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Permanent makeup, a cosmetic technique, uses tattoos or the permanent pigmentation of the skin in order to create a makeup-like design on the face such as eye lining. The technique also uses color-enhancing tattoos on the skin of the face as well as the lips and eyelids. The permanent cosmetic technique also creates artificial eyebrows for those who have lost their brows due to old age, genetic disturbance, chemotherapy, or diseases such as alopecia. It is also utilized to hide and disguise scars, as well as white spots or skin vitiligo.


Micropigmentation of the eyebrows has similar effects as that in microblading, however, the former allows more choices of effects and colours. Clients could choose to have a full eyebrow fill such as filling it using a brow pencil while another choice is to have a thin hair-like stroke. Micropigmentation machines deliver deeper penetration into the skin with several options depending on how thick one wants the actual strands of hair one wants, ranging from very fine to thicker strokes. Micropigmented eyebrows can last for up to *10 years or longer while microbladed brows are typically for just *one whole year.


Micropigmentation machines that produce eyeliners that last for several years enable clients to skip the process of drawing the perfect eye lines each and every morning. The tattooed liner could vary in position from just the top of the eyelashes to both the top and bottom lashes. Clients can choose the colour, style, and thickness of the eyeliner such as those with a wing design. Eyeliners are typically black but there are other less dramatic shades including grey or very dark brown for individuals with fair complexion.

Micropigmentation is a practical option for people with visual impairment or trembling hands since the technique allows them to avoid drawing the perfect liner which is often hard to achieve.

How we Do Microblading / Micropigmentation

Our procedure is a two-step process involving the main technique or treatment and the touch up where one can chooses to have the procedure and skip the touch-up or do both which is highly recommended for better results. The first appointment with us includes undergoing the complete procedure as desire. The second appointment follows *4 to 6 weeks later which is much shorter than the first one. Our technician fills any faded spots or fixes the imperfections while it is also possible to change the colour of the completed procedure.

Microblading is a procedure that is also referred to as microstroking, eyebrow embroidery, hair-like strokes, and feather touch. It is a type of permanent makeup that utilizes a procedure to partially or completely conceal missing eyebrow hair through simulated hair appearance that is created using fine cosmetic tattoo pigments. The pigments are implanted into the fine incisions in the skin and this technique has been around for centuries. However, it was only in recent years when the method of using microblading for eyebrows was introduced in Asia.

Microblading Process

The procedure starts with the manual deposit of the pigment on the uppermost superficial region of the skin or dermis using a hand tool that is fully equipped with attached needles that are linearly connected together in groups. Microblading does not include any machines and just like the treatment for permanent brow makeup which is done with a machine, microblading involves drawing crisp hair strokes individually, making it look natural although the technique is a form of cosmetic tattooing, to begin with.

The needles in the microblading needle groupings are extremely fine compared to the traditional tattoo needles. However, there have been latest advancements specifically in the field of cosmetic tattoo needle technology where extremely fine needles have been produced for machine use. Numbing solutions are initially applied in order to reduce discomforts and with experienced and professional technicians, the technique may cause minimal discomfort when correctly performed.

The natural-looking effect of microblading has made this technique quite popular, not to mention the procedure is not permanent thus clients can actually experiment on their looks. One can actually try microblading first before committing to something more permanent such as micropigmentation.

Essential Things to Know about Eyebrow Microblading

Microblading is also a tattooing technique but it is different in a way that the procedure requires the tattoo artist to implant the pigment under the dermis or skin. A handheld tool is used to perform the pigment implant instead of using a machine. Using the tool, the artist draws hair-like strokes in order to imitate natural brow hair. Microblading doesn’t require a deep tattooing of the skin, however, it is still a form of tattoo since pigment implantation takes place under the dermis.

Preparing for Microblading

Stop all medications such as aspirin, alcohol consumption, or using retinol one week prior to the treatment. Retinol makes the skin thinner which could bleed more when undergoing the procedure thus it is vital to avoid blood thinners.
Microblading is not painful (not really!)
Since pain is relative, some clients may feel *more discomforts than others. Overall, most *clients refer to the sensation as like little scratches so that the pain is quite bearable. Technicians usually prep the patient’s brow with topical numbing cream, topping up the brow throughout the treatment to dull the pain and discomfort*.

Microblading also takes place, usually up to 2 hours especially for new clients since rushing the treatment may not give the quality results.

Aftercare is a Must

Freshly done brows should be protected at all cost especially from moisture thus avoid sweaty workouts or even using water to wash the face. *Redness and itching is a natural side effect, especially during the first week. Vaseline is a good remedy to alleviate the discomforts. Moreover, brows could possibly look slightly darker yet the color will eventually fade from *30 to 40 percent. Technicians suggest using aftercare ointments, especially after the initial appointment. Mild swelling and redness are quite normal.

Longer-Lasting Results (Up to 3 Years)
Most clients return for touch-ups *once every *6 months but the length of the treatment mainly depends on the lifestyle of the client as well as their skin type.

Microblading Today

The treatment is quite popular in most countries but relatively new in the U.S. Most clients haven’t heard of the treatment while others have just recently heard about it. Nevertheless, experts predict that the procedure is about to become the craze in the years to come. A lot of clients knew about the treatment through word of mouth and microblading has a significant impact on their lives.

Microblading is Life-Changing
A lot of women would not even leave the house without their eyebrows drawn and undergoing microblading is truly life-changing. Microblading changes their lifestyle, allowing them to do things they usually avoid in the past such as going to the beach or doing activities that could sweat or wipe off their eyebrows. Now one can do Bikram yoga or go to the pool without even getting worried about the eyebrows and the changes are truly rewarding!