Laser Stretch Mark Removal Melasma

Laser Stretch Mark Removal

Laser Stretch Mark Removal

At one point, stretch marks were rendered as a completely untreatable condition.

As a tear in the skin so deep that the collagen becomes affected, it was never an easy procedure to eliminate stretch marks, but thanks to the technology that is carbon dioxide (CO2) laser, the dreams of stretch mark removal have now become a reality.

By inducing injury to the depth of the dermis and epidermis, we are able to boost collagen from within the skin to help it look smoother from the outside. During this process, we are also deeply exfoliating layers of the epidermis by sloughing off dead skin, making the skin underneath appear smoother.

Downtime includes *1 week of post treatment scabbing, and mild, temporary hyperpigmentation of the skin.

Every patient is different, and in order for us to determine whether or not a candidate, an in clinic assessment is required for all patients. To see a reduction in stretch marks, most patients need *3-6 sessions at *monthly intervals.

Curious if you’re a candidate?

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