Anti Aging Treatment Mississauga

Anti Aging Treatment

Treatment Methods of Anti Aging

For many, there are portions of the body that simply will not respond to traditional diet and exercise. If you find yourself with a few extra inches around your thighs, midsection, arms or other body parts while satisfied with the rest of your physique, the answer may be body contouring. Mississauga patients often combine this service with other treatment methods to attain optimal results.

Methods of Body Laser Treatments

Canada MedLaser Mississauga uses industry leading laser treatments to target stubborn fat cells, sagging skin and other skin issues that can make your body look older and less fit than it is. When you book your consultation with us, we’ll review your medical history and your treatment options to give you the best possible methods to meet your needs.

Uses of Body Contouring Mississauga

Body contouring is primarily used for patients who are at their preferred or healthy weight but have problem areas on their body that they want addressed. In these cases, we use one of more laser-based treatments to sculpt, reduce or eliminate fat cells in targeted areas such as the back, “love handles” or thighs.
Though body contouring is a powerful tool, it is not intended to be a replacement for major weight loss. Those who have significant weight they want to lose are advised to lose weight with other methods before attempting body contouring.


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