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Mississauga Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is now available for residents of Mississauga. Here at Canada MedLaser Mississauga, we offer only the best tech for laser hair removal in Mississauga. We make use of only the gold standard in hair removal technology. Also, we are excited to provide you with painless, effective laser hair removal treatments.

Laser hair removal Mississauga offers you zero stress. Imagine not having to worry about tweezing, waxing and shaving. You no longer have to endure painful hours undergoing electrolysis. We offer you the Candela Gentle Max laser hair removal treatment. This treatment is available for men and women. In fact, it is as safe as it is effective.

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Laser hair removal in Mississauga works by removing unwanted hair permanently. Our treatment techniques target your root hairs without any side effects. The laser we make use of is accurate and targets erring root hairs without any mistake.

Over 2-3 weeks following treatments, hairs will fall out naturally. You will even enjoy a period with zero body hair in the target areas. Of course, with your hair’s natural growth cycle of 6-8 weeks, you will need regular treatments.

Over time, the frequency of laser hair removal sessions with our Mississauga medical aestheticians will reduce. Also, the growth rate of unwanted body hairs will reduce drastically. Our laser hair removal treatment is as permanent as laser hair treatments come.

Laser Hair Treatment In Mississauga

Remove unwanted hair safely and effectively. At Canada MedLaser, we offer treatments that are performed under the supervision of highly trained medical aestheticians.

Our experts specialize in the medical and cosmetic treatment and removal of hair. They are also experts in combining your laser hair removal treatments with procedures such as microdermabrasion and chemical peels.

Contact us and earn a free consultation session today. A consultation session will help you improve the efficiency of your laser hair treatment. Our experienced medical aestheticians can devise a custom made treatment for you based on your:

  • Skin Type
  • Skin colour
  • Hair colour
  • Treatment location
  • Previous hair removal treatments
  • Presence of tans and tattoos
  • Presence of moles in the treatment area

During this consultation history, your medical history will also be evaluated. All of this information will be used to customize your laser hair removal treatment to offer the best results. Additionally, realistic expectations will be set to make sure you understand the possible results of your treatment.

Laser Hair Removal Mississauga – Laser Hair Removal Benefits

Our patented laser hair removal treatment offers you the following benefits

  • Quick, lunchtime treatments
  • Complete safety
  • Zero downtime
  • No pain
  • Permanent results
  • Qualified, professional medical aestheticians and hair removal experts
  • A comfortable, sterile environment
  • Affordability and efficiency
  • Gold standard laser tech

Here at Canada MedLaser, Mississauga, your laser hair removal is carried out by only the most experienced and qualified experts. We make use of the cutting edge in laser hair removal technology.

Laser Hair Removal Mississauga – For All Skin Types

Here at Canada MedLaser, Mississauga, our laser hair removal technique works for all skin types. You will only need 4-8 treatments. This treatment provides you with:

  • Zero numbing
  • Zero sticky gel
  • Zero discomfort
  • Zero pain.

Treatment is carried out by top-notch professional medical aestheticians. The patented tech used by the Candela Gentle Max can work on all skin tones and colours. It can be used to remove hair effectively from the

  • Arms
  • Buttocks
  • Legs
  • Back
  • Underarms
  • Cheeks
  • Lips

Laser hair removal Mississauga offers you comfort and effectiveness. The Candela Gentle Max uses a cryogenic spray that delivers a cooling, numbing effect to make sure that you don’t feel pain. It is also swift. You can finish a session in as low as 20 minutes.

Laser Hair Removal Mississauga is Your Best Option

There are different ways of getting rid of unwanted hair. You can use shaving, electronic tweezers, waxing, threading, electrolysis, depilatory creams and radio frequencies.

Most of these techniques are temporary. Electrolysis, in particular, can be painful. It involves inserting a unique needle into your hair follicles one by one, followed by a painful electric spark. The electric spark burns out the errant follicles.

Laser hair removal is your best option for hair removal in Mississauga. Our laser hair removal offers fast and efficient results, complete safety and best of all, zero pain.

How Does Laser Hair Removal In Mississauga Work?

In Mississauga, laser hair removal can be used to treat a large area of your skin at once. This makes it super effective. But how does laser hair removal work?

At Canada MedLaser, our patented lasers use a laser beam absorbed by the pigment in your hair follicles. The energy in these laser beams targets hair follicles to inhibit unwanted hair growth. Our Candela Gentle Max laser treatment makes use of the very best in laser hair removal tech to treat all skin types.

Laser Hair Removal in Mississauga – Treatment Efficiency

The Laser hair removal sessions that are offered at Canada MedLaser, Mississauga are hugely effective. The percentage of hair removed after each session is mainly dependent on the treatment area. Generally, areas with thinner skin often show better responses compared to areas with thicker skin.

At Canada MedLaser, you can expect a 20% reduction in hair growth following every session. Our laser hair removal sessions are repeated every 4-8 weeks. During this period, hair growth will be considerably finer and lighter.

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Laser Hair Removal Mississauga – Frequently Asked Questions

Is Laser Hair Removal Painful

No, it isn’t. The laser hair removal treatment we offer in our Mississauga clinic is painless. You may feel a mild pinch, like a rubber band snapping against your skin.

You do not need any anesthesia for this treatment. However, if your tolerance for pain is extremely low, we may offer you an anesthetic cream.

The Candela Gentle Max has a cooling system that makes this treatment very tolerable. It requires no downtime, and you can return to your daily activities immediately after treatment.


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