Cellulite Reduction Treatment Mississauga

Cellulite Reduction Treatment

What Are Cellulite Treatments

Unaffected by diet and exercise, cellulite is not a condition caused by excess weight. Instead, it is a formation of lumps and dimples in the skin that can give an “orange peel” or draped appearance. Because of this, cellulite is difficult, if not impossible, to treat with at-home remedies. At Canada MedLaser Mississauga, we have focused treatments that can reduce the look and severity of mild and severe cellulite to give you a smoother, more youthful look.

There are a multitude of treatments for cellulite with varying degrees of effectiveness and longevity of results. Laser treatment offers one of the most dramatic changes in appearance and some of the most long-lasting results which can last for up to a year. Subsequent treatments may work even better when performed regularly before cellulite has the chance to fully reform.

Side Effects of Laser Cellulite Treatment

Like with other laser-aided treatments, cellulite laser treatment has minimal side effects and concern for risks. Most patients will experience little more than temporary redness and mild pain at the treatment site. However, as with any procedure, there are rare chances for complications that can be the result of certain skin types and conditions.

At Mississauga Laser Clinic, we take your skin and hair type into consideration before recommending a treatment course for any condition including cellulite treatment. Our extensive experience and customized approach make it possible to minimize risk and optimize results for each of our patients.


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