickly your body metabolizes the injectables.


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