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Over the last century, society has become busier and busier. Whether you are a stay-at-home parent, someone who is juggling children and work, or young professional trying to launch a career, chances are that you have a lot more on your plate than members of previous generations. For many people, a regular makeup regimen can take up a lot of valuable time. Semi-permanent makeup makes it possible to reduce that to an hour once a year.

What is permanent makeup?

For many people, a daily makeup regime can be a challenge. Some people feel that they lack the skills to apply makeup as professionally as they would like, and others have unsteady hands as a result of age or a medical condition. For some, it’s a matter of time. Parents and busy professionals on the go are not always able to stop for long enough to apply makeup properly. Thanks to the permanent makeup solutions offered by Mississauga Laser Clinic, there is a solution.

How is microblading done?

All of our procedures start with an in-depth assessment. After talking to you about what you are hoping to accomplish, and determining that microblading is the right solution for you, we will plan your treatment. You will be sent home from your consultation with detailed instructions on how to prepare for your appointment. These include ceasing the use of alcohol, aspirin and retinol for a week before you come in.At the start of your procedure, a numbing solution will be applied to your skin to reduce discomfort. Your aesthetician will then use a hand tool to insert pigment into the top layer of the skin. The tool is fitted with fine needles that are linearly connected in configurations designed to achieve the desired effect. The individually drawn hair strokes look completely natural, and last for up to three years. Microblading is a technique that can only be performed by a skilled technician. Because of the precise nature of the work, we do not try to rush it. You can expect your session to last for around two hours.

What happens after the session?

Microblading is not painful, but you may feel some mild during or after your session. We apply numbing solutions before, during and after the treatment to make sure you are as comfortable as possible. Small amounts of post-procedural redness and itching are to be expected, and can be alleviated through the use of Vaseline and aftercare ointments. We ask our clients to refrain from sweaty workouts for one week after the session.Four to six weeks after your procedure, you have the option to return for a follow-up session. We will monitor your progress and perform any touch-ups that may be needed. The treatment can be expected to last for up to three years, but many people come in for touch-ups once every six months.

What are the differences between permanent and semi-permanent makeup?

Permanent makeup comes with some inherent challenges. The client has to commit to the same look for a long time, and the pigment may fade or change over time. As the skin sags with age, the permanent makeup can shift and become blurred.Semi-permanent makeup addresses many of these challenges. Because the pigment is applied to the uppermost layers of the skin, it naturally sheds away over time. This creates opportunities for you to change your look each year. Other benefits of semi-permanent makeup include the following:

  • The dye used is natural and hypoallergenic
  • It looks more natural than permanent makeup, and the final results can be seen instantlyv
  • There is no downtime needed for recovery

To learn more about our permanent and semi-permanent makeup options, call us today.

What can semi-permanent makeup be used for?

When it comes to semi-permanent makeup, the possibilities are almost endless. The many applications for semi-permanent makeup include the following:

  • Eyeliners of varying shades and thicknesses
  • Full or partial eyebrows
  • Concealment of freckles and scars
  • Lip liners in any colour
  • Breast tattoos for cancer patients who have had mastectomies or reconstructive breast surgery


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