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Skin Tightening That Actually Works

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Sagging skin can start appearing as early as the age of 35. It can be very stressful since the skin involuntarily sags and finding the right solution can be challenging. There are a few procedures that can be done to help sagging skin, but most take time, money and are invasive. Today, many choose the option of skin tightening technologies that are non-invasive and require no downtime.


Why Does Skin Sag with Age?


Even with a healthy diet and routine, sagging skin can occur with old age because of loss of elasticity in the skin and weakening of the facial muscles. The loss of elasticity causes the skin to sag because the surface level of our skin becomes more fragile and less protective. Loss of collagen is also a culprit of sagging skin. Once you hit the age of 25, collagen production lies dormant.


How to Prevent Sagging Skin


Although sagging skin can be hard to avoid, there are some things you can add to your routine to stop your skin from losing elasticity and collagen. Keeping a balanced diet and staying fit will be your best bet to naturally younger skin. Following a proper skin-care regimen and making sure you apply SPF daily is tremendously vital to keep your skin from sagging.


The best option for sagging skin is to use medical aesthetic technology that can help you produce collagen even once your body has stopped producing it. Using technology such as radio frequency or high intensity focused ultrasound, you can help prevent sagging in advance and reduce sagging that has already emerged.

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HIFU (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound)


High intensity focused ultrasound is a technology produced to create deep tissue tightening. HIFU reaches the muscle underneath the skin and tightens the muscle to create a boost in your skin and creates anti-sagging. The treatment is recommended to people suffering from skin sagging around the neck, jaw, cheek and eye area. The procedure itself lasts up to 1-2 years, and only one treatment is required to see results. Incredible results can be seen at its peak three months after treatment.


RF (Radio Frequency)


Radio frequency is a popular solution for facial tightening. Used for the eyes, forehead, cheeks, jawline and neck, RF is used to stimulate the muscles for a more lifted appearance. The radio frequency creates an electric field to penetrate the skin and produce collagen. Although a good solution for skin tightening, it does not go as deep into the tissue as HIFU. RF needs to be done in multiple treatments and does not have long-lasting effects like HIFU. Only mild improvements can be seen with the use of radio frequency.


Which Should You Choose


Pick wisely when you are thinking about using skin tightening technology and make sure to talk to a professional before deciding. Though both methods can deal with the same problem, high intensity focused ultrasound technology achieves the best results for skin tightening. Using HIFU technology you are training your skin to tighten and produce collagen. In just one session, HIFU helps fight sagging skin, fine lines and gives you the phenomenal results you have been looking for. The effects will last much longer than radio frequency results and are much less time-consuming. RF can be much costlier because of the number of treatments needed to achieve results.


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