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Melasma Treatment – What is it and How is it Treated?

Melasma Treatment

Melasma Toronto: Melasma, a condition of the skin that causes dark and unsightly patches, is a common concern for many people. While men can get melasma, the grand majority of sufferers are women with the highest concentrations of the patches occurring on the face – cheeks, forehead, nose and chin. Fortunately, though this condition is common, it is also treatable and typically is not a sign of any other problems. In this article we’ll explore what causes melasma and how it’s treated with proven, effective methods from Canada MedLaser including the innovative new treatment, Derm-eclat.

Melasma Toronto: What Causes Melasma?

Melasma can strike just about anyone but those with darker skin are more prone to this condition and up to 90% of sufferers are female. Some research shows that the condition may be linked to hormone changes and can even be caused by hormone-based birth control, pregnancy and therapy for hormone replacement. Other possible factors that can contribute to melasma formation include: sun exposure, thyroid disease and intense stress.

Additionally, because of its link to hormone changes, it is sometimes referred to as chloasma when it occurs in pregnant women. This form of melasma typically goes away on its own and is only present during pregnancy.  It is also sometimes called “mask of pregnancy” due to its tendency to occur in a symmetrical pattern across the face causing it to look like a mask. This symmetrical quality is also common in non-pregnancy related melasma.

Melasma Toronto: How is Melasma Diagnosed?

Having dark or discolored patterns appear suddenly on your skin can be alarming. Whether you suffer from melasma or another condition, it’s important to get the right diagnosis to ensure proper treatment can be administered.

With melasma, because of its symmetrical appearance and the fact that it is a relatively common condition, a diagnosis is often possible with a simple visual check by a medical professional such as a dermatologist.

In some cases, your healthcare professional may take additional steps to determine how deeply the melasma has penetrated your skin. A biopsy, a process of testing a small sample of the affected area, may also be performed to ensure there are not more serious underlying issues.

Melasma Toronto: How is Melasma Treated?

For those who want a significant reduction of this pigmentation and an increased chance of permanent removal of the melasma, Derm-eclat is the best available solution. This unique mask works by blocking the effects of tyrosinase – an enzyme that helps form melanin and discoloration of the skin.

Melasma Toronto: Simple Aftercare for Derm-eclat Melasma Treatment

Along with having a simple, Melasma 1-session process Derm-eclat also has an easy aftercare regimen. For the most part, this includes little more than applying sunscreen on a daily basis. That being said, while the aftercare is simple, it is important. To ensure you can maintain your results, your sunscreen application should be done daily no matter the weather and an SPF of 45 or more should be used and often supplemented with a dose of Vitamin C or Hydroquinone serum.

After the Melasma treatment, you may experience some mild peeling as the process continues to work. Over the next several weeks you will see a greater reduction in pigmentation and a smoother complexion coming through. The most dramatic changes will be seen by the 6-week mark. At this point, you may need a follow-up session to touch-up the final results. After three months, it is also recommended you return to the Melasma Toronto clinic for a final evaluation and to ensure the progress is complete.

Melasma Toronto: Conclusion and Summary

Melasma is a common condition that usually occurs on the face and causes unsightly, symmetrical discolorations. It occurs most often in women and can be the result of anything from simple sun exposure to pregnancy and birth control medication. While it may go away on its own when related to hormones, non-invasive methods are often needed to reduce or eliminate Melasma appearance.

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