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Skin Tightening Treatment

Laser Skin Tightening Mississauga

Are you looking for ways to reduce wrinkles or get rid of age spots? Perhaps you have scarring from acne, or maybe you would simply like your complexion to glow a little more. No matter what skin concern you have, Canada MedLaser Mississauga has the technology and expertise to help. We have access to a wide range of safe and effective procedures, such as laser, IPL, infrared and radio frequency.

Permanently eliminate sun spots, age spots and acne scars

No matter what your skin type is, our safe, non-invasive procedure will effectively remove any sun spots or age spots, as well as scarring resulting from acne and other skin conditions. The technology works by drawing uneven pigmentation onto the surface of the skin, from where it can easily be sloughed off. Not only does this treatment even out the skin’s pigmentation, it results in a smoother texture.

Reduce wrinkles and give your skin an extra glow

Our infrared procedure is an effective skin tightening procedure that yields visible results almost immediately. Infrared beams are used to safely elevate the temperature of collagen above the skin’s subcutaneous layer. This has a dual effect:

  • Upon cooling, the collagen plumps, resulting in skin that appears fuller and smoother
  • The collagen fibres retract the skin tissue to give it a tighter, smoother appearance

After the procedure, new collagen will start to form, giving the skin a rejuvenated, glowing look

Defy aging with skin resurfacing technology

If you are in search of ways to stay younger for longer, without the use of invasive procedures and potentially harmful chemicals, why not try our fractional resurfacing treatment? This effective method of rejuvenation works by replacing damaged cells with new, healthy ones through use of revolutionary Er:YAG laser technology. The fresh layer of skin is free from blemishes and has a younger, more glowing look. For more information about these and other resurfacing skin treatments in Mississauga, call us today and ask for an assessment.


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