botox brow lift in mississauga

Botox Brow Lift in Mississauga

Botox brow lift in Mississauga is an effective treatment option for residents who want to remove permanent forehead lines and vertical lines in the brow area. These deep facial wrinkles are the direct effect of ageing.

Botox brow lift treatment

Years of communication require subtle movements caused by muscle contractions in the brow area. And as you grow older, your skin starts to lose its elasticity and succumbs to gravity. The eyebrows also start to descend, giving you a permanent, tired expression. 

Canada MedLaser Mississauga provides quick, safe and effective Botox brow lift treatments for men and women in the city. Fully registered and certified, our facilities house highly-trained medical aestheticians and cosmetic injectors. This unique combination of experience and expertise allows us to deliver custom Botox brow lift injections. We can help you raise your eyebrows with zero complications and beautiful results that’ll make you look younger.

Best Clinic for Botox Brow Lift Treatments in Mississauga 

We offer Botox brow lift at our Mississauga clinic to treat unwanted fine lines and raise your eyebrows. It’s a simple procedure that involves injectables containing Botulinum Toxin Type A. Botox brow lift works by relaxing the muscles in the brow area and subsequently smoothing the outer skin layer. With a smooth skin layer, your forehead muscles will naturally pull the recently relaxed muscles in the brow area. This simple chain reaction elevates the brows and opens your eyes.

Depending on the nature of your facial wrinkles, we may place injections at the ends of your eyebrows, relaxing muscles in that region too. Doing so will give the forehead muscles more lift in that area.

Botox Brow Lift

The degree of forehead lift to expect will depend on the strength and age of active muscles in the forehead area. A botox brow lift is the perfect treatment for residents in Mississauga looking to get rid of deep, stubborn facial wrinkles in the eyebrow area without surgery. 

With a Botox brow lift at our Mississauga clinic, you can expect to enjoy beautiful results. According to a recent Aesthetic Plastic Surgery journal, a Botox brow lift has a satisfaction rate of 98.2%. And with our expertise, we take the results a notch higher!

Why You Need Botox Brow Lift

Canada MedLaser Mississauga is committed to making the Botox brow lift procedure accessible to everybody regardless of gender, age or sexual orientation. 

Our Botox brow lift procedure is for you if:

  • You want to reduce the appearance of horizontal wrinkles on your forehead.
  • You want to smoothen vertical creases and folds between the eyebrows. Also known as glabellar lines, Botox injectables can reduce the depth of these lines, making you appear younger and rejuvenated. 
  • You’re looking to raise saggy brows that are starting to cover your eyes 
  • You want to raise your eyebrows to a more natural position, one that helps you look beautiful, younger and refreshed.

What to Expect from Botox Brow Lift Procedure

A Botox brow lift at our Mississauga clinic starts with a consultation. You’ll get the opportunity to sit and talk with any one of our highly-rated medical aestheticians. We’ll discuss before and after scenarios for Botox brow lift. Our medical aestheticians will also get a thorough understanding of your problem areas and the results you want. This level of attention allows us to customize Botox brow lifts for the best results. 

Each Botox brow lift session at our Mississauga clinic will take less than 30 minutes. Our highly trained cosmetic injectors will administer Botox injections, targeting the corrugators and other muscles like the lateral depressors. These muscles are behind the downward movement of your eyebrows, and Botox acts by relaxing them. When the muscles are relaxed, your forehead muscles will lift them by a few millimetres. 

Before your appointment for a Botox brow lift at our Mississauga clinic, we may recommend you stop using certain medications. For instance, you’ll have to avoid blood thinners like Aspirin. On your appointment, it’s best to come in with loose, comfortable clothing. We’ll administer the injections and evaluate the procedure before the hour is up.

Results to Expect from Botox Brow Lift Treatments

Recovery and results from Botox brow lift treatments at our Mississauga clinic come pretty quick. You can start seeing results within seven days after getting your last injection. The results will continue to improve for up to a month after your first injections. 

Numbers from the American Academy of Dermatology show that Botox brow lift results can last for up to four months. It all depends on how fast your body metabolizes Botulinum Toxin Type A. At Canada MedLaser, we also offer touch-up sessions to make your Botox brow lift results last longer.

Botox Brow Lift

Often, we get Botox brow lift patients who have second thoughts about injections and needles. If you fall into this category, we can apply a numbing agent to the injection site. We only recommend you don’t work for two hours after your Botox injections. Other than that, there are no discomforts or complications.


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